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Doors color

You can bring notes of lightness and aristocracy, chic and nobleness into your interior with the help of correctly chosen doors of the “bleached oak” color. Returning to natural materials, you return to yourself, because what could be more comfortable than a house, "breathing" with calmness and peace. Namely, such sensations create ensembles using bleached oak doors.

Special features

Doors "bleached oak" - a special piece of furniture. They can not be put in any room. But if the interior doors stand in their place and, most importantly, in the right design environment, they very favorably emphasize the stylistic accents of the room, complement them and do not stand out from the background.

Such doors will perfectly fit into the following styles:

  • Scandinavian - due to the naturalness of the texture.
  • Provence and country - wooden doors are a distinctive feature of the "rural" directions.
  • Classic (English direction) - oak is often applicable there as a design solution.
  • Vintage - various "aged" grayish colors will be appropriate.
  • Modern trends - the main attention to detail: to the handles, various decorative inserts.

The erroneous misconception that light colors are soiled can be refuted by furniture in the color of bleached oak. In addition, the decision to put a light door can help in organizing a small, dark space, for example, a hallway. Doors will not load and eat up the space, as dark counterparts would do, but on the contrary, they will bring the necessary lightness into the interior.

This bleached oak belongs to the elite species. But its color variations are many. And a non-professional can confuse him with similar textures, such as sonoma oak. Moreover, the bleached material from different manufacturers may be the same name, but be in different color shades.

Natural bleached oak has a wide palette of both cold, neutral, and warm tones, in it can prevail as a smoky color, and light, milky shade.

The whole palette of white oak

Oak is a natural material that has been used for a very long time. He received special love due to its unique texture, which can also have completely different colors: from black to white, gold and silver and even red and green. Theoretically, any breed can be whitened, but unique tones will remain. Bleached oak can be ashen or gray, or it can be filled with a mother-of-pearl shade. There are also that on this texture hints of lily, pink, beige, honey color are imprinted.

Oak, and in particular bleached, goes well with its "relatives" and other wood species. Therefore, two-color doors in combination with a hint of tobacco, cognac or stained oak (dark colors), with contrasting wood in burgundy or wenge, coffee (mocha, cappuccino) and chocolate shades can look particularly impressive.

They are able to create a unique combination of color with bleached oak and become a unique accent of the interior.

The video below shows how a door is made using white oak.

What material in this color to choose?

Originally bleached oak was made from solid natural wood. The rock was taken, some actions were performed on it — they were processed, soaked with special compounds, then dried. Very well dried, up to 8%. More "wet" breed is not suitable for the manufacture of interior items. Needless to say, but if the oak itself was considered an elite material, then the bleached version became even more exclusive.

As time went. I wanted exclusivity to everyone. A little later, they began to imitate bleached oak on veneered, laminated or PVC-coated doors. Shponirovanny doors are made generally of MDF. This material most often consists of conifers, but this is the basis.

From above, they are covered with veneer - a thin cut of wood, in a particular case from a cut of bleached oak. Eco pans, laminate and PVC are also layered material, the top layer of which is a special film.

Each material of which the door is made has its own characteristics of durability, fire safety, interaction with humidity. But an important part of the door is the fittings.Reliable fasteners, well-working latches and locks should not only be working, but also fit into the concept of the interior.

The choice of door in color bleached oak will depend on economic, aesthetic and practical considerations:

  • The most expensive doors made of natural wood, slightly cheaper from the array.
  • More economical options are veneer, PVC or laminate. When choosing veneered doors, the “clear” texture of the canvas will be the “bonus”, but laminated or PVC-coated doors, due to their characteristics (in fact, these are films), will simply transfer the cut pattern of the tree.

Simple doors with a picture or without - a classic solution in the rooms. Their choice depends mainly on how they will be combined with the whole interior. Knuckle doors will be a discovery for those who are looking for durable and reliable construction. In addition, its elements are interchangeable.

A door-book or foldable will help save space.

Manufacturers Overview

Finding your perfect door in bleached oak is not an easy task. Having decided on a style and what color needs to be found, you can safely go to the store.Choosing doors on the Internet is quite a controversial decision, since the screen and photos do not always truly depict the true color of the door.

It is believed that excellent quality at the door of Europe. However, the prices for such doors are also "canceled."

The following manufacturers are popular:

  • Italy: Garofoli; Tre-Piu; Dolce Vita; 3elle.
  • Spain: Uniarte; Portadeza, as well as Luvipol.
  • Germany: ComTür, Wippro, Hörmann.
  • Finland: Matti Ovi, Fenestra, Jite.

Less “biting” prices have doors from Belarus. The products of such companies as HALES, Belwooddoor, Green Plant were loved by customers for their naturalness and good quality.

The Russian manufacturer is not far behind its foreign counterpart. Confirmation of this - numerous reviews on the products of market leaders. Among domestic firms you can find products from the array, as well as from MDF and PVC, laminate, and in different price variations. There are both budget options and expensive ones.

The recognized leaders - the furniture brands "Sofia", "Volkhovets" are ready to offer the buyer the widest choice of doors, including the color of bleached oak (or a very similar shade). True, among the network of such stores come across dishonest dealers. "Sofia" is a long delivery."Volkhovets" was seen in marriage (which occurs on delivery). Both that and other firm differs in high prices. But the title “Brand No. 1” (2016) is simply not appropriated, and the majority of Volkhovets products have impeccable quality. And the service life of 10 years from "Sofia" inspires confidence.

Other manufacturers, who are no worse than industry leaders, can also find a good door; many of them are not inferior to them in quality and cost.

Other firms that have proven themselves:

  • "Alexandria Doors";
  • “Alvero (Leader)”;
  • "Art Deco";
  • "Dariano Porte";
  • Europan;
  • "Cabinetmaker";
  • "Matador";
  • "Furniture-array";
  • "Ocean";
  • "Onyx";
  • Framir.

Of course, each manufacturer has its own specifics, pros and cons. Someone noted a long delivery, factory and transport marriage, not quite decent representatives in the regions, fakes. But someone for his reputation is a mountain and confirms it with certificates (“Ocean”), someone provides reasonable prices (“Alvero”, “Doriano Porte”, “Onyx”), someone has vast experience (“Cabinetmaker ").

But, anyway, to choose a quality door of the domestic manufacturer is quite real.

What wallpaper and floor to pick up?

Bleached oak is a very laconic color, but a little capricious in terms of the selection of the environment.

When selecting colors, you need to take into account a couple of nuances:

  • Hue - it can be both warm and cold. Depending on what it is, the colors of the interior will be selected.
  • Design style - each direction has its own palette.

What will be the walls (smooth or with imitation of any texture) is not so important when the door is installed bleached oak. More attention should be paid to color. Such an oak is good "friends" with light, pastel walls. But in cold colors (sea wave, graphite, purple), it can look quite appropriate. Lilac, mint, lime, and pink are combined with cold shades of white oak. White, sandy, bright green and turquoise colors are suitable for warm.

Some color combinations with bleached oak depending on the style:

  • Provence: olive, pale green, lavender, cream, milky.
  • Scandinavian: white, light shades of high saturation.
  • Techno and modern trends: contrasting rich colors.
  • Classical: light shades, marsh.

Bleached oak organically looks in those interiors where all color solutions are in one light scale, where there are clearly separated contrasts, where there are rich colors, but there is no variegation and a huge number of colors.

The floor in the room in which the door is installed color bleached oak can be:

  • Contrasting - wenge, ash-gray, loredo and other dark, almost black variations.
  • To be as close as possible to the color of the door cover.

The third option is not given. Otherwise, color dissonance is possible. When choosing contrasting combinations, one should take into account that in this case only two species are acceptable in the interior: oak and wenge (loredo and other dark materials).

When the door and floor coverings are similar in color, you can use several similar wood species (for example, larch on the floor, and ash furniture).

Spectacular examples in the interior of the apartment

Interior decoration, in which there are doors bleached oak, can be of two types - about the same color scheme and "game of contrasts." And in the first case, options are possible when only similar colors are used, and when bright, rich colors (lavender, lime, turquoise) are present in the decor.

Light, quiet and calm pastel shades (for example, beige) on the walls.Consonant shades of light wood on the floor. Light and practical furniture in the rooms. This is the first solution to the design of the room.

When the decision to make everything in one tone seems boring, color accents come to the rescue. They can be in paintings, accessories, textiles. Bright colors are able to bring some vividness and unusual interior. Even the decision to put a large bright flower in the room can help tune in to the interior with new colors.

For those who love experiments and are not afraid of bold decisions, it is possible to suggest combining contrasting colors. Doors and floor, stylish interior perfectly complement each other. Graphite or other succulent dark walls will be the perfect frame for doors of the color bleached oak. The main thing to remember is that dark color is good only for large spaces that face the sunny side.

A spectacular and almost “traditional” solution would be the use of a contrast between the doors and the floor. Bleached oak and wenge - very often you can find such a recommendation in the interior design, but with other species, oak looks very interesting and stylish.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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