Belarusian doors: types and recommendations for selection

A man at all times wanted to surround himself with beautiful and good things. This desire is especially clear when arranging the house, first of all when choosing those interior elements that are planned to be used for a long time, such as, for example, entrance or interior doors.

A modern buyer should not be in a hurry to make a choice, now on the Internet one can get acquainted with the catalogs of both Russian and foreign manufacturers. A special place in this list is occupied by the Belarusian door manufacturers.

Special features

The main feature of doors purchased from Belarusian manufacturers is the balance of price, quality and design, existing due to quite objective reasons:

  • On the territory of this republic there is a sufficiently large number of enterprises for the manufacture of doors, which is quite explicable by the established production traditions.
  • The latest German and Italian woodworking equipment installed in the last decade has allowed modernizing production in accordance with modern standards.
  • The availability of raw materials that grow in the near availability, reduces the logistics costs and, in general, the cost of production.
  • High quality wood creates opportunities for the production of first-class veneers and doors made of solid oak, alder, pine.
  • AMC cooperation with Italian interior designers provides modern style solutions for door designs.
  • Most Belarusian door manufacturers have certificates of compliance with EU safety standards.


Among the products of Belarusian factories you can find all currently existing versions of door panels and systems.

Manufacturers offer high-class security doors that can be installed both for an apartment and for a country house.Designs have a decent quality materials, including coatings and accessories, and attractive design.

You can choose the entrance door, made in a modern minimalist style or a complex arched structure, reminiscent of the entrance to a medieval castle. A distinctive feature of the Belarusian steel doors is the presence of various forged parts and intricate ornamentsthat makes their appearance recognizable and memorable.

Most firms offering entrance doors comply with them. in the warmed version. These are so-called sandwich doors or doors with thermal break. In the construction of such door panels, several levels of thermal insulation are laid, ensuring the absence of so-called “cold bridges” and complete heat preservation in the room, even in significant frosts. It should be noted that the Belarusian insulated doors in most cases are made of high quality steel.

You can buy fire-prevention and smoke-proof (smoke-proof) interior doors from some large manufacturers.

They can have different levels of protection, there are options for both two-sided and one-sided smoke-tightness.

Product Data have certificates of conformityobtained during tests and can inhibit the spread of combustion products over several hours.

Interior doors are represented by Belarusian manufacturers in a huge variety. They differ primarily in performance materials. The buyer can purchase luxury door systems made from solid oak.

Medium price category offers linen from alder or pine. Low cost doors can have a different device, they are veneered or laminated. However, even for the cheapest shield versions, the frame is made of glued softwood timber, which is a distinctive feature of Belarusian-made doors.


Among the door leaves, you can choose models for every taste, however, most products to the classic design options. Types of interior doors that offer Belarusian factories:

  • The models from the massif of a tree having a detailed assembly.
  • Frame shield panels.
  • Paneled, including in combination with glass inserts.
  • Tsargovye, among which there are models with thin glass inserts.
  • Glazed, in which a large glass sheet is inserted into the frame of solid wood.
  • Shield with glass inserts
  • For painting.
  • Under the glazing.

In a wide variety of the so-called "French doors"that attract the finesse of numerous glass inserts.

The designs of the door systems of Belarusian manufacturers are not distinguished by special delights. In most cases, classic hinged door systems are offered, equipped with regular or hidden hinges. However, major brands produce sliding door designs.

For example, Belwooddoors produces two kinds of similar door systems.

Normal system

The Normal system, the movement of door panels in it takes place on the upper rail, decorated in the form of a decorative strip.

Invisible system

The Invisible system, equipped with a hidden mechanism of movement, hidden directly in the door leaf, resulting in a feeling of moving the door through the air.

"Heles" in addition to swing doors, offers folding systems, sliding open and sliding penalny.

The buyer can install single, one and a half or double doors (referred to as double-sided) at his discretion by choosing the door leaf from the standard sizes provided in the EU countries.


Customers wishing to install metal entrance doors can pay attention to solid-bent steel products that have an exterior finish of solid oak. The thickness of the metal varies from 1.6 mm to 2 mm, while the door leaf can reach 100 mm due to the presence within several layers of insulation. Similar designs are called sandwich doors and able to protect their owners from both the cold and the danger of extraneous penetration.

They have different style solutions and can look either luxurious and presentable, or concisely and modern. The cost of such doors starts from 25,000 rubles and can reach 114,000 rubles, such as, for example, the Athens double-door model.

For a country house, you can choose entrance doors with a thermal break, which are new to the market and allow you to provide insulation of the room due to the fact that inside the door leaf there is a layer of cork material with minimal thermal conductivity. Due to the presence of traffic jams the inner layer of the door does not come into contact with the cooling outer layer.

The material of the frame of such doors is usually steel, from the outside they can be painted by spraying, or have a finish from solid wood or from a moisture-resistant MDF board.

These doors can have both a luxury and a budget price tag, which primarily depends on the exterior finish, since the quality of the main components remains high for all products.

Interior door leaves from Belarusian manufacturers can be made of various materials, which, in turn, significantly affects the final price tag:

  • From solid oak, alder or selected pine. Such products, which belong to the luxury category, are in the range of 16,000 rubles to 27,000 rubles.
  • From glued (furniture) timber of coniferous species, which is then covered with veneer of noble varieties, most often oak, walnut or ash. These doors are in the range of 12 000-20 000 rubles.
  • Paneled doors, which consist of parts of solid pine, connected by a tongue-and-groove method and decorated with MDF panels. The cost of 5 000-6 000 rubles for the canvas. In the case when the design contains elements of glass, the cost of the door leaf increases.
  • From the frame of conifers, which is filled with so-called "ribs", made of MDF and pine bars. A similar shield is covered with MDF, then an eco incline (material from natural wood chips) or CPL plastic (laminate) is applied on top of it. The cost of such a door leaf can range from 15,000 to 5,000 rubles.
  • From a wooden frame made of glued pine timber, which is filled with cardboard honeycomb material and covered with MDF or chipboard. Lined with these doors are usually laminated (laminated doors). This is the most affordable door.


Design developments, which are embodied in the Belarusian factories for the production of doors, in most cases emphasize the prestige of natural wood and its elegance. This is what the selection of color combinations and finishes is aimed at. In many cases, the items are decorated with an oak baguette, engraved glass, gold and bronze fittings.

Glass door satin is used to decorate doors, which can be matte and in both white and bronze shades, as well as Versace stained glass or glass made using fusing technique.These inserts enhance the luxury of door panels. in traditional Victorian style, baroque or classicism.

“French doors”, which are the epitome of light and romantic ethnic style, also known as Provence style, are made using tempered stained glass matelux. When creating such elegant doors, light lacquers and translucent enamels are used, emphasizing the natural attractiveness of wood fibers.

Often the doorframes are decorated with carved platbands, the design of which harmoniously combines with the panel inserts made on the door leaf.

As a result, a door is created, which is the embodiment of luxury and wealth, and this impression is reinforced by elements of gilded decoration of panels and glass, as well as intricate engravings on glass inserts.

Similar products, created by sketches of Italian designers, beautifully convey the impression that can be expressed in two words: "luxury Italy".

Modern style solutions are present in the form of tsargovy doors with insignificant elements of glass, transverse veneering and simple forms of door handles.Such a door leaf will harmoniously look in any of the minimalist interiors, from the loft style to the mysterious gothic.

Color solutions

You can find all sorts of color combinations among the door linens made in Belarus, ranging from traditional dyeing in natural wood tones to ultrafashionable white wax coatings.

Belarusian doors will delight the buyer with the following tree shades:

  • walnut of various degrees of saturation, including light, dark and patina;
  • natural and rustic oak;
  • honey, and also honey with a patina;
  • cognac;
  • wenge;
  • poppy;
  • white wax;
  • black patina with silver;
  • white patina with gold;
  • antique;
  • Mahogany and many others.

Enamels used to cover door panels can be both traditional and very unexpected colors:

  1. olive;
  2. White gold;
  3. cappuccino;
  4. ashwite;
  5. malachite with patina;
  6. silver with mikrano
  7. black silver;
  8. green gold, as well as many other impressive tones.

Manufacturers Overview

Among the manufacturers that produce doors in the territory of Belarus, there are several of the largest firms with a stable reputation and high rating:

Belwooddoors which makes both products from solid pine, and door cloths of various filling.

To date, a collection of classic doors, modern and special doors, which includes anti-smoke and fire door panels.

BelwoodDoors uses ecointerlevel "3D Wow Look" -effect; tempered stained glass Matelux, which can be decorated with Swarovski crystals; as well as lacquer, which has a special strength due to the content of nitrocellulose particles.

"Postavy Furniture Center" specializes in the production of door panels from solid pine, alder and oak. To give a more spectacular look to the products, the pine frames are veneered with hardwood material. Glazing is carried out with white and bronze Matelux glass, processed using diamond engraving and chamfering. To decorate the door block are made platbands with capitals. In the painting is widely used technology of patinating surfaces of oak and walnut.

"Doors of Belarus" make both interroom, and entrance doors. Most of the products are made of glued pine timber,covered with veneer of precious wood, however, premium-class doors made of alder and oak are also available, decorated with spectacular décor and with stained glass inserts. The budget segment is represented by the “standard” door leafs, which include, in addition to the pine frame, MDF, and the covering is made with an ekoshpon.

It is possible to purchase entrance doors with a glass packet decorated with elements of forging from this manufacturer.

"Arsenal" manufactures door structures from laminated oak, alder and pine. The use of three-layer lamella instead of a solid web facilitates the weight of the finished product and reduces its cost. A distinctive feature of the Arsenal factory style is the decorative trim of the platbands, cornices and panels, which can be figured, patterned, wavy and made in the form of a crown. Also, the doors of this manufacturer differ in spectacular colors.

"Khales", which is a joint Belarusian-Italian enterprise, offers door leafs made of solid pine, created from sketches by the famous Italian designer Antonio Majero.Classic models are decorated with intricate panels, curtain rods, cannel casing and baguettes. They have engraved glass inserts, unexpected luxurious colors, patterned wooden lining in the form of flowers. Pill doors from this brand are distinguished by the presence of two parallel vertical stripes and therefore are easily recognizable.

Customer Reviews

You can assess how much the doors of the Belarusian manufacture are in demand, by asking for reviews about them, which are quite a lot on the Internet. On numerous repair forums, the most famous manufacturers are discussed and both pros and cons of doors from Belarus are considered.

Among the brands considered in this article, the largest number of reviews belongs to the “Doors of Belarus” brand.

The models of doors manufactured by BelwoodDoors are often described by many as the optimal ratio of quality and price, they note that for a long time (in some cases, these doors cost 5-8 years) the door leaf did not crack and did not soak.

Among the shortcomings they mention that the low-cost BelwoodDoors doors have poor sound insulation and have door frames and a door frame that is laminated, it wipes out pretty quickly and swells from moisture.Therefore, buyers recommend to buy a box and platbands coated ecomasters or veneers. Buyers have no complaints about the doors from the array, their cost is considered reasonable, and the appearance is very representative.

Postavy Furniture Center, as buyers say, is characterized by a poor delivery service, which is partly the fault of the dealers. There are also claims to poorly executed pans and platbands that are not in tune with the main canvas. Some buyers, on the contrary, declare that they can say only good things about the doors of this manufacturer, they note a moderate price for products made of pine or alder. It is worth noting that mostly satisfied reviews belong to buyers from Belarus, while on the Russian market the doors of the Postavy Furniture Center are represented slightly.

"Doors of Belarus" have excellent reviews on models made of solid pine and veneered oak. Buyers write that these are “doors as if from a palace,” they look so beautiful. Noise isolation level, as well as the quality of the coating.

However, the entrance doors made from pine frame and MDF,the coating of which is made of a special moisture-resistant film, there is a sharply negative review, accompanied by photos. The buyer complains of flaking of the film during the first months of operation and the manufacturer’s refusal to replace it, despite the fact that the door was under warranty. Also, there are reviews of the acquisition of door leafs with marriage, it is recommended to carefully inspect the goods upon receipt.

The doors of the factory "Arsenal" have good reviews from Belarusian buyers, who talk about high quality and reasonable prices for these products. Many people like the rare color shades that can be found in this manufacturer.

Also praise the delivery of orders on time and in the right set.

As for reviews on products of the Arsenal door factory from buyers from the territory of Russia, there are few of them on the Internet, which may be due to the fact that the deliveries of this company to the Russian Federation are still few in number.

Hales has mostly good reviews. Buyers call interior doors of this brand cute, durable and modern. Models belonging to the average price segment look good after several years of use,have a fairly high level of sound insulation, the veneer coating is resistant to minor scratches. Of the minuses called the fact that veneer coating deteriorates from moisture, therefore, it is not advisable to install such doors in bathrooms.

Below in the advertising video you can see all kinds of doors of Belarus.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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