Wireless video door on the door: features and specifications

 Wireless video door on the door: features and specifications

In today's world, people are increasingly using measures of increased security, since technical progress allows us to acquire a variety of products for self-defense and home protection. The wireless door peephole has recently appeared on the security devices market, but has already gained deserved popularity.

It was with his participation that it became possible to improve the security of his home.

Design features

The wireless door peephole is good in that it is easy to use and has an affordable price. Thanks to these qualities, people more and more often acquire this particular device.

It is a combination of two parts: in one of them there is a video camera with a microphone with a built-in radio module, and in the other - a video screen with permanent memory. Externally, the device looks like a completely ordinary eye, as it has the same size and shape. It is sold complete with special mounts that are designed to fix the device in place of the door peephole.

It is because of its design features that a hidden camcorder is almost impossible to notice.

It can function both from the mains and from the battery, however most of the devices come in a set with a DC adapter.

The miniature camera does not interfere with the full-fledged video shooting and recording of sound in high quality. As a rule, the size of the video being shot is 640 * 480 pixels. The resolution of the video allows you to quite clearly see the face of the visitor who is near the door.

Door eyes with video are made in two forms.

  • A device that is designed to be fixed on the door structure directly on the peephole.
  • Wireless device that is located at some distance from the doorway.

Both types have their pros and cons.

For example, an overview device can have built-in memory, or it can be equipped with a special module that accepts various memory cards. Most models are capable of not only videotaping, but also photographing what is happening behind the entrance door.

The wireless video peephole almost always comes in a set with a built-in battery, so it absolutely does not need to be connected to the power grid. Modern models are produced in a portable configuration, which includes a radio module that allows you to conduct video surveillance remotely.

This property greatly simplifies the lives of many people, especially with physical health problems.

Pros and cons of survey devices

Installing a wireless video peephole in the apartment is necessary for additional security.

This device has a number of advantages that prevail over other surveillance systems.

  • The main advantage of a wireless system is its secrecy. Outside video detection is almost impossible, it is noticeable only when a thorough study of the door.
  • Another advantage of the device - budget.Its value does not hit the pocket, and it brings a lot of benefits.
  • Thanks to the tiny size of the product, it is easy to install. Its installation does not take much time, and after installation it is very easy to work with.
  • It is also convenient that it is not necessary to be close to the door in order to personally control what is happening on the landing. Hidden audio and video recordings allow you to monitor in real time, without leaving a cozy place.
  • The video-eye device is equipped with just a few buttons, which is very convenient. To use the device you will not need special knowledge and skills, so a person of any age can cope with it.
  • It is important that, according to the current legislation, citizens have the right to provide a digital recording as evidence, therefore when attempting to break into a video, it will help to find and catch intruders.

A huge number of positive qualities of viewing devices did not exclude the appearance of some flaws in them.

  • The radio module is highly susceptible to operating noise.
  • Compact camera has low resistance to mechanical damage.
  • Battery devices are not able to hold a charge for a long time, especially at low temperatures. The temperature range of the stable operation of the device is limited. The same applies to some models. The cheapest options can function only in a specific temperature range. As soon as the device goes beyond the permitted limits, it immediately fails, and this can lead to a breakdown of the electronics or the battery.
  • Data transmission occurs using a radio channel, and the occurrence of interference will make it impossible to receive data. Interference on the line can occur for many reasons: finding a number of specific devices, parts with conductors and so on. There are devices that are specifically used for a radio wave plug.
  • The miniature wireless camera has low durability. A few awkward movements are enough to damage the device, but some manufacturers produce shockproof models that are almost impossible to break.

Additional options

Wireless surveillance systems may have various additional functions.

Some models are equipped with an infrared motion sensor and a GSM-module for data transmission. An infrared motion sensor will automatically turn on the camera when movement occurs at a certain distance from the door, and the device either starts video recording or photographing - it all depends on the settings.

GSM-module is necessary in order to be able to obtain recorded information on any device connected to the Internet. This allows you to observe what is happening near the front door, even being far from home.

Videos and photos can be saved to further study them in more detail.

How to choose?

Choosing a survey device for private video surveillance, it is necessary to determine its functionality.

For example, an infrared motion sensor is an absolutely meaningless function in the entrance with automatic lighting. When choosing, it is necessary to measure the size of the door peephole in order to purchase the device with exactly the same parameters, otherwise there will be difficulties during installation.

You also need to consider the viewing angle. Often it makes no sense to acquire a camera with a large radius of action, usually enough to rotate 90 degrees.If owners want to be able to communicate with guests online, then it is worth buying a device with support for Wi-Fi.

A useful feature is the motion sensor, with which you can learn about the visit of visitors even before they ring the bell.

Purchase of a device for private use should be adapted to the average requirements. Professional video cameras have a number of enhanced features that are not understandable to the average user, and they cost many times more than their simplified counterparts.

Do not forget to carefully study the performance and reviews of real buyers before buying a wireless video peephole. Remember that the lower the price, the worse the device.

Popular models

When deciding on the purchase of a wireless video eye, you need to familiarize yourself with the most popular models in order to identify their disadvantages and advantages.

  • GSM II-2 - a device that is intended for installation in the door eye. The set includes a memory card, an MMS device, charging, a battery and attached parts. Thanks to the miniature screen and motion sensor, apartment owners can always see the approach of visitors in advance.The infrared sensor can detect movement at a distance of one and a half meters. The touch display and viewing angle of 100 degrees add to the device popularity.
  • Radio dvr - device equipped with a large screen of 5 inches. It is not necessary to install it in the apartment at a short distance from the video-eye, but you can take it with you. It has built-in auto-off and on, which significantly saves battery power. The product is made of brass, and therefore has a small weight. The video surveillance kit consists of a video peephole, an antenna and stereo headphones.
Radio dvr
  • Home voice - an inexpensive model of the survey device, which is equipped with a minimum set of functions. With its help, you can conduct a two-way dialogue and watch what is happening behind the door through a small monitor. In fact, it is a mini-intercom with video.
  • Sititek i3 - a device operating on the “Android” base and having a Wi-Fi module. Also in the external module of the device there is a bell, a backlight and a motion sensor, and inside the product there is a built-in touchscreen display on which the image is clearly visible. Sititek i3 works on battery power, which can work continuously for several hours.
Home voice
Sititek i3
  • Black fortress - a wireless video peephole consisting of a camera, a bell, a touch screen and fastening elements. The device is equipped with a motion sensor and a GSM module, so that apartment owners can not only see visitors, but also communicate with them. It works from a battery that does not need frequent recharging.

A color camera and a touchscreen display make it much easier to observe, especially since all data can be saved to the memory card that comes with it.

An overview of one of these devices, you can see in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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