Arched doors

 Arched doors

Specialists in the field of double production are working to make these products more stylish, comfortable and practical. Today, there is a growing popularity of arched interior doors. These designs attract attention with a special look. Products of this type make the interior more refined and sophisticated. Further in the article we will take a closer look at the arched models and describe their varieties.

Special features

Designers note that arched doors easily and harmoniously fit into various stylistic directions. Interior models made of natural wood add to the atmosphere of home warmth and comfort. The special form of the arch makes the standard interior more original and expressive.

Psychologists note that the soft, smooth lines of the arched opening have a positive effect on a person’s emotional state. Moreover, such products are ready to cheer up, relieve tension and, in certain cases, relax.

The main difference between doors mounted in an arched opening is a semicircle on top of the structure. Experts note that in addition to aesthetic indicators, such doors do not have any distinctive features from the operational side.

Also, when choosing the above models, you should not count on anything extraordinary from a technical point of view.

Another feature that should be noted - a visual increase in the height of the ceiling. But this technique works only if the cloths are painted in light colors. Otherwise, the arch will only emphasize the height of the room. Due to the play of light and shadow, the masters from the sphere of interior design create a stylish and fashionable design in the room.

The cost of products of the above type above the standard rectangular doors. Consider this option when choosing a product for your home.

Models and types

The entrances of the semicircular shape for a visual increase in space were used even in ancient times. Modern buyers also make a choice in favor of arched door panels.

Such products are divided into two types in terms of placement:

  • Interior for indoor installation.
  • Entrance for placement at the entrance to the building.

The first option can be decorated with inserts of transparent or colored glass. It should be noted that the standard height of the canvases is about two meters, which makes them an excellent solution for tall people.

In turn, interior positions are divided into the following types:

  • Pointy. Products of this type are a Gothic modification of widely known arched forms. The main distinctive feature of such models is in the form of an aperture, which consists of two arcs, which are sharply interconnected.
  • Semi-circular. The most common type. The arch is made in a standard semi-circular shape.
  • Moorish (horseshoe). According to external signs, this species resembles a horseshoe. The choice of customers offer bladed, pointed or oblong-oval position. Such models are perfect for ethnic stylistics.

From the point of view of the structure of the construction of the canvas are distinguished:

  • Single doors. Doors with only one movable leaf.If you choose the right shape and dimensions of the product, the canvas will become an expressive element of the interior. Fittings, doorframes, etc. should fit perfectly under the door. Single door models are ideal if the opening width is up to 980 millimeters.
  • Bicuspid. At such models should pay attention if the size of the doorway is 1300 millimeters. If desired, the customer can enlarge the opening to install the canvas. As a rule, models of this type are larger in size than single-leaf ones. These doors will be an expressive and colorful addition to the spacious rooms.

By the type of opening the door there are sliding and swing. The second type is widely known and is often found in rooms of various types. Products of this type open in one side, in or out.

What swinging a sliding position, here is not so simple. Many experts discuss the topic: whether the arched doors can be sliding. Oddly enough, but the answers and "yes" and "no" are quite appropriate here.

It is worth noting that for fastening the sash to the top rail you need a straight, flat end. Arched form in this case will not work.


The choice of construction material is very important. It depends not only on the appearance of the door, but also on its durability, reliability and other operational characteristics. Modern manufacturers offer customers a huge selection of raw materials for every taste, color and wallet. Next we look at the most popular and common options.

Natural wood

Array - the most popular and favorite material of most buyers. The tree has a special pattern. Natural raw materials are completely safe and environmentally friendly product. In addition to a number of advantages, this option has a significant disadvantage - high cost. The most common varieties are pine, beech, ash and beech. Sometimes rare and exotic breeds are used.

Some entrance models are decorated with wrought iron elements. Tandem wood and metal is widely distributed due to the special expressiveness.

If the user is looking for a budget model, but his choice is leaning in favor of wood, the company offers products made of chipboard, MDF or wooden beam. Visually, such products will look like a door from an array, but the performance properties will be much lower.


This material is actively used in many areas of production. Arched models of plastic are full of a variety of colors and shades. It should be noted that such products are ideal for placement in office space. It is better not to install them in houses and apartments. Designers distinguish a number of styles in which arched doors will look great.

As additions to them often use glass. This is an exquisite and practical material that will give the product a special chic. In addition, plastic doors with glass inserts are ideal for compact rooms due to the transparent structure, which transmits light freely.

Glass and metal

Arched doors of profile and glass are often chosen for installation in country houses. They make out exits to a garden, on a balcony or a terrace. It is easy and simple to look after such models by means of a usual rag and detergent.

Color solutions

Manufacturers offer customers a huge selection of different colors of door panels. The main criterion for choosing a color is the style of the interior.

Each decor has certain characteristics that must be considered when choosing doors:

  • Timeless classics. For classical areas it is strongly recommended to select a product from an array in the natural color of wood. As a rule, it is brown and its various shades: from light to thick and dark colors. As a budget substitute, you can choose MDF or chipboard. If the walls are decorated in bright colors, then dark wood models will look great on their background and vice versa.
  • East. Arched designs harmoniously fit into the eastern directions. Remarkably fit model, decorated with patterns and carvings. The best material is natural wood in dark colors. Inserts of colored glass in a warm color will complement the look of oriental decor.
  • Home and cozy country. Moorish or horseshoe doors will look perfect in this style. It is better to pay attention to models from a tree of warm tones. The natural pattern of the array complements the atmosphere of the village. Indoors, an atmosphere of calm and comfort reigns in an instant.
  • Shabby chic. The concept of this direction will fit the door with the effect of aging. Imitation of cracked paint and scuffs will perfectly fit into this decor.Perfectly fit doors in bright colors: white, beige, peach and other similar shades.

How to choose?

Given the fact that the stores offer a huge range of different colors and sizes of arched door designs, you need to be able to make the right choice. Experts note that solid arched doors have high performance, as well as reliability and durability. Products of this type will perfectly cope with the role of entrance doors.

In the process of selecting a model for installation indoors, it is necessary to determine exactly where the doors will be installed.

If you are looking for balcony doors, it is preferable to pick up products with large glass inserts through which sunlight will freely penetrate the room. Products with small inserts with colored glass, decorated with patterns, perfectly replenish the interior of bedrooms, living rooms and halls. Also the models decorated with volume carving will look attractive.

No matter which option you choose, the product must meet the following requirements:

  • Practicality.
  • Durability.
  • Durability.
  • Safety (environmental friendliness).

If you select the door to the kitchen, it is recommended to make a choice in favor of a product that requires unpretentious care. To date, developed a lot of tools that are processed coating to protect against dirt, dust and stains. This characteristic is very important, especially if the doors are installed in the room where food is prepared and consumed.

Excellent thermal conductivity is also important, especially if the region has severe and frosty winters. This indicator is important for creating a comfortable atmosphere in the house. In addition, the doors, reliably preserving the necessary temperature in the room, will help save money that could be spent to pay the bill for heat.

Beautiful examples in the interior

  • Refined model that is perfect for Oriental style. Such a door, supplemented with glass inserts and other decorative elements will be a key element in the decor.
  • Practical product from the natural array - the perfect choice for American country. For greater visual effect, the canvas is supplemented with metal parts. As it should be in this style, the pattern of the material does not overlap with paint, but is presented in a natural way.
  • Stylish doors in white with golden surround elements will harmoniously fit into the classic interiors. Inserts of glass visually facilitate the design.
  • Dark colors add chic and nobleness to the interior. Positions in this color look especially impressive in a duet with light walls. The perfect complement for ethno stylistics and classic trends. It is worth noting that double-wing positions are better suited for spacious rooms.
  • Sliding doors in natural brown color. Stylish, practical and fashionable solution. Please note that the color of the model is combined with the furniture. Due to this, harmony is achieved in the room.
  • Practical single door doors that can act as entrance or interior products.
  • White color is a classic. It perfectly combines with various colors and shades, regardless of their saturation and temperature. This model, complemented by an artificial effect of antiquity, will be an exquisite decoration for the style of chebbi chic.
  • Products made of transparent glass are recommended to be installed in rooms located on the north side. Ideal if the buyer wants to compensate for the lack of natural light.It is worth noting that such products are rare. As a rule, this product is made to order.

Regardless of the appearance of the product must be of high quality. Otherwise, even the most beautiful door will lose its appeal several years after installation.

About the features of the installation of arched doors can be found in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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