Double doors: how to choose?

 Double doors: how to choose?

Entrance doors are designed not only to delimit the space, but also to serve as reliable protection against the entry of unauthorized persons. They also protect the home from the weather. On one of the first places is the appearance of products that are able to decorate the main entrance to a country cottage or interior doorway.

Special features

Double-wing products are a two-piece construction consisting of a single door frame and common trim. Cloths are mounted on both sides of the block, independently of each other. As a rule, one of the valves is fixed with the help of latches on the top and bottom, and for the most part it has a decorative function.Open this door only with special need.

When choosing a double construction, first of all, you should consider where it will be installed. If this is a way out of the apartment to the staircase, then it is worth choosing a model of average strength and thickness, as well as the average price category. If you choose the front door for a private house or cottage, then you should carefully approach the selection.

The external structure must be durable, reliable, have high sound and heat insulating qualities, and must also be resistant to external damage.

Advantages and disadvantages

Double doors are different from other designs, they have their pros and cons.

The positive qualities include:

  • Increased opening width. Two or more people can simultaneously enter a double-sided aperture, and also it is possible to bring large-sized objects.
  • Increased strength. Doors with two doors last longer. The term of their operation considerably exceeds the period of use of a usual single sheet. This is due to the fact that the entire load is evenly distributed on both doors, which in turn reduces the load on the hinges.
  • Excellent solution for non-standard entrance dimensions.
  • Appearance. Exterior double door looks luxurious and respectable. While the inner is graceful and beautiful. Interior doors with two canvases are decorated with stained glass, glass, additionally decorated with an arch, turning them into a work of art that complements the decoration of the interior.

Perhaps the only drawback of these structures is that they require a large amount of space for the movement of the valves and for tight spaces will not work.


Sash can be the same and different. In standard apartments with a doorway of 90 cm, a standard door leaf is suitable. If the size of the opening is more than 1 m, it is possible to put a one-and-a-half door, which is a double-wing type, where the two canvases have different widths. Usually this ratio is 2: 1 or 3: 1.

This design is very beautiful and popular with consumers. It fits well in any interior and decorates the room.

In short, if you are a homeowner with wide doorways, double doors are the perfect solution for you.


Depending on the type of opening, double doors are:

  • Swing. These are simple doors with two doors in one box. They require space immediately in front of them, for the free functioning of the valves. The direction of their movement often plays a major role, as the doors can open not only outwards or inwards, but also in both directions. This function requires a special locking system and accessories, which can be mounted not only on the surface of the door, but also be built into the door itself. This type of door will decorate a spacious interior.
  • Sliding. This is a compartment type of doors moving to the side. They are suitable for an opening from 110 cm and wider. For this model, you need a space on both sides of the opening, where the doors will move. The design consists of doors that are rolled to the sides along the rails with the help of rollers. This type of door is good because it frees up the space directly in front of the opening, and also looks very luxurious and elegant.
  • Folding. This so-called door-accordion. Folding doors, without a doubt, are a functional novelty in the field of design.They are suitable for not very spacious apartments, due to its compactness. Folding doors are a type of blinds construction, where the slats are opened and closed with rails and rollers. The most convenient option that does not require additional space to open the canvas.

The form

The form of double doors can be of two types:

  • Standard rectangular.
  • Arched. Depending on the designer's idea, it can be full-fledged arched doors, or rectangular, with arched decoration for the style of the door, with windows and decor.

We can not ignore the fact that double doors - the design is more complex than the usual hinged door. The operation of double doors is supposed to be more active and complex, and therefore their design, accessories and materials from which they are made, are of particular importance.



An ideal material for creating strong and reliable street doors. In the manufacture of metal entrance structures, they are insulated from the inside with insulating materials, so that the house is kept warm and does not penetrate extraneous sounds.

There are several types of finishing metal products:

  • powder coating;
  • finishing with MDF panels;
  • tree;
  • PVC film;
  • in addition, if glass or mirrors are installed in the entrance doors, they are reinforced with forged decor. These models are suitable for a country house or cottage;
  • interior doors of metal, a rare phenomenon, but there are lightweight models of aluminum or stainless steel, combining the decor of plastic and glass.


Undoubtedly, the most eco-friendly and noble material. Wood products are always relevant, as they look noble, give the whole room charm and gloss, and their stylish design will fit perfectly into any interior. Wooden doors are equally well suited for both outdoor installation and internal. When used externally, wooden cloths are additionally treated with special impregnations in order to prolong their useful life. In addition, wood retains heat well and isolates sound. The service life of such products, with proper care, can be calculated for decades.


The most common material that has received consumer recognition due to its low cost and beautiful appearance.For the price, such doors will be much more economical than from solid wood, but apparently they will not give way to it. Modern technology of production of MDF can successfully simulate the colors and texture of the most valuable wood species, which allows you to perform surfaces that are as similar in appearance as possible to wood.


Doors made of plastic, are characterized by low weight and modest dimensions. But the material itself tends to reduce the cost of the interior, because such solutions are suitable for such rooms as a balcony, dressing room, bathroom. An exception may be an architectural idea. If the goal is to emphasize the simplicity and asceticism of housing, in this case, plastic double doors can create a weighty accent.


Solid canvas is rarely made of glass, unless it is a design accent. In ultra-modern interiors with a futuristic direction, all-glass door leafs can be embedded. True, in this case, the material is chosen superstrong. Often, glass is used as a decorating element for structures made of wood, plastic, MDF or metal.

Where to install?

When choosing materials, first of all it is necessary to be guided by the purpose and design of the room where the double doors will be installed.

  • Elegant doors of solid wood or veneered MDF will decorate the spacious living room in a classic style and make a delicate alliance with wooden furniture. Also, these doors will successfully fit into the business style of a private office or hall, decorated with similar in color and texture materials.
  • Products made of MDF decorated with frosted glass inserts are suitable for the bedroom and the nursery. Also a good design solution will be frosted glass doors leading from the bedroom to the private bathroom.
  • Stylish and modern look to the kitchen, decorated in the style of hi-tech or minimalism, will additionally add double-leaf shutters, completely made of glass.

The modern market is rich in interesting models, from simple and minimalistic, concise in design, to exclusive, sophisticated in design. In addition, you can always contact a professional who, according to your individual project, will make a unique design. IndisputableThe functionality and beauty of the double-leaf designs will satisfy your exquisite taste.

For more information about the double doors "Solento 4", see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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