Products of the company “House of Doors”: types and features

 Production of the House of Doors Company: Views and Features

The House of Doors company has been manufacturing entrance and interior doors for more than 10 years, and during this time has established itself as a reliable and serious organization. It offers its customers to purchase high-quality wooden structures with good recommendation and certification.

Special features

The production of the House of Doors brand is distinguished by a unique and attractive design, in addition, it is made of high-quality materials. If we compare the products of this company with analogues from other manufacturers, then we can confidently say that they do not differ in quality, but have a lower price.

Door products are made of natural wood (mainly from conifers), and therefore it is absolutely safe for the environment.

The company considers it its main task to create coziness in an apartment or office so that each person feels comfortable opening the entrance or interior doors. Among the modern variety of door products is easy to get lost, so the brand produces products that are easy to choose. High quality doors and European service push the mark far ahead, increasing its consumer demand.

High-quality accessories, availability and a huge selection of models - these are the main criteria that can characterize the products of the company “House of Doors”. In addition, employees of this organization are always ready to advise potential customers on any issues related to the choice of doors. Attentive managers will quickly place an order and advise the best installation methods.

The lineup

You can purchase interior, building, metal and plastic products in the “Door House” door construction store. Interior canvases are available in several series, each of which has its own operational characteristics.

The most famous series:

  • "Cabinetmaker" - the inexpensive series differing in original design in combination with horizontal drawing on a surface of a cloth. As the decoration is used decorative material based on cellulose. The design has a swing type of opening and consists of a single door unit. The series is made of natural wood and silicate or frosted glass.
  • "Ocean" - This is a new collection that combines five models with one picture. Thus, buyers can update the interior of the apartment, using only one series. The advantage of the "Ocean" is the variation of models, modern shades of coating and volumetric parts of frosted glass. Almost all products consist of wood and glass elements, which allows you to create a combined style of the house.
  • "Architect" - includes products consisting of a wooden frame, on which MDF sheets are 0.6 cm thick, glued. Thanks to the PVC coating, the panels have increased strength and resistance to deformation. All designs come complete with glass inserts secured with transparent silicone glue.
  • EuroPan - a collection that uses unique colors and innovative design of paintings. Door constructions consist of ordinary telescopic and special moldings, which form one line with the door. Door leaf glazed with colored glass ..
  • Polaris - a series of products that are covered with white enamel. Thanks to this, all the canvases will easily fit into any interior and add luxury to it. They do not need special care; it is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth from time to time. Each model is manufactured on innovative equipment, which ensures its reliability and high quality.
  • Luxury - a collection with a modern coating - bioshpon. This is a European development in the field of decorative coatings, which emphasizes the naturalness of the texture with the help of special surface treatment. Structural strength is ensured by a frame made of solid pine.

Metal doors of the company "House of Doors" are the most reliable structures to protect the home. They are characterized by high strength, durability and resistance to mechanical damage.

All designs are equipped with reliable locks, which are very difficult to crack. The density of insulation reduces the thermal conductivity of the product, which helps to keep the heat inside the house.

As for plastic structures, they are available in two series: “Drops” and “Harmonica”:

  • "Capel" is a fire-resistant, heat-insulating and noise-absorbing fabrics, characterized by high strength and wear resistance.
  • "Harmonic" - These are plastic interior doors that can fold when opened. It is very convenient to save useful space or to separate two functional zones. They are available in four colors: walnut, oak, beech and white enamel.

Construction door leafs consist of pine frame, and inside they are filled with honeycomb filler. Most often needed for temporary use, and therefore do not stand out with special aesthetic properties. With their help, you can zone the space, insulate and soundproof the room.

Their main advantage lies in durability: even after putting the object into operation, construction doors can be used for their intended purpose.

Selection rules

To find the perfect canvas in the company "House of Doors" it is necessary to measure the openings in order to know exactly the dimensions of the future door frame. Properly take measurements can help master. It is more convenient to buy the construction on the official website of the company than to search for its products in hardware stores.

In the online store it is possible to immediately find out the final cost of the door along with the installation, which will save the time and money of the client. A variety of designs and thickness models allows you to choose the right option.

Design design of products is so diverse that you can find a color that will fit perfectly into the interior of a home or office. For country houses, the appearance of the entrance is important, so the entrance metal structures will make the building attractive. In addition, some iron models have wood decoration that allows you to install them in a wooden house. If in the assortment of the store there is no door needed by the client, then you can order the product according to your own sketch.

How to care?

“House of Doors” takes care of its products, therefore it offers its customers an instruction that describes the rules for caring for the door leafs.Doors are a bright part of the interior and require regular attention and proper maintenance. Permanent care will keep the original appearance of the panels for a long time.

You can clean them only taking into account some rules:

  • To properly clean the interior doors, you need to use only special detergents. This is important because not every substance can have a beneficial effect on the surface of the box - sometimes an improperly chosen tool can damage the coating.

Do not use cleaning fluids and abrasive powders, as they will react chemically with wood and spoil it. It is best to use a solution consisting of pure water and alcohol.

  • The door cleaning process is an easy and quick process. First you need to remove the dust from the surface of the canvas with a damp cloth, and then wipe it dry.
  • It is also worth remembering that during repair work, interior doors must be removed from the hinges and removed. This is necessary in order not to damage them, because repair often involves the use of chemicals. Alternatively, the door panels can be closed with plastic wrap.
  • The company “House of Doors” recommends especially to care for doors with polyester varnish. They periodically need to be treated with a special tool that will maintain the beauty and brilliance of the door.


The company "House of Doors" has proven itself in the construction market. Many people prefer the products of this particular manufacturer, considering that it has the best performance properties. Buyers speak positively about door designs and say that they are superior in quality to many other canvases from well-known brands. The variety of design solutions allows you to choose a model that best emphasizes the style of the house.

Both entrance and interior doors are of high quality and are able, with proper care, to serve for more than a dozen years. The company cares about its reputation, so it offers any help when choosing door leafs. Many buyers have purchased the best option, thanks to the advice of experienced managers who not only help with the choice, but also take individual orders.

How to choose a door, learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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