Doors to the wooden house

Doors - a necessary component of a wooden house. The front door protects the home from the cold and uninvited guests, while the interior doors protect privacy and comfort. Not the last role played by the decorative function in different directions of the interior.

Special features

The front door serves as protection against cold, noise, atmospheric manifestations of nature. But the main function is to ensure the safety of property and tenants. Interior doors delimit the space of the house, prevent the spread of sounds and smells.

In this regard, to the entrance doors in a wooden house make high demands on the strength, resistance to moisture and ultraviolet radiation, durability.

The main feature when installing in a wooden house is the installation of a door block in a casing or metal counter-frame.This will avoid deformation during shrinkage of the wooden beam.


All kinds of door designs are classified according to functional, protective, external and other parameters. The type of door design determines the appearance.

She may be:

  • Paneled - frame with transverse and longitudinal guides. Between the guides install panels of different material.
  • Shield - a frame of wood, sheathed with sheets of MDF.
  • Tsargovaya - between the two beams mount the tsargs (transverse bars).
  • Molded - canvas consists of solid material.

In a wooden house, depending on the location, the following types of doors are installed:

  • input;
  • interior;
  • kitchen;
  • corridors;
  • balcony;
  • staircase;
  • attic

The following qualities are important for entrance doors:

  • protection against hacking;
  • heat insulating;
  • shockproof;
  • hermetic;
  • bulletproof;
  • fireproof;
  • water resistant;
  • noise-proof;
  • operational.

Interior doors are installed in different types of premises:

  • Bedroom. In the bedroom, they prefer blind door constructions without glass inserts,when they want privacy and security from outsiders
  • Living room. In the living room you can choose any door that is suitable for the style and design of the room.
  • Bathroom. Door leaf in the bathroom should be moisture-proof and sound-proof. The best choice in the bathroom will be plastic, glass and laminated.
  • Kitchen. The kitchen opening should not let in smell and noise, be resistant to moisture and external influences, easy to clean.
  • Children's Children's door should be made of natural material, safe, with a comfortable handle, without glass, valves and locks.

The shape of the doorway can be made arched and rectangular doors.

By the way of opening the door structures are divided into:

  • Oar represent the opening cloth in one party. In this case, provide a distance for opening. According to the type of opening hinged doors are divided into right and left.
  • Sliding move along the guide rail. It is convenient to install them, when there is no place for plowing up, in adjacent, through rooms. Retractable version of the door design is used for single-leaf canvases.Sliding option - two doors disperse in different directions. Cassette version provides the ability to hide the canvas in the wall.
  • Folding closes in the form of an accordion. Consist of several sections and save space.
  • Pendulum swing open in both directions. They are installed in crowded places, they are not functional in home use - there is no isolation from sounds and smells.
  • Rotating designs conquer their fans with their uniqueness.
  • Horse stable consists of two halves - upper and lower. They are put in houses in country style.

By the number of wings, the following types of door leaf design are distinguished, which is selected depending on the width of the opening.

  • Single doors. Predominant option to install doors. If the width of the opening 70-90 cm, then put a single canvas.
  • Bivalves. Two identical parts of the canvas, suitable for wide openings.
  • One and a half. This is an intermediate option between single leaf and double leaf products. It consists of two canvases - one full canvas, the other small.


The choice of door designs depends on the functions that it must perform.Functional characteristics depend on the basis - what material is used for the manufacture of the door. The material is the main component when choosing doors to a wooden house.

For the production of doors using the following materials:

  • wood;
  • metal;
  • MDF;
  • plastic;
  • glass.

Door leaf can be made from only one type of material or in combination of various raw materials. Below we consider in detail the main characteristics of the doors, made of different materials.


Doors are made from different wood species. Oak wood is a costly, solid, durable and reliable solution. More profitable in terms of cost would be larch wood, pine, spruce. Hardwood alder and ash have sufficient strength. With good processing, the tree structure will become original and original.

Wood - the most common material for the manufacture of door structures. Even if the exterior finish can be different, the frame is wooden. Since wood is a natural material, it is treated with protective compounds from fire, insects, and water. It is dried before production, since high humidity will lead to deformation of the finished product.

Wood is a natural, natural material, ecologically safe for the environment of the house and households. The tree reliably, strongly, protects from noise, protects heat. Wooden doors for a wooden house - the best solution that fits into any interior.


The material for the manufacture of metal structures is steel and aluminum. For the production of steel doors is taken sheet steel of different thickness.

The indisputable advantages of such doors are:

  • strength;
  • fire resistance;
  • high level of stability of the frame;
  • water resistance;
  • increased protective functions.

The iron entrance door offers a variety of choices of locks and additional security devices, while the strength of the structure will not suffer. At the same time, steel freezes, which must be considered when installing the front metal door to the house.

Aluminum products are not so massive and impressive, unlike iron ones. Often glass inserts are added.

Aluminum has the following characteristics:

  • anti-corrosion properties;
  • moisture resistance;
  • strength;
  • fire resistance;
  • resistance to physical stress;
  • sound insulation properties;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • crack resistance.

The disadvantages of aluminum doors - the high cost and strong thermal conductivity. Aluminum entrance cloths should have a protective coating on the outside so that there is no direct contact with precipitation.


MDF sheets are made from finely dispersed fractions of wood. Door constructions made of MDF are called mazonite. On top of the MDF sheets are laminated, laminated, painted, covered with artificial or natural veneer. This improves the quality characteristics of the finished door products. Exterior finish is different in color and wear resistance.

Advantages of products made from MDF:

  • large selection of colors;
  • not heavy;
  • acceptable cost.

The main disadvantage is the inability to resist long-term exposure to moisture, which leads to the deformation of the canvas. Therefore, the doors of MDF do interior.


Plastic has many positive qualities, so plastic door products are widely used in public places.

  • lightweight;
  • not afraid of water;
  • easy to care and wash;
  • inexpensive;
  • good sound insulation.

Plastic doors in the house are often installed as a balcony. It is rare to find a plastic door in a log house, since plastic is not natural material. In addition, plastic with strong physical effects can crack.


Glass can be independent or additional material in the manufacture of doors. Make inserts of glass in wooden, metal, plastic, mazonitovy door construction.

Glass advantages:

  • moisture resistance;
  • strength, apply tempered glass, triplex;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • can be applied to the surface of any image;
  • use various forms for glazing doors;
  • visually increases the space.

Glass is not suitable for a child's room. The weak side of such doors - does not delay noise and sounds.


Thanks to modern materials and coatings, you can make any door in any color scheme. It remains only to pick up in the same style with the house. But there are certain nuances when choosing colors to make the interior look harmonious.

The color of the door can be combined with:

  • The color of the furniture. When the furniture in the room is the same color, the door is chosen close to her tone.In the case when in the adjacent rooms the furniture varies in color, you should order a door trimmed with suitable shades on each side.
  • The color of the floor. This method is used when the flooring in the rooms of the house has a common or identical shade.
  • The color of the walls. The door can be installed in the appropriate colors of the walls.
  • Neutral color. In this case, the door is chosen any calm color. Support for the combination with the interior will serve window and door trim, baseboards of the general shade.

When choosing the color of interior canvases repel from the overall style and background of the house. Bright contrasts will fit into the modern style - black, white, red. Classic fit wood tone. The minimalist style welcomes cool colors with a minimum of finish. The door leaf will become the center of the room if it is pasted over with wallpaper murals with the image you like.

If each room is individual, white doors can become a common element. It is a universal color, suitable in any interior, helps to visually expand the space.


Wooden house provides a flight of design ideas in the interior.Natural wooden doors will perfectly fit into the house from a bar in rustic style. Wood with decorative effects of aging and brushing will highlight the natural texture and color of the wood.

Modern style in a wooden house will highlight the glazed door panels. Glass can be frosted, transparent, stained glass, of any shape and size. Popular sliding mechanism of opening.

In classical design, it is preferable to use natural wood without excessive decoration. Classic white doors will complement the interior, created for convenience, luxury and nobility.

Baroque style implies solemnity and luxury with an abundance of decor in fittings, platbands and door leaf decorations, often with two swinging doors and an arched opening.

Which is better to choose a log house?

In the log house, the entrance door is installed wooden or metal. The wooden entrance door is environmentally friendly, aesthetics, durability, strength, sound and heat insulation. Minus solid wood structure in the price. An alternative would be a metal door with wood paneling.

The input iron construction is more reliable, resistant to fire and moisture.No matter how reliable was the metal door, but do not forget about its decorative meaning. A metal with decorative panels that imitate an array of wood will look harmoniously on a wooden facade.

In a wooden house it is preferable to choose wooden and glass interior design, they are more reliable, environmentally friendly, used in different designs.

Beautiful interior solutions

Classic swing door design in light design.

Double-leaf model with glass insert.

Universal and practical wooden door.

Glass folding designs create an airy effect and do not clutter up space.

Reliable metal construction protects against bad weather and thieves.

You can look at the video for various options of entrance doors for wooden houses.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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