Cheboksary Door Factory: advantages and disadvantages

 Cheboksary Door Factory: advantages and disadvantages

Settling in the uninhabited apartment of the new building or doing a major overhaul in the long-lived residential areas, each property owner thinks about replacing interior doors.

These designs do not just focus on the interior of the house, they provide security, allow households to retire, do not let in other sounds, which is very important, for example, for the room where the baby sleeps.

In addition, thanks to the door systems, you can hide from guests what you don’t want to show to strangers, just close the door to the bedroom or private office.

“Cheboksary Door Factory”, the advantages and disadvantages of which can be assessed based on customer feedback,made sure that every resident of the country could get designs that meet all the standards of quality and the wishes of customers.

About brand

“Cheboksary Door Factory” in the door market is a fairly young manufacturer, however, the company is constantly developing, introducing new technologies and materials for the execution of door panels. The plant is engaged in the production of interior partitions and doors for industrial and office premises, which are created from solid wood and MDF.

The main difference between the Cheboksary factory and the manufacturers of such products is a special attention to the quality of the goods produced.

At all stages of production, advanced equipment and high-quality, safe for surrounding materials are used.

Manufacturing technology meets the requirements of GOST and other European standards. Each process of creating the doors of the Cheboksary plant is a strict quality control.

Special features

The company predominantly creates door frames from hardwood and MDF panels. The unique method of joining cloths and the introduction of additional stiffness sheets allow the company to guarantee its customers thatthat during its existence in the walls of a new house, the surface of the door is not deformed.

To ensure the strength and stability of the wood webs, all the knots, clumps of tar and other visible defects are removed, which can later spoil the quality of the finished product if not removed. After the manufacture of spans for double-glazed windows and pre-milling, a polyvinyl chloride tab (made in Germany) is glued to the canvas, which is characterized by increased resistance to an increase in the level of moisture.

In addition to PVC, a veneer or a strip of small wood shavings can act as a coating. At the final stage of production, such canvases are covered with tinting liquid or paint.

Mostly, Cheboksary doors have standard dimensions: 90x200 cm. But that's not all: the factory offers its customers a service for the manufacture of door designs of non-standard sizes, according to customer drawings. Two-color models are produced at the enterprise, with an opening system like a book, doors with mirror elements, a drawing board, and even copies with a hole for entering / entering the house of pets.

The interior partitions of the factory are different:

  • manufacturing material;
  • type of coverage;
  • by construction.

The advantages of products Cheboksary factory include:

  • Beautiful design;
  • small weight;
  • sound and heat insulation properties;
  • huge range;
  • excellent performance;
  • ease of installation and maintenance;
  • affordability;
  • functionality. Cheboksary door systems can be used in homes, apartments, industrial premises, medical facilities and educational institutions.


The product catalog of the Cheboksary factory provides consumers with a choice of nine series of door designs:

  • "Alpha" and the best-selling "Contour" - These are samples of strict design, without pathos and bombast. All elements of which interior partitions are made are regular geometric shapes with clear corners and lines. Details of glass are always different in color from the canvas.
  • Collections "Modern" and "Prestige" can be easily recognized thanks to the modern design style. This is over a hundred different models. The canvases of the series have glass even or curved inserts, plain or with an interesting pattern.
  • Industrial premises will decorate options from the section "Office". Such canvases, as a rule, are deaf and monophonic, although there are an insignificant number of copies with non-defiant glass elements.
  • "Classic" and "Olympus" cause great interest among those consumers who are not attracted by modern fashion trends. Door partitions of these collections will decorate any internal filling of the room.

Figured stained glass windows made of multicolored glass, the use of carving techniques and gilding to attract attention are the main distinguishing features of these series.

  • Connoisseurs of all original will like the door variants from the series. "Emma". Representatives of the collection have non-classical color performance. Door leafs "Emma" are canvases of any color and shade. Even the entrance canvases can be any color of the rainbow!
  • In addition to the popular swing options, on the machines of the factory they also produce sliding structures. With their help, you can significantly save space in rooms of modest size. Such models can be found in the series "Compact".

Not to mention the arched views of interior partitions.The most acceptable places for their installation are corridors, kitchens and halls. In the product catalog of the Cheboksary factory there are also such designs - refined and extraordinarily beautiful.

Product cons

One can understand the shortcomings of the products of the Cheboksary factory by reading reviews of dissatisfied customers. Most of them talk about the probability of getting a marriage. There are drawbacks in the work of the service personnel of furniture salons-representatives of the company.

The products themselves also receive negative evaluations. There are flaws in the design of canvases, on almost all models, the ends - the top and bottom are sawed with a conventional saw and not sealed with a laminating film. Because of this, the appearance of the ends deteriorates and they need to be impregnated with something themselves, otherwise the service life of the door can be significantly reduced.

Consumers say about these shortcomings:

  • poor quality of the veneer (in the first months of operation of the door and many of it crumbled or cracked);
  • PVC decorative film comes off;
  • bring curved canvases;
  • If you take the same model in the plural, the color of the canvases may differ.

Another unpleasant surprise can be the flexibility of the canvas.If you close it and do not press hard on the place between the hinges, the canvas will necessarily bend. However, the vast majority of reviews show positive product characteristics, such as cost, design, quality, and practicality in use.

An overview of the interior doors of the Cheboksary Door Factory, see the video clip below:

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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