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 Doors Elbor

Elbor is one of the most famous modern door brands. Their production began in 2007 in the city of Borovichi. The plant itself has existed since 1976, during its existence, having managed to take an active position in its segment.


The company offers a wide range of customers a wide range of products that have a lot of advantages:

  • doors of the company "Elbor" are serial, armored, a team of experienced designers, professional technologists and installers is working on their design;
  • the range is durable and up to 125 years of regular operation (if they are used by a family of three);
  • models have a guarantee three years on the door itself and up to six years on the castle;
  • they are very convenient and easy to operate, thanks to the mechanism of the eccentric and the seal attached to the end of the product and the door frame;
  • brand doors have a second class of resistance for cracking (according to GOST P 51072-2005): it is impossible to crack them without noise and labor;
  • products are functional and aesthetic due to the huge selection of decorative panels;
  • the range of doors of the company meets the standards of fire safety, due to the absence in the design of combustible elements;
  • they provide excellent sound insulation, providing homeowners protection from extraneous sounds;
  • doors are performed with quality control at each stage of production until the packaging of the finished product;
  • the model range differs in a competent ratio the price quality: You can purchase a product that meets all the parameters of safety and aesthetics for reasonable money.


The company offers to the attention of buyers entrance and interior doors, which, depending on the model and the right choice, will suit any style of interior.

Model parameters are divided into two sizes: 880 x 2040 x 55 and 970 x 2040 x 55 mm, allowing the buyer to choose the best option.

For the manufacture of entrance doors using different materials.Depending on the model, the main type of raw material for the production of the range is metal sheets (iron or steel).

The colors of the models are varied. In each series, it is possible to make models in various shades - from white to the darkest: the choice allows a harmonious combination of the door for any style of the room.

Popular models

There are a lot of models in the company's line of models, which for convenience of choice are divided into several series:

"Standard" - burglar-resistant steel doors, are characterized by a basic system of protection against robbers, combining comfort, accessibility and security. They are a reliable structure against bending loads.excluding pressing the door. To the outer sheet of these products, one and a half millimeters thick, stiffening ribs of identical thickness are welded, providing an increase in the strength of the whole structure, which is achieved by means of metal elements, and not at the expense of foam.

The two-leaf construction is one of the basic rules for breaking resistance. The inner sheet is shaped - a full-curved box with a thickness of 1 mm, the outer sheet and stiffening ribs are welded to it (unlike other manufacturers,where the welding of metal angles to a flat surface occurs).

In total, the thickness of the castle zone is 5 mm. Because of the transverse ribs, which are an important barrier against burglary, the lock cannot be cracked with the help of a keel knife. Armored door steel prevents direct drilling and even more angular, almost impossible.

The locking points of the door are called the hinges of the locks, with the help of which the door and the door frame grip. This steel product has 13 of them (according to the type of four-sided locking), due to which protection against spinning, knocking out and sawing is achieved.

Improving the security properties of the locks is provided through armor packages. Such locks are maximally protected from knocking out: it is impossible to drill them either from the side or from the outside.

The Night Watchman provides lightning-fast locking, eliminating penetration from the outside even with a full set of keys. And the strengthened knee insert provides protection against sawing.

Anti-detachable pins, reinforced with a knee insert, provide protection against cutting loops. If the door is closed, then these devices go deep into the door frame.That is, even if the hinges are cut, the door will remain in place. Additional protection system is provided with vertical rods.

The Elbor company guarantees protection against copying keys, which is achieved through tubes (unauthorized persons are not allowed to confidential information).

The steel door "Premium" is performed with a combination of protection against force and intellectual method of breaking. Reliable and durable product is aimed at ensuring the safety of homeowners.

In this construction, the inner sheet of steel is one and a half millimeters. The door has 16 locking points. The protective function is enhanced by an armor plate of 2 mm. Access to the crossbars is limited to the construction of two metal plates.

Additional locking is provided by two one-girder deviators. The work of the lower one is created by means of the main lock, the upper one is an additional one. With such protection, an attempt to break the door will double in time.

The door of the "Lux" series guarantees maximum protection against burglary. External steel has a thickness of 2 mm. The model is equipped with 22 locking points. Warming occurs due to non-combustible mineral wool.This door is made of basalt, so it is resistant to high temperatures. There is insulation throughout the door frame, the design itself is designed in such a way that pieces of cotton do not penetrate into the lock.

To heat losses in the locking zone were minimal; foiling is used. Thanks to the double-circuit insulation, there is a quiet closing of the door, providing additional thermal insulation.

How to choose?

The door is selected according to security parameters, taking into account aesthetic parameters, which include door portals. It is carried out on the basis of the merits of the brand models:

  • You can choose a model in a single color scheme with a doorway, selecting the model according to the style decision;
  • the door itself and the portal are ordered simultaneously in the same place and then installed at a convenient time for the buyer;
  • take into account the features of the doorway, selecting a model that is resistant to deformation;
  • a quality and clean product has no signs of fastening on the front side.

The range is huge: with the help of the widest model range, you can choose the door to any interior, emphasizing individuality.It is preferable to first choose the style of the door ("Asia", "Europe", "Africa", "Australia", "Arctic", etc.), and then proceed to the choice of panel texture and pattern. For convenience of choice, thematic sections of the design are provided: music, flowers, zodiac signs, football, sights of the world.

Find the right option is easy. For example, Magic Europe Series with a mirror, it will perfectly fit into any apartment: an intricate mirror surface will expand the boundaries of the dwelling, and a textured design will add wealth.

Series "Techno" stands out for its novelty and unusual. "Enigma" fascinates the original design, fantasy pattern. Panel "Gifts of Nature" will look great in a country house. The Trio series is unique in the possibility of combining the two materials - in the transverse and longitudinal version. This is a very practical model that is appropriate in any style of the room.

"Sea Depths" - A constant reminder of a hot holiday, this is a great way to add to your home a piece of pleasure, bright sun and salty sea.

Conciseness - middle name panels "Simplex". They are a reflection of the rhythm of life in the drawings, the dynamism of our actions. When you see the Avant-garde series, the lessons of geometry and space are recalled.

To perform drawings doors in the style of "Largo" a wide milling cutter is used, so that they look smooth. Eclectic is a mix of metal, wood and glass.

The brand "Elbor" keeps pace with the times, which emphasizes Skyscrapers of the World series. The motifs of the drawings of these panels capture the monuments of modern architecture (for example, the tower of the Federation of Moscow).

Having established Doors Zodiac Signs, you can touch the secret of astrological forecast, the magic of numbers, the secret of space. Such an interior detail will be a reflection of the character of the owners

Asia Panel different originality and uniqueness of design. In the drawings one can see written, floral motifs, elements of oriental temples.

For a lover of classic style, the company offers model "Europe"featuring flawless and smooth simple lines.

If you want expressiveness and color, you should opt for Africa Modelscreating an atmosphere of dangerous jungle, burning sands and ethnic music.

The name "Arctic" speaks for itself: for the most frosty climate, designs with additional insulation are provided: cold and other sounds are minimized, creating comfort at the highest level.

For indifferent to Bach, Mozart and other composers are provided Music panels.

People who follow their style in clothes, who like to be in the center of attention cannot do without a mirror. "From crown to heels" you can see your reflection in the decorative Australia panels: A full-length mirror will provide maximum visibility.

By putting door "Football", the owner of the house will eloquently announce to the guests his hobby.

The scenery is different - from the track of the shoe to the attacker who scores a goal. Sightseeing Series will create in the house the atmosphere of the selected region.

How to setup?

A guarantee of the correct and long-term use of Elbor doors is a competent installation. The company is engaged in this qualified professionals. The brand provides warranty and after-sales service. Additional service is also possible:

  • change the size of the doorway;
  • raising the newly acquired door construction to the second floor and above;
  • removal and removal of doors that have served;
  • construction waste recycling

The company has the opportunity to bring the door the next day after measurements, and in case of emergency urgency - on the day of order.

Customer Reviews

Mostly feedback on the doors of the company “Elbor” is positive. It is worth noting several parameters for which consumers praise this manufacturer:

  • simplicity when ordering, easy navigation through the company's website, the ability to order a model in the office (the presence of detailed colorful catalogs with current products;
  • competence and friendliness of each employee, the desire to help with the right choice, to give professional advice;
  • mobility of installers; fast and error-free measurement; high-quality door installation that does not stretch for a long time;
  • individual approach to each client, based on his personal wishes and free time;
  • quality of construction (the new owners of Elbor doors feel that their home is safe, noting the silent opening and closing of models);
  • huge model range (decorative panels are for every taste);
  • the finished look of the doorway after installation: even the minimum set looks holistic and aesthetic;
  • the possibility of ordering the same outside doors (for example, the staircase), but under the individual tastes of the owner inside;
  • respect for the property of the buyer when dismantling or installing (for example, if you plan to export the old door to the cottage);
  • pleasant discounts when ordering several sets, a small percentage of the prepayment;
  • warranty and post warranty service;
  • the ability to install the door first, and then the decorative panel, or all at once.

Options in the interior

The entrance door is installed taking into account the long service life, not forgetting about the style decision of the whole apartment or house (office, commercial premises). Modern fashion dictates gray, pastel, mustard and even bright blue shades.

The focus is on strict black and fresh green, although it all depends on the taste of the owner.

Eclectic style - mixing. Old furniture can get along nearby, as well as something futuristic.

The constructions in the “Arctic” style will make any winter holidays warm and cozy, not only due to a suitable appearance, but also enhanced thermal and sound insulation.

“Exquisite Europe” will make the classic interior of the room even more attractive. A beautiful pattern will add luxury and charm; a wide palette of colors will not force you to limit your imagination.

Doors "Elbor" will allow you to feel safe, get rid of unnecessary noise, and due to the perfect design will support positive emotions.

About burglar-resistant doors "Elbor", see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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