What are the advantages and disadvantages of Dera doors?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Dera doors?

Luxury, elegance, pathos or clear strict lines, pompousness or a modest interior - in whatever style the room is not decorated, in the company Dera you can always choose and purchase interior doors that fit perfectly into the overall concept of the design idea. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the doors of Dera, it is easy to understand, it is worth only the policy of the company and customer reviews about the brand's products.

About brand

The Dera brand has been known in the market for the production of interior doors since 1996. The company has advanced equipment and high-class service personnel, thanks to which the monthly volume of brand production reaches 30,000 sets.

The main priority of the company is the quality of products and satisfied customers. All products of the brand are certified for compliance with GOST standards.

Dera is a complete cycle woodworking company. This means that the brand carries out forestry, processing of timber and reforestation. Dera is one of the leading manufacturers of interior doors in Russia.


The door systems manufactured by Dera are divided into the following types according to their technical characteristics and mounting location:

  • fireproof;
  • construction;
  • office;
  • for schools and medical institutions.

Fireproof differ in fire resistance of 30 and 60 minutes, so that during this time, the products retain their insulating properties and are not deformed under the action of high temperatures. The frame is made of high quality wood, the inner filling is a refractory plate impregnated with a special compound. Door leaf thickness varies within 4-5.6 cm. Door frame equipment - anti-smoke and soundproof circuits, in some models there is an additional foam seal.

Doors for medical institutions characterized by high strength, beautiful appearance and durability. Excellent withstand regular washing with disinfectants, have ventilation gaps.Models for cabinets have enhanced sound insulation properties, and double-wing options for corridors are decorated with double-glazed windows.

Doors provided for installation in educational institutionswear-resistant and durable. The door frame is additionally reinforced, and the surface of the canvas is resistant to mechanical stress. Given the specifics of the design of children's facilities, the manufacturer offers a wide range of colors for door systems for educational institutions. Glazed models use reinforced glass.

Doors for administrative buildings differ in a noble and solid look due to finishing by an interline interval from a natural tree. Products have soundproof and fireproof properties.

Door systems for hotels - These are interior products for rooms or entrance structures. Each species meets specific requirements. For example, the input comply with fire regulations, interior - noise insulation.


The Dera brand manufactures interior doors on modern foreign equipment using advanced European technologies, environmentally friendly and certified raw materials and high-quality components.

Each product is the perfect combination of "price-quality."Any door design will satisfy the most demanding customers. A wide representative network engaged in the implementation of Dera interior doors ensures the availability of all items from the company's catalog and high-quality warranty service.

All Dera door systems are in great demand in the construction of new buildings (residential and public buildings), offices, hotels, and educational institutions.

The brand's doors are equally suitable for children's rooms, where the safety of the source material is important, and the bathroom or kitchen, where resistance to changes in humidity and a sudden change in temperature is important.

Each instance of a door system manufactured by Dera meets the requirements of GOST.

Dera brand products have the following advantages.

  • Quality control of products at all stages of their production;
  • Drying timber before using it in the process;
  • Large selection of finishing materials;
  • Beautiful design products;
  • 10 year warranty;
  • Affordable price.


The doors of the company Dera have positive reviews from customers, however, judging by some comments,This product has its drawbacks.

These include the following.

  • Curvature of cloths;
  • Poor glass fixing in stained glass models;
  • Over time, the doors stop closing;
  • Long order processing time;
  • Poor service in many dealerships of the company.

Informative video about the production of interior doors at Dera, Inc., see the video below:

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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