Doors "Argus"

Yoshkar-Ola plant "Argus" has been producing door structures for over 18 years. During this time, its products have been widely distributed in the Russian market, due to the high quality of products and a relatively low level of prices for it. The company produces entrance and interior door units of standard sizes and for individual orders.


The main difference between the Argus doors is a high level of reliability and unique operational properties.

In the production of door structures, quality is controlled at every stage: from the receipt of raw materials to the delivery of finished products to the warehouse. The materials from which the door will be made are subject to mandatory laboratory control. In the manufacture of the door are tested for compliance with regulatory indicators.Interoperative control is also carried out, during which products are tested according to 44 criteria. Before the doors arrive at the warehouse, there is a continuous check on the presence of defects. Once a quarter, acceptance tests of products are carried out.

The competitive advantages of the Argus door units are achieved through the following indicators:

  • Increased strength and rigiditywhich is provided by the presence of horizontal and vertical stiffeners with a total area of ​​about 0.6 square meters. m. A quarter of the door leaf occupy the edges located vertically in the center. The construction of the steel door block does not use welds, the canvas and the box are made of a single sheet of steel, thereby achieving even greater rigidity;
  • High quality welds. The doors of this manufacturer are distinguished by uniformity and uniform density of the weld. This is achieved due to the fact that in the process of assembling the door unit, semi-automatic and contact types of welding are used, which makes it possible to see the process of creating the seam. Due to the narrow heating zone, the steel is not deformed, and the use of protective gas prevents the oxidation of the steel melted during the welding process.Modern welding systems make it possible to perform almost perfect welds;
  • High-quality steel sheet coating. Polish and Italian paints based on polyester resin are used for painting steel doors. For each type of coverage, the manufacturer has a sanitary and epidemiological inspection report. The powder coating has a uniform structure, good adhesion properties, resistant to peeling and corrosion. Such high performance is achieved thanks to a fully automated painting process;
  • Natural materials. Interior doors are made of solid pine;
  • Volume seals. The sealing tape for doors is made of high-quality porous rubber, which is extremely tight to the structure, completely filling the free space between the duct and the canvas. The rubber seal retains its working properties even at low temperatures (up to minus 60 degrees);
  • Quality fillers. Ecologically safe Knauf mineral wool, made from natural fibers, is used as a filler in the Argus door blocks.Located in the form of cells, they allow you to save heat as much as possible, to isolate the room from cold air and noise. This kind of insulation is also beneficial in that it can withstand high temperatures;
  • Durable hinges. The hinges used in the manufacture of door structures have high strength characteristics and are capable of withstanding a weight nine times the weight of the door leaf itself, designed for 500,000 openings and closures. The door with such loops has the softest course;
  • Reliable clamps. The locks installed inside the door structure reliably protect the room from burglary by cutting loops. On the door frame there are special holes, which when closing the door includes pins. Holes are equipped with special plugs;
  • High-quality components, materials and accessories. For all components manufacturer has certificates of conformity. Locking systems and fittings used in the manufacture of doors are made of stainless steel or other materials that are resistant to environmental influences. Entrance doors "Argus" are equipped with locks METTEM, Kale, Mottura, Cisa.In addition, the company has mastered the production of its own locks, which are also successfully used in the construction of door blocks;
  • Decent design. The developers of the design of entrance and interior doors of the company offer a variety of design options for paintings - from classic to modern models. The company's lineup is changing regularly. The presence of its own production of stained glass windows, MDF panels, color printing, artistic forging allows the company to bring to life any designs of designers;
  • The speed of manufacture. Thanks to the use of robotic technology in the production process, the manufacturing time of door blocks is reduced.


The company "Argus" specializes in the production of entrance and interior doors. Consider each category in more detail.

Entrance metal doors are available in series:

  • "Builder" - a series of doors at affordable prices, designed specifically for home development companies. This series is represented by two models: “Builder 1” and “Builder 2”, which differ in the type of filler (in the model “Builder 1” - honeycomb filler, in the model “Builder 2” - polyurethane foam) and interior finish (in the first model EPL , in the second - metal);
  • "Economy" - doors, made in a classic design with an external polymer powder coating and MDF-panel inside. Door leaf - steel-bent steel sheet. Internal filling - the made foam polyurethane foam. Doors are equipped with locks resistant to burglary. In this series, the line of models is represented by the following names: “Grand”, “Express”, “Economy 1”, “Economy 2”, “Economy 3”;
  • "Comfort" - the most favorite consumer series. The outer coating of the canvas - powder. Filling - mineral wool. In the door structure installed locks of the type of safe. The Comfort series is represented by three models, which differ from each other in the type of interior trim;
  • "Monolith" - a series featuring a variety of models and finishes, both from the outside and from the inside. These are hermetic and noiseless designs. Filling - mineral wool. Door designs are equipped with two safe locks and anti-detachable hinges. In the series "Monolith" most models - 6;
  • "Argus-warm" - A special series of "warm" doors for installation at the "cold-heat" border. This is the so-called door with a thermal break. Suitable for outdoor installation in private homes.In a series of 3 models - "Light", "Classic", "Premium". Actually, with a thermal bridge in this series, only two recent models;
  • Special Purpose Doors - doors with opening inward and fire doors. The fire door is of class EI60, 60 mm thick, the door frame around the perimeter is glued with thermal tape, equipped with a fire lock and a fire handle, the internal filling is a basalt fire-resistant Rockwool plate. The inner door, used as the second door in the room, has a thickness of 43 mm, its sound insulation is provided by using polyurethane foam as a filler. Outside the door is metal, inside - laminated panel.

According to the warehouse program, the plant offers two models of doors: "DS Standard" and "DS Budget".

The “DS Budget” door structure has an open-type box, the door leaf is 50 mm thick, reinforced with stiffening ribs, the filler is honeycomb, outside is powder coating, inside is EPL. “DS Standard” is distinguished by a closed door frame, the presence of locks for removing the door, the thickness of the leaf (60 mm), filling (mineral wool sheets), locks (3 and 4 classes of resistance to cracking).

The finishing of the Argus door blocks can be carried out in the following ways:

  • Painting. Before painting, the metal surface is covered with a special anti-corrosion film. Next, a polymer coating is applied by spraying. After that, the painted product is exposed to high temperatures in a special furnace. Powder-polymer spraying is the most reliable option for the front door decor, since it is this painting method that protects the metal from rust, temperature and mechanical effects;
  • Use of laminated MDF panels. This method of decoration allows you to simulate natural wood. The panels can also be multi-colored, with rattan and glass inserts, with forged elements;
  • Using forged items. Forging is most often used for the design of doors in private homes, restaurants, and office spaces. It gives the door more elegance and refinement;
  • Using mirror elements, sandblasted panels, jellied stained glass.


Metal doors are available in the following dimensions: 2050x870 and 2050x970 mm.


In the manufacture of metal doors, Argus uses the following materials:

  • steel profile;
  • mineral wool plates;
  • cork sheet;
  • izolon;
  • isodom;
  • sound insulation;
  • polystyrene foam;
  • rubber compressor.

Interior doors of the Argus company are represented by the series: Bravo, Avangard, Dominic, Armand, Victoria, Verona, Julia 1-3, Neo, Etna, Triplex "," Siena "," Prima "," Classic "," Venice ".

Within each series, you can choose the type (with or without glass), the color and texture of the door, the type and color of the handles.


Interior doors are made with a height of 2000 mm and a width of 400 to 900 mm (in increments of 100).


Interior door designs are made of natural wood (solid pine) and covered with three layers of varnish, thereby emphasizing the structure of wood. At the request of the customer, the doors can be equipped with glass of different colors, with or without a pattern.

Popular models

The most common are simple models of entrance doors with a reasonable price. This applies to the “Builder” series (they are bought up well by construction companies), “Economy” and “Comfort”, which have an optimal ratio of quality and cost indicators.

Popular are also doors that have enhanced burglary resistance, such as Monolith series models. They are equipped with locks of the 3rd and 4th classes, protection of the castle zone, bronenakladka, anti-detachable fasteners, additional stiffening ribs. For security purposes, the box is reinforced with a profile in the crossbar area.

The degree of popularity of certain models of interior doors is quite difficult to determine, because the volume of their sales is determined only by the preferences of consumers at the moment, and not by their functional features (with the same quality level of all models).

How to choose?

The choice of any door, whether it is an entrance structure or an interroom, first of all depends on where it will be installed.

When choosing an interior door, the main criteria are the appearance (color, texture, design, style) and quality of construction. With input blocks, the situation is somewhat more complicated. Here one should push more away from the room in which it is installed. If the door is for an apartment in an apartment building, then it is better to pay close attention to the safety and reliability of the lock system.

The lock should have at the same time 3 or 4 class according to the degree of burglar resistance (“Comfort”, “Monolith” series).

Important when installing the door unit in the apartment have soundproofing properties. It is best suited for this design, having a first class noise isolation. Exterior decoration of the door to the apartment can be simple - powder-polymer, so as not to attract undue attention. But if you wish, you can decorate the door with decorative lining of MDF. The interior design of the door depends on the wishes of the customer. You can choose any color and design that matches the style of the apartment interior.

If the door is necessary for installation in a country house, then it must have high security characteristics. The door structure should have a reliable lock system, additional protection of the lock zone, clamps that protect the door from being removed. Another important criterion that you should pay attention to when choosing a door for a private home ownership is how well the door structure will protect the house from the cold, whether it will freeze or be covered with condensate. For such cases, the company produces the Argus-Teplo series, in which models with a thermal break are presented.As a heater in such doors not only mineral wool plates, but also additional heat insulation layers are used.

The external steel elements of the door structure do not have points of contact with the internal ones, due to the presence of a thermal break in the form of glass-filled polyamide.

Do not install door structures that have a non-waterproof MDF coating on the street, since frost or condensation will form on it, which will lead to a rapid failure of the decorative panel. Street doors should also have two, and preferably three sealing circuits and not have an eye. The door frame must be insulated.

If the door is necessary for installation in an administrative building, then its appearance should reflect the status of the organization behind it. Here, special attention should be paid to the decoration of the door leaf. It can be a massive lining, stylized antique, or forged elements, or a glass insert with a pattern. Doors in office premises are better equipped with handles, brackets and closers to ensure their durable operation.

If the door is purchased for installation in a technical room, then the design is best to choose extremely simple and inexpensive. Since technical premises are most often not heated in the cold season, the door must be metallic both outside and inside.

If there are non-standard openings, you can order a door according to individual sizes, or choose a double door or a door structure with a shelf or transom.

How to distinguish fakes?

Recently, cases of falsification of Argus door structures have become frequent. Under the brand of the company, unscrupulous manufacturers produce low-quality structures that do not perform their protective functions poorly, their seal breaks, the paint exfoliates, the fabrics sag, and so on.

Therefore, the manufacturer pays special attention to its customers. He even posted instructions on his official website on how to distinguish real doors from fakes. The company in its appeal focuses on the fact that it has the only production in Yoshkar-Ola and the only trademark.

Therefore, if the buyer has doubts about the authenticity of the product,you should require a passport for it.

The main attributes that indicate that the door was actually produced at the Argus plant:

  • company logo in the form of: extruded stamp, welded oval nameplate or glued rectangular nameplate;
  • passport for door construction;
  • number - indicated in the passport of the product, on the packaging and on the door box;
  • corrugated cardboard packaging with logos.


Customer reviews about the Argus door designs are quite diverse. Most buyers note an attractive appearance, especially from the inside, good quality, reliability of locks, ease of maintenance. Reasonable price and fast delivery. Negative reviews are most often directed at the poor quality work of the installers of door blocks.

Professionals point out high noise insulation and heat-insulating properties of doors, high burglary performance of locks, smooth movement of the door leaf, the use of natural and environmentally friendly materials in the production process, the presence of a wide model range, a variety of finishing solutions.

You will learn more about the Argus doors from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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