Choosing a door closer with locking in the open position

 Choosing a door closer with locking in the open position

Door Closer - Mechanical nature design, which is designed for automatic closing of open doors. The device of the closer provides smooth bringing of a door to position "is closed" and provides its dense pressing to a contour of a frame. However, not only standard models of closers are presented on the modern market. For example, there are devices that can lock the door in the "open" position. What is a door closer with fixation in the open position? How to choose the right mechanism of this type. How can I install it myself? Find answers to these questions in our material.

Special features

To begin with, it should be noted that the closers are installed on the doors that are equipped with access control. Also, these devices are suitable for fire and evacuation ceilings. If we talk about the mechanisms that have the function of fixing the door open, then it should be noted that such constructions are most often used where it is necessary to ensure greater throughput of people (for example, shops and boutiques, shopping centers and cinemas, schools, universities and offices). If there is such a door closer on the doors leading to public premises, then the visitors will be able to pass through without delay for opening and closing.

The door equipped with a specialized construction can be opened only once, then it will maintain this position until the end of the day. In addition, a similar lock for the door will be useful for organizations and companies involved in trade, such as shipping and unloading goods. It will help solve a large number of problems and will allow you to enter or leave the premises, even if your hands are busy.

How to choose?

There are several required characteristics and criteria.which need to pay attention to when choosing a closer for the door. So, when choosing and buying a device, consider the weight and width of the door leaf. Obviously, the wider, heavier and more massive the door, the harder it is to hold, respectively, the more powerful the closer will be needed. Do not neglect this characteristic and do not hope for randomness - the manufacturer carefully verifies the process of the door closer and the most suitable door parameters for it. Not paying attention to this criterion can lead not only to the failure of the closer, but also to the disruption of the door.

An equally important indicator is the local climate and environmental conditions. It is important to understand in what temperature ranges the device will function. So, in the construction market there are special thermostable models that can operate in a wide range of temperatures. Also, in order for the closer to fully and properly function in the event of unforeseen and abrupt temperature changes, it is recommended to purchase and install a special heat valve, which is a special device for internal valves.

When buying a mechanism, you also need to carefully read the instructions for use. It is in it that you can find out all the necessary information about the manufacturer and make sure that you are buying a really high-quality product. Also, feel free to ask the seller for a license and quality marks. The door closer you purchase must comply with the European standard EN 1154 or the national GOST R.

How to install?

To easily install a street closer with your own hands, reacting to the opening of the door, You must use one of four possible methods:

  • overhead;
  • frame mounting;
  • installation in the floor;
  • installation in the door.

Turning to the direct installation of the lock, which is able to hold the door in the open position, you should make sure that the thrust is in the installation state. Then you need to check that the center screw is tightly tightened (if not, then tighten it using a six-sided wrench). The next step is the movement of the vertical relative to the horizontal arm until the shutter is blocked by the spring-loaded ball.

After that it is necessary to unscrew the central screw 2 turns. (so that the vertical shoulder moves independently of the horizontal one). Now it's time to install traction along with the door closer. When this procedure is done - open the door to the angle in which it will be held by the door closer in the open position and hold it. Retighten the center screw.

The main part of the work is finished, the door is fixed in the “open” position. Then unlock the door to check the operation of the door closer (for this you need to pull it). Next, the door closer will close the door to the end. Thus, we are convinced that the installation of a door closer that is able to hold the door in the open position is a process that almost everyone can do. The main thing is to strictly follow the instructions. It is also important to choose the right design, and for this you need to take into account all the advice of experts and rely on the above instructions.

How to install a door closer with fixation, you will learn from the video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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