Aluminum doors

Aluminum doors are a popular and sought-after product on the door construction market. The versatility and reliability of products allows them to be used in all types of residential and public buildings.

Advantages and disadvantages

Aluminum door designs have long enjoyed high consumer demand and have a lot of positive feedback. Consumers who use such doors for a sufficient time note the following advantages:

  • high strength doors due to the resistance of metal to external mechanical stress, temperature changes and high humidity. This allows you to install aluminum construction as an interior and entrance doors.
  • Products successfully operated in swimming pools, baths, sports complexes, educational and health institutions, office and shopping centers, railway stations and airports, offices, apartments and country houses. As entrance doors, aluminum models can be installed in any climate zone;
  • aluminum doors have a very low weight thereby reducing the load on the hinges, accessories and mechanisms of construction. This allows you to extend the service life of products up to 50 years.
  • You can exploit them in a wide temperature range - from 80 degrees below zero to plus 100. The door leaf is not subject to deformation and retains its shape and integrity throughout the entire service life, which is designed for 100 thousand opening-closing cycles;
  • aluminum is environmentally friendly non-radioactive material, there are no harmful impurities and particles of heavy metals. Thanks to these properties, aluminum doors are absolutely harmless and hygienic.
  • They easy to clean, well tolerated by processing by any means of household chemicals, and do not require special expensive maintenance and repair.
  • Replacing damaged items may occur. fragmentary, without replacing the entire structure.This is possible thanks to the wide distribution of the aluminum profile, which is produced by a large number of companies, and the stable availability of components;
  • doors can be easily painted in the desired colorthat allows you to purchase the desired option, which will harmoniously look with the facade and interior decoration of the room. At the request of the customer, the product can be fully glazed or decorated with glass inserts. Glass can be transparent, tinted, frosted, stained glass or decorated with a pattern. The doors are resistant to UV rays, so they retain their original appearance for a long time, do not fade or fade.
  • Models not prone to static electricity, are not subject to corrosion and are not prone to the appearance of mold, fungus. The reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms is also excluded;
  • aluminum constructions can be equipped with any opening mechanism, what makes the sphere of their application very wide, and the operation reliable and convenient. The doors have high noise and heat insulation properties, which allows using them in gyms, music schools and other institutions. where an increased level of sound insulation is required.

The disadvantage of aluminum structures is their relatively high price. which starts from 12 thousand rubles per square meter. Another disadvantage is the incompatibility of models with many interiors. Doors made of aluminum will fit into cutting-edge styles such as hi-tech, minimalism and techno.

Products painted in bright colors will harmoniously look in pop art and fusion styles. For classic, traditional and vintage interiors, aluminum doors are suitable only with the use of wooden elements and glass.

System design

The aluminum door is arranged as follows: in a framework consisting of guides, a door leaf is installed, which can have a dull execution, as well as be fully or partially glazed. When installing glass, as a sealant is used foamed filler, thanks to which it is possible to achieve high noise and heat insulation qualities of the doors.

Glass cloth visually increases the space and contributes to the penetration of sunlight. Glass is transparent, frosted and stained glass, it greatly expands the scope of application of aluminum doors in residential and public buildings.In some cases, a mirror surface is used instead of a glass unit.

The frame of the aluminum door can be filled with a profile from a woody massif of various species. In this case, the sound-absorbing properties of the canvas increase and it becomes possible to use doors in classic and traditional apartment interiors. Wood-filled models are more expensive than double-glazed products.

A more budgetary option is the fabric of chipboard and fibreboard, as well as MDF sheets, the thickness of which should be 5-6 mm. The aluminum frame has joints filled with sealant, the gap between the profile guides does not exceed 0.25 mm.


Aluminum doors are manufactured in accordance with GOST 23 747. According to the requirements of this document, products must have high thermal and sound insulation properties, withstand mechanical and static loads and have a working cycle of at least 100 thousand openings. Glazed products should be of the size of a dull sheet, not exceeding 100 cm in height and the thickness of the glass unit from 15 to 28 millimeters.

Construction fasteners are made of high alloy steel, which ensures a long service life and eliminates sagging doors. The maximum allowable gap between the leaf and the door frame should be no more than three millimeters.

The joints between the elements of the frame are filled with seals without adhesive bases. The perimeter of the canvas and the box is laid with a frost-resistant contour or a sealant. The outer sides of the doors are subjected to anodic treatment with third-class paint and varnish compounds, which ensures the ability of products to retain their original appearance throughout the entire life cycle.

The thickness of the layer applied to the structure should not be less than seventy micrometers. Permissible minor defects are written in GOST 9378, and can not exceed the values ​​specified there, otherwise, the door is removed from sale.


At the place and conditions of use aluminum doors are available with a cold and warm profile. Cold is not equipped with insulation and is used in indoor areas, or in case there is no need to separate a warm room from a cold one. The warm profile is used for street and vestibule doors, has a thermal insert and is fitted around the perimeter of the door leaf with a double sealing contour.

The opening mechanism of aluminum doors are of several types:

  • The most common and traditional is hinged viewwhen the door opens only in one direction. Such models are installed in children's institutions, clinics and office buildings. The canvas is mounted on the box with fasteners, which are represented by side hinges. Due to the simplicity of construction, the models are of low cost and are the most popular types of aluminum doors.
  • Pendulum system allows you to open and close the door to either side. This is possible due to the fact that the fastening system is fixed on the floor and the ceiling, providing the canvas with a free path, as if inside. and outwards. The design is equipped with a door closer, which returns the door to a closed state, and does not allow the canvas to swing inertia for some time in both directions. The model can be either single-leaf or double-leaf, and have a deaf and glazed design.

When installed in public places with a large load, it is necessary to use transparent structures, this will allow a good view of the space from the outside and eliminate the risk of injury from a sudden open door.

  • Sliding sliding doors move along guide rails that can be installed on the floor, ceiling or at the top of the wall. The door at the same time drives off to the side, moving parallel to the wall. The canvas can be fixed and non-threshold way in which the movement is carried out due to the upper axis. Sliding and sliding models can significantly save space and can be installed as interior doors to small rooms. When installing sliding doors in supermarkets, an automatic opening system is used, setting the canvas in motion with the help of electronic sensors.
  • Carousel opening system it is used to install doors in rooms with high traffic. Often this type of design can be seen at airports, restaurants, shopping centers. The design consists of several door panels, rotating simultaneously around a common vertical axis. Usually it is from two to five sections with full glazing, using shock-resistant tempered glass. The system is automated, and the speed of rotation of the paintings is determined by the intensity of movement of people.Often the doors are equipped with motion sensors that activate the design when a person approaches. The revolving door allows you to avoid drafts and dust, and also provides the possibility of passing a continuous stream of people.

The downside of this system is the need for careful movement through such a door, since all the canvases are set in motion at once, and there is a risk of accidental injury. Sometimes these models are called revolving, by analogy with a round drum. which distinguishes this type of weapon.

  • Doors equipped folding opening mechanism, consist of several sections and develop as an accordion. The parts of the web are fastened together with the help of side or internal loops, which ensure complete folding of the structure. The scope of application of folding structures is very large. They can be installed in small rooms where the installation of a traditional door is impossible, and have two canvases folding in half. They can also be placed in vast areas. In this case, the accordions are installed in very wide openings and have five or more sections.

Such groups look very impressive, especially when using tinted or decorated with drawings of glass.

According to the functional and technical characteristics of aluminum doors can be fire-fighting, armored, bullet-proof and explosion-proof. In the manufacture of these specialized models, one-piece aluminum sheet is used, and silicate material with high fire resistance is used as the inner lining. For the manufacture of fire-prevention models, a glass unit made of hardened and heat-resistant glass is used, which is securely fixed in the canvas with the help of a refractory sealant.

This design prevents the penetration of smoke and carbon monoxide into the room.

Colors of profile products

Aluminum doors are available in a wide range of colors, both of the metal profile itself and of the frame filling materials. Door leaves, equipped with sheets of wood-fiber and chipboard, as well as MDF-panels, can perfectly imitate the color and woody pattern of natural solid wood. Models made entirely of aluminum and used for various institutions and public spaces are predominantly brown, white and black.

Production of products in a wide color range allows you to choose the doors for kindergartens, clubs and gaming entertainment centers. In this case, it is preferable to purchase models of bright colors, combined with stained-glass double-glazed windows or frosted glass with a pattern.

How to choose?

The first step in choosing a model of an aluminum door is to determine the type of profile. It is selected based on the operating conditions of the door. If the design will be used as a street for a cottage or a country house, then a warmed version is necessary, equipped with additional heat-saving circuits. When buying an interior option is quite cold profile.

At the next stage, you should determine the type of opening mechanism you need. It will depend on the location of the intended installation, the intensity of the flow of people, as well as the rate of change of its direction. Consider the size of the room and the dimensions of the opening. Based on the desired width, the number of flaps is required. Next, you need to choose the type of door leaf, which can be deaf, glazed or combined.

When choosing a door as an interior option for an apartment or a private house, you must take into account the stylistic direction in which the room is decorated. For a classic style, an aluminum door with a wooden canvas of dark tones is suitable, on which the pattern of wood fibers is clearly visible. For traditional interiors, you can choose a model with a canvas of laminated MDF-plates with imitation wood structure. In this case, the color is chosen individually, and can be combined with furniture, walls and floor, or be contrast to them.

The use of glass, stained glass and plastic elements in the manufacture of door panels significantly expands the area of ​​their home use and allows you to choose a model for any interior.

If you need to purchase a specialized fireproof door, you need to check the availability of certificates of conformity, guaranteeing increased heat-resistant and insulating qualities. With wide openings, it is recommended to use double doors that have a width of 150-160 centimeters and ensure the free movement of a large number of people at the same time if necessary.

When purchasing an armored or burglar-proof door, you need to make sure in the presence of high-class security locks. Usually for such doors models of the third and fourth security level are applied. The castle zone should be equipped with armor plates, and the frame should be equipped with additional stiffeners, which provide increased strength of the door leaf and resistance to deformation.

The next step will be to determine the color of the door and the selection of the necessary fittings. The doors are available in a wide color palette, so it is possible to purchase the product to match the color of the facade elements, balconies and window glazing. Then you can proceed to ordering doors according to the size of the opening and taking into account the initial requirements, or to acquire the finished model. When buying a product, you need to pay attention to the corners of the door frame and sashes. There should be no gaps. The corner joints of the “warm” structures should be sealed.

In the glazed models the gap between the aluminum profile and the bead must be absent. Beadings should be located on the inside of the door. The double-glazed window is selected taking into account the temperature conditions of operation of the door structure.For outdoor use it is better to choose a three-chamber, and in other cases it will be enough double glazing.

You should pay attention to the uniform color of the canvas and the presence of special door hinges. The use of window - is unacceptable. To prevent cracking and drying of the rubber seal from temperature extremes, the circuit must be made of frost-resistant materials. The presence of a gap between him and the glass is unacceptable.

After installation, you need to check the smoothness of the door leaf and the operation of the locks.

Beautiful examples

Light, comfortable, aesthetic and modern aluminum doors quickly gained popularity in the door construction market. Thanks to these universal products, it is possible not only to provide comfortable movement of a large flow of people, but also to decorate the facade of the building and the interior of the room. A wide variety of colors and designs will allow you to choose an aluminum door for any residential and public premises.

Aluminum revolving doors are stylish and modern designs with increased capacity and widely used in public places.

Elegant swing door: a harmonious combination of metal and plastic, will adequately decorate any modern interior.

Entrance aluminum door, made in the same color with the elements of the facade, makes the entrance group solid and strict.

Retractable-sliding design of frosted glass and metal emphasizes the style of the room and favorably emphasizes attention.

Swivel interior roto-door, made of transparent glass and aluminum profile, visually increases the space and fits perfectly into the design.

Luxurious entrance door perfectly harmonizes with the facade of the building and reliably protects the room.

Folding doors - a great solution in the design of wide openings. Models perfectly decorate the room and bring variety to the interior.

You will learn more about how to choose an aluminum door from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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