The doors of the company "Empire": characteristics and features

Every person wants to acquire high-quality and reliable doors to their homes, which will not only provide excellent protection from outsiders, but will also become a harmonious element in the interior of the entire room. For many buyers, a very difficult task is to choose the right brand and company, where they will be able to purchase those high-quality and multifunctional doors.

The company manufacturing doors "Empire" deserves special attention. You will learn more about the characteristics and features of the products of this brand.

About company

The fairly young company Empire, which appeared on the building materials market just a few years ago, has already managed to establish itself as a reliable manufacturer of doors and arches.This brand produces high-quality products, using safe raw materials and modern technologies, and, in addition, it takes into account all the wishes of customers in future production.

From year to year the brand tries to produce new and more advanced products that will serve customers for many years. This company can easily be very promising, because every year it is gaining momentum in popularity.

Advantages and disadvantages

To surely understand that the brand offers products of decent quality, you need to know their main features:

  • Doors "Empire" are distinguished by their unique style and design. Over their creation work true professionals in their field. Doors from the brand are perfect not only for modern, but also for classic interiors.
  • Products from "Empire" are presented in the widest range and in various series aimed at those or other customer preferences. In addition, it is easy to find suitable fittings and components for products of this type in the Ampir catalogs, and also to order models with a mirror.
  • The peculiarities of the products of the brand can also be attributed to the fact that they have an excellent value for money.The company is asking for a reasonable price for excellent door products.


  • All products are safe because they pass a special three-step quality control. In addition, the doors of the Empire are considered to be multifunctional, practical, wear-resistant and durable, which is confirmed not only by experts, but also by buyers who have already managed to test the products in their homes and apartments. Such doors will certainly serve the due date and will meet all your expectations.
  • All brand products are environmentally friendly and non-toxic to humans and the environment.
  • The company is always happy to provide an individual approach to each client. If you are not satisfied with the classic models of doors in finished sizes, then you can easily order the product according to individual measurements.

Many experts consider the doors of this company to fully comply with international quality criteria, therefore, buying them, you probably will not be disappointed.

It is rather difficult to describe each door from the brand, since each of them is individual, and, in addition, the catalog offers as many as eight series of doors, arches and other additional elements. All doors from the brand perfectly sound, heat and soundproof.This concerns not only entrance doors, but also interior doors. All products are considered certified and have the relevant documentation.

The buyer can practically assemble the interior doors himself. The client can choose a complete set, which includes the choice of casings, dobor and box beam. The colors of interior and exterior doors are also represented in the widest palette. The most popular are warm and brown wood shades.

The dimensions of door leaves are in the range from 2000x600 to 2000x900 mm. It is also possible to choose models with or without glazing.


Among the huge range you can easily find the following collections of doors with excellent characteristics:

  • Classic. The interior doors of this collection have excellent functionality. According to all the characteristics are ideal for apartments and private houses. Also at the brand you can find the Classic D collection of doors, which is considered more extended than the main one.
  • Urban series. Here you will find modern classic products with clear lines and geometry. This collection is considered universal in all respects and characteristics.
  • Style Interior doors of high quality with special elegance. Will delight buyers with their durability and excellent design.
  • City Line. The products which are not attracting excessive attention which are executed in quiet and moderate shades.
  • Series X. The doors of this collection can easily be called unique, since they are made by the method of seamless wrapping. Specialists made sure that the edges of the canvas were completely invisible.
  • Imperial. The doors of this collection are distinguished by luxurious design and the highest characteristics. They are ideal for bourgeois or English style.
  • Neoclassic. The excellent models are made in the color of gold walnut, beech and cedar with matte glazing.
  • Neomodern. Excellent combination of quality and choice of equipment in all respects.
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Summing up, we can safely say that the doors from the brand certainly suitable for any interior. With such a wide range, even the most capricious buyers will be able to choose what they need.


All products from the company "Empire" receives a lot of enthusiastic reviews from satisfied customers and experts in their field, who call only the pros.Here both the best quality, and the huge range, and professional approach to creation of products of this kind, and also their excellent characteristics.

They are also pleased with excellent prices, thanks to which even citizens with an average statistical income can afford similar products of excellent quality.

You can see the overview of the door from the Empire company in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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