“Arboleda” doors: how to choose?

 Doors Arboleda: how to choose?

High quality and environmentally friendly products of the company Arboleda gained popularity in the modern design of the interior space. Over 15 years of successful competition, the doors have managed to collect positive feedback from grateful buyers.

Production of products and multi-layer coating of the surface of the door leaf is made under the control of the Spanish partners of the company. The use of available materials and modern methods of finishing in the production of doors allows us to achieve high quality and excellent performance, but at the same time the pricing policy of the company pleases consumers.

Original modern designs with a variety of finishes and colors are suitable for any style of interior.Professional designers of the company also make exclusive models with stained glass windows and patina to order.

The lineup


Interior doors are presented in a wide range and differ in color, design, design and decoration. All models are unique, beautiful in execution, meet the established standards and quality.

Fire resistant

The company also manufactures excellent fire resistant doors that have good performance for the design of the doorways of offices and hotels. No less popular are thermal insulating doors with increased thickness of door leaf. Such products in addition have reliable locks of the 4th class of protection.

Dimensions and materials

The standard Arboleda door is manufactured in width 550/600/700/800/900 mm and height 1900/2000 mm. The width of the swing door version in the standard is 800-900 mm (two leaves - 400 mm + 400 mm or 450 mm + 450 mm, respectively). It is also possible to order products with a height and width of a non-standard size.

Fire and entrance doors are made of wood, MDF with the inclusion of plastic. Coating outside - veneer, enamel or powder coating. Models with a coating of veneer have no analogues in Russia on the resistance of structures to external influences and durability.

Finishing of veneer is made of elite wood species: beech, oak, walnut, mahogany.

A unique technology in the production of doors involves covering the entire surface of the door leaf with a protective layer of plastic, which creates an ideal surface for gluing veneer. Natural lining makes the door resistant to mechanical damage and temperature effects.

The door is enameled to be painted with Italian soils and varnishes, which provide a multi-layer coating using patina. The enamel coating gives the product shine and durability.

Products made of solid wood are made with the inclusion of a layer of special plastic that ensures the durability of the whole structure. Such designs are most resistant to temperature and humidity variations, which is typical for operation in the changing climatic conditions of Russia.

Color and finish

All door models have a spectacular color scheme. The tone of paint is carefully selected for any design decision. The company uses only trend colors in production: ivory, mahogany, wenge, Italian walnut.

White is always relevant with additional patinating in gold, silver and bronze.

Finishing is carried out with Italian-made primers and varnishes, as well as three-layer or five-layer coating using enamels. Elegant panels and applications correctly complement the design of the product. Depending on the series, the models are framed with classical capitals, with a cornice, figured inserts and frames.

Benefits and features

A significant advantage of the company in the manufacture of products is an innovative technology using a special patented system "Arbotek".

A number of features and advantages distinguish the Arboleda doors in comparison with other entrance and interior products:

  • A wide range of models and color palette.
  • Reasonable deadlines for the execution of individual orders (no more than 25 days).
  • Continuous replenishment of the range.
  • Delivery to all cities of Russia.
  • Always available the most popular models of doors in the company's warehouse. This allows you to quickly generate orders of any size and configuration.
  • Reasonable prices.

Processing the door involves the coating in several layers of polyurethane varnish made in Italy, which gives the product a nice glossy shine.

  • All products are covered with a layer of plastic, which allows to obtain a flat surface for further processing, as well as high resistance to temperature and humidity drops.
  • The basis of the door is a solid layer of natural solid wood. This ensures the strength and insulation of the whole structure.
  • Original volumetric elements are used when decorating in the form of figured inserts, frames.
  • The warranty on the door - 5 years.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.

In the next video you can see the variety of the Arboleda doors at the exhibition.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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