Bravo Doors: Views and Features

The personal safety and security of our belongings is the reason for which everyone sooner or later acquires a quality door. Modern materials provide it with the necessary strength and rigidity, as well as thermal insulation. There are many types of materials and forms today. The Bravo company represents a worthy collection of interior and entrance doors for every taste and budget.

Features and benefits

Choosing the right design door today is not so easy. This can only be avoided if you buy from companies that honestly and with dignity have earned a good reputation over the years. So, for the first time Bravo products appeared more than 10 years ago in Nizhny Novgorod. Soon the company won an impressive part of the domestic market and not only.

The reasons for this can be seen in the advantages of the brand:

  • affordable cost;
  • wide price range;
  • a wide range from interior to entrance doors;
  • a large number of factory-made doors;
  • the possibility of making models according to individual sizes;
  • availability of doors of various classes;
  • sales of products from other brands.

It is worth noting that the company itself has several brands that differ from each other in the nature of their products and their different directions to different segments of customers.

Factory brands and main products:

  • Bravo - products with laminated coating;
  • Bravo Lux - high-class veneered products;
  • Goff - premium steel structures;
  • “Belarusian doors” - veneered models and exclusive doors from the whole elitclass array.

Regardless of the brand and quality level, each door produced by the company meets all the requirements of GOST and has all the necessary quality certificates. The warranty lasts a year from the date of purchase.


All Bravo products can be grouped into several groups according to their type and design.

So, the company's range includes:

  • interior doors;
  • entrance doors.

The first type is used for installation inside the house, delimiting zones from it, the second - to protect their home. Interior models are made of wood, may have laminated coatings, made of veneer. For entrance doors, however, steel of sufficient thickness, special fillers and an internal web are used.

Tambour door is an additional structure to protect several apartments in one corridor. It is carried out by Bravo from alloyed cold rolled steel. A smooth sheet of metal is an interior and exterior finish. It is worth noting that some models are embossed, adding to this practical model a special appeal.

The advantages of the tambour door:

  • protection of the corridor against visits by unauthorized persons and animals;
  • increased sound insulation;
  • lack of drafts and heat preservation;
  • the creation of a personal corridor for storing large items, such as a stroller or bicycle.

Bravo tambour models belong to double-wing versions, having one fixed narrow door and one hinged door. This option is applicable for a wide corridor.Of course, this door is not always applicable. So, entrance models of private houses do without additional designs.

Street doors with a thermal break have up to six layers of various heaters, for example, cork thermal insulation and extruded polystyrene.

Apartment doors of such a variety of seals are not limited to three layers of insulation, which are responsible not only for the heat of the house, but also for sound insulation. Entrance products are presented with external and internal opening, which is especially important at the entrance with doors close to each other, for example, in small-sized "Khrushchev-style".

Advantages of doors with external opening:

  • space saving corridor;
  • protection against hacking;
  • Fire safety.

It is believed that the models with internal opening are inferior in technical characteristics, however, they also have their advantages. So, in small-sized entrances, they save space well and allow neighbors to seamlessly leave the apartments at the same time. In addition, the internal design of opening better retains heat and protects against noise. Unfortunately, for thieves such a door is a light nut to crack, because you can open it,pushing inside.

The second largest group is interior doors.

Conventionally, they can be divided into the following types:

  • classic swing;
  • sliding;
  • "book";
  • "harmonic";

The classic look is a door made with a laminated coating and using eco-veneer. The swing mechanism and comfortable handles for opening, the use of solid cloth or glass is what distinguishes the stylish Bravo models.

We should also highlight the doors for the steam room. The use of tempered glass allows the shutters to withstand heating up to 300 degrees, delighting with a presentable look. Aesthetic properties of some models are really high, because they are embossed with unique warm and cozy images.

For doors with special coatings, varnishes are used to prevent the wood from drying out or to cover it with mold. This is important if the model is to be used in places with high humidity or steam.

Sliding models of compartment doors are also widely represented in the company's assortment. They are usually supplied with all the necessary fittings for their installation. The advantage of these types is to save space between zones.

Folding doors with a “book” mechanism are popular due to their small dimensions. Having two symmetrical or asymmetrical doors, they save external space by folding when opened in the doorway and making it possible to use them in small spaces.

Another view presented by the company is the “accordion” doors made of durable plastic. They consist of several vertical panels, firmly interconnected. When opening, the model is assembled into an “accordion,” which means it does not use additional space.


The company presents a wide range of door models not only for its brands, but also for other manufacturers, for example, brands from China. Bravo models themselves are worthy of more attentive attitude to themselves.

So, products for the streets are represented by the models “Door Out 101” with two layers of gaskets, as well as “Optim Thermo 222” with a thermal break and seven layers of insulation. Each of the options is presented in several types of interior decoration, which allows you to choose an option based on the characteristics of its interior.

The model from the Bravo factory with an internal opening is represented by the door “Optim Inside Economy”, simple and concise with one layer of insulation.External opening has been honored with a larger range, produced not only by the Bravo brand, but also by Groff. Thus, the stylish model of premium class P2-200 pleases with the beauty of embossing and anti-vandal coating. The P2-206 door with a mirror inset on the inside is endowed with practicality. Tambour doors are represented by models of “Optim Duo Grand” of a comfortable class and “Optim Duo Slim” of an economy class.

Interior doors in a wide range are used in the catalogs of brands Model from Bravo factory, Model from Bravo Lux factory and “Belarusian doors”. The most budgetary option are GOST products, made in several colors. Double-leaf swing doors or single-leaf doors are lightweight and democratic, able to complement plain interiors and demarcate territories. The Trend-0 models from the Bravo Model, as well as GOST, have a honeycomb filler, but the 3D-Graf trim of increased rigidity makes them more reliable and stylish.

Variations of interior doors 6G-6S-6P-6F allow for a low cost to get a door with glass and a pattern on the canvas. Models 3G-3S-3P-3X with or without a threshold, continuing the company's line of products. The model from Bravo factory is pleased not only with a glass insert, but also with a bright plant pattern on it, made using a special technology.

In the case when the door should become a reliable protection against noise and look stately, choose the model "Port-25 alu 3D" with glass. Executed in color variety, they have a furniture board as a basis. The design of the door corresponds to the modern high-tech style.

Leaving from high-tech to modern, you cannot pass by the stylish and delicate veneered doors "Lilia" and "Exclusive". Despite the fact that the door is deaf, its surface is decorated with amazing patterns, repeating floral motifs. These models are in a higher price segment.

If the interior is designed in a classic style, the “Status-14” door will be one of the good additions. The product is made of timber and has a veneered finish.

Romantic subspecies in the style of Provence headed painted model "Opera". Photo printing on glass highlights it and makes it particularly delicate. Baguette, made of solid birch, adds the mood of that era.

The Belarusian Doors brand presented a line of classic luxury doors with natural oak veneer. Models "Charles III" and "Louis II" favorably distinguished by grace and brevity.

The company Model from the Bravo factory has produced both the Flory light and air door made of tempered satin glass with artistic drawing.She is able to organically fit into any of the modern styles.

The Aqua 1,2,3 series represents door models with a special anti-vandal coating. They are perfect for bath and toilet. Special attention is given to the door "Aqua ½" with a mirror on the inside.

Folding doors- "books" with two equivalent panels are presented in the budget series GOST and 5F. Each "book" has handles, hooks and allows you to easily open and close it, without affecting the area of ​​the wall. Sliding doors "coupe" require additional space against the wall, when opening smoothly going to the side on the reinforced rollers.

Door "accordion" of durable plastic is presented in the models "Bravo -008" and "Bravo -018". They practically do not take up space, and therefore are well suited for a small-sized kitchen, which passes into the living room.

It will not weigh down the space and at the same time will allow you to avoid the smells of the kitchen in the hall.


Bravo uses a large number of different materials for the production of doors, allowing you to select the desired design, price segment and quality level.

All entrance street and access doors are made of cold-alloy steel.And this fact is already an advantage, because products from hot-rolled steel are thicker, heavier and an order of magnitude lower in quality.

Cold-rolled material has an evenness and smoothness, pleases with strength and optimum thickness. In addition, the material can bend, and therefore use it as a solid sheet, which is also one of the criteria of strength.

Interior models can be made of furniture panels, cant or have a honeycomb filling. We should talk about the latter in more detail, because the price for it pleases, which means there is considerable demand for it. So, the cellular filler is a cell of extruded corrugated cardboard. They fill the space inside, make the door easy and strong enough. However, it is worth remembering that a door with a honeycomb filling will not be able to adequately protect against noise in any way.

The basis can serve as an array without finishing or with finishing. This model is quite heavy and is an excellent means for sound insulation. Today, these doors belong to the premium class, despite some shortcomings. An array of needles or oak does not like moisture and temperature changes, and it becomes impossible for the buyer to check the drying of wood. However, the door is still taken for painting.For example, oak and enamel are considered one of the most luxurious tandems in the manufacture of solid wood doors.

High-quality finish allows you to enjoy the look of even inexpensive doors. Today in the company directory are increasingly common veneered products. Natural veneer is a thin slice of wood, reaching a thickness of just 1 millimeter. Later, the sheets are glued together, reaching high density and strength. This natural material is beautiful and environmentally friendly, but is used only at the door of a premium class, since the uniqueness of the color and pattern of each slice does not allow manufacturers to produce such products in large quantities.

Replaced natural veneer today came fayn-line. This material is a peeled veneer obtained from fast-growing poplars and abachi. Later, glued sheets are painted in the right shade and imitate various tree species.

For those who care about nature as much as the beauty of their home, Bravo is introducing doors from ekoshpon. It is a plastic on which any structure of any wood species is superimposed as if on a picture.Eco-sheeter is more environmentally friendly than PVC film, but it still cannot be compared with natural veneer.

PVC - material that has gained popularity in the low price segment of the door. This is a thin film with imitation of any kind of wood. It has a high level of impact resistance and is not afraid of moisture, but because such a door can be purchased with confidence for the bathroom. Unfortunately, it is used, as a rule, on doors with an inexpensive filler, and therefore its sound insulation properties are low.

Laminated doors - design, also located in the low price segment. This material is nothing but a laminated film. It can be made on a paper basis and be no more than 0.2 mm or be multi-layered and, as a result, more durable.

And doors can be withtextile and mirror. For designers, such models are considered the most optimal, because they, by delimiting the territory, do not make it heavier.

In addition, art patterns are often used on glass surfaces, making the model even more elegant.

Color solutions

The palette of the brand's doors is diverse and multifaceted.Surprisingly, only white tones are presented in nine semitones. Here you can find a pure white shade, a little softer snow, leaving in gray called Alaska, silver or milky. This range allows you to choose a door in the desired style theme. Pure white tones are suitable for Provence, with a gray tint - for the popular high-tech and other modern trends.

In addition to the white palette, light colors are widely represented, such as bleached oak, cream, vanilla or marshmallow. Their direction is warm, carefully tending to beige and brown. The soft tone of cappuccino and shimo is attributed here.

The light brown scale starts with the tones of milanese nut, light nut and light oak. The most dark in the palette is considered to be a walnut, which displays a luxurious brown color with a light subtone.

Brown tones are more saturated. Shades of golden walnut or Italian walnut, makore or brandy perfectly convey a classic style with all its depth and article.

Dark brown gamma is also good for classics or country. Here you can see the chocolate tones and shades of mahogany, watch dark walnut and oak, as well as mocha.It is worth noting that mocha is particularly difficult, because in the right proportions it combines gray and brown shades.

The most dark is the tone of wenge, which in stylish door models is often diluted with glass inserts.


Door sizes, as well as models and colors are varied. This is explained by the large areas of the warehouse, in which you can fit all the doors with the most popular dimensions. So, for double-wing models, doors with dimensions of 35 or 40 cm by 2 meters are suitable. From 60 to 90 cm standard doors start, as well as compartment doors.

The height is represented not only by two meters, but also by 1.9 meters, as well as 2 meters 30 centimeters. Thus, the company makes it possible to purchase a finished door for both a standard apartment building and new buildings.

How to choose?

The choice of input or interior model should always begin with the measurement of the opening. Its accurate and error-free definition will help to avoid many problems during installation. Fortunately, all large companies today provide a free service for measuring space by an experienced master.

To select the front door, it is important to consider criteria such as:

  • its location;
  • level of protection;
  • insulation material;
  • number of seals;
  • esthetic appearance.

The key point here is the purpose of the door. If the design is to become outdoor, you should choose a model with a thermal break and a large number of seals. This will help keep the door warm and attractive, as condensate on it will not accumulate.

The door to the apartment is not required to have the best materials for insulation, because, as a rule, most of the entrances are equipped with batteries.

The level of protection may also vary depending on the location of the doors. Street models should have stronger locks, while apartment ones can have standard, but still quite reliable. This difference is explained by the presence in the apartment building of the access and chain-door doors.

Interior canvases also have certain selection criteria.

When buying it is important to consider:

  • structure and type of construction;
  • the width and length of the corridor;
  • pricing policy;
  • material;
  • finish

As mentioned earlier, the doors can be hinged, folding or sliding. The choice here depends on the size of the corridor.For a long narrow corridor, compartment doors are suitable, for a small one - doors of a “book” or “accordion”, for sufficient space - hinged and double doors.

For baths and bathrooms it is worth choosing models with special impregnation or film.

Customer Reviews

Bravo company supplies to the Russian market quite budget products, which are very popular. Such a massive impact on the numerous comments and comments left.

Start here with quality. All products really correspond to all declared characteristics, and therefore it is almost impossible to obtain a “cat in a bag” here.

In addition, delivery is fast, which certainly pleases buyers.

It upsets users only the level of service. Sometimes, because of the huge number of doors in warehouses, the supplier confuses the parts, bringing completely inappropriate fittings. Unfortunately, the negative continues after that. Virtually every review can be traced to the company to establish a quick response to customer requests, greater responsiveness and cordiality.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Stylish interior linen with glass horizontal inserts are perfect for modern minimalist styles.

The laconic model with glass in “wenge” shade is complemented by a stylish pattern, displaying high-tech style.

A white blank door with no extra decor is made of a noble array, which allows it to be used in Provence style, complementing the interior with light-colored furniture and delicate bouquets of flowers.

You will learn more about Bravo doors in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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