Elite doors: exclusive options in the interior

 Elite doors: exclusive options in the interior

Many buyers want to buy not just doors, namely, elite doors that will make the interior of the house unforgettable and luxurious. Of course, such products are considered expensive, but at the same time wear-resistant, thanks to which over the years they fully justify their price. What features of these products, how to choose them correctly, you will learn further. You will also learn more about the materials from which luxury doors and their versions are made.

Features exclusive products

Elite doors, like any other premium building materials, have a number of features, which include the following points:

  • Luxury products always cost customers a lot of money.They can not be cheap, if only because such production will not be profitable for the firms and brands themselves. The price must fully justify the costly materials and labor expended on production.
  • When creating and manufacturing elite doors, modern technologies are used and often very high-quality, natural and safe raw materials. Manufacturers are confident that natural materials will serve customers much longer than others.
  • Great attention in the manufacture of doors of this type is paid to their accessories and design. Manufacturers believe that the doors should not only be safe and reliable, but also beautiful, which means that the decor should not be ignored. In addition, the quality of the decor itself is always on top.
  • Elite interior doors can be sold in a ready-made form by standard measurements, and can also be made according to individual measurements provided by buyers. Doors to order no worse than those that you see in the windows, their main difference is only in size.
  • Choosing the elite doors for your home, you can be sure that they will be perfectly warm and soundproof.

After their installation, no noise will be heard from other rooms.

  • The main feature of luxury doors is that they are working on these professionals in their field. The creation of such products is a true art. It entrusts only to those masters who are ready to work hard on future products and put their whole soul into them.
  • On the exclusive doors you can easily find gold-plated parts, various decorations of silver and copper. Very often, different mosaics of glass are used as decoration. Such doors will not leave indifferent not only the household, but also any guests who come to your home.

Luxury doors for houses and apartments are available in a huge variety. Even the most fastidious and capricious buyers will surely be able to find what they need. In addition, expensive and exclusive doors are available in a variety of styles. Here you can find options for both classic and modern interiors.


Today, the domestic and foreign building materials market offers a huge variety of luxury interior doors.These can be either standard designs with a minimum of parts and accessories, or more complex models.

  • Swing models Doors, perhaps, are considered one of the most popular and sought after. Their design is considered very simple, to open them, you just need to open the product in a particular direction. However, to install them in the house may require a lot of free space. Such products are not recommended for very small rooms.
  • Pendulum the doors very similar to hinged, but this type implies that the design can be opened in both directions. For many, this is a big plus, some prefer other models.
  • At the folding door There are lots of advantages. In addition, they look very unbanal. When opening such products, it is as if “folded” like a book.
  • No less popular types of luxury doors are half round options. Such products are very often hinged, but sliding and not the exception. To install them also need a lot of free space, but they certainly can be the highlight of any home.
  • Sliding interior doors can be made from a variety of materials. They can be installed not only between the rooms, but also at the exit from the house to the balcony.

In addition to the varieties described above, there are also telescopic doors and some other options that are equally popular among buyers.

However, a professional should be engaged in the correct selection of an expensive and elite door, as only he can competently determine which door best fits not only in the doorway, but also in the future interior of a house or apartment.

Forms and sizes

Expensive doors can be made not only in classic forms, but also in various unusual ones. The buyer can always purchase any canvas of the desired form to order according to individual sketches, however, not all firms offer such a service.

Interior doors can be hidden, while the wall must be made and covered in the appropriate execution. Also, the doors can be single or double. The former, in form, are considered less dimensional than the latter, which means that they can save space inside the dwelling.

Most interior door models have standard sizes. Basically, domestic producers of building materials are guided by GOST. But this does not mean at all that European brands will also produce products oriented to Russian standards and norms.

That is why this moment is very important to clarify if you decide to purchase a product from a foreign brand or brand.

The height of a standard interior door often ranges from 190 to 210 centimeters, of course, these figures are conditional. Width can be 70, 80 and more centimeters.

It is important to understand that elite interior doors are not classic options that we used to see in the market and in stores, so they will not always be made for ordinary doorways. Sometimes it may even require a serious alteration of the wall to install them.


As already mentioned, manufacturers of expensive and elite doors use in their manufacture extremely expensive and natural materials, which mainly include:

  • Wood. Wooden doors are always in fashion.Such products are considered not only durable, wear-resistant and practical, but also beautiful. Especially if they are decorated with carving. Wooden interior doors can be costly, however, we can safely say that they will last more than a dozen years. The most popular options are solid oak.
  • Very often, many manufacturers offer doors from veneer. In many ways, this material is no worse than wood, and often it is a bit cheaper.
  • Steel Doors are also very often issued with expensive stamps. They are least likely to be used as interior because they make the interior heavier. However, sometimes for modern interiors they can fit better than anyone else.
  • Glass not less often used in the manufacture of exclusive doors, such material can be considered practical in many respects, however, it requires regular cleaning, since fingerprints and fingers prints, as well as any other dirt on it, will be visible instantly. Glass doors are available in a huge variety. No exception and the combination of glass with wood.
  • Often you can find products from metal-plastic. Doors of this type look very light, and the material itself is not considered dangerous and toxic to the environment. The big advantage of this material is that it comes in a wide variety of colors. Doors from it can be selected in any shade and with any decoration.

Exclusive and designer doors are often produced by collections from various designers and decorators, so if you choose a particular company, then be prepared that such products may require serious waste.


Great attention to creating elite interior doors is given to their design, which should be well thought out and harmonious. It is important that the design is ideally combined in the future with the style of the interior. A variety of possibilities in decorating any products are limited only by the imagination of specialists who work on this process.

The use of stained-glass windows is considered to be a very popular option for decorating exclusive doors. The most expensive and luxurious look stained glass windows in the style of Tiffany and many others, imitating various drawings, and sometimes full-fledged paintings.Such doors with stained glass will be an excellent solution to complement the classic interior.

Carved wooden doors are also handmade, which requires a lot of effort. Fittings are always in harmony with the overall style of the door leaf. For example, the handles must be ideally suited to the color of the product itself, that is, be a continuation of the whole style of performance, and all other details should in no way contradict the overall picture.

We can say that the design of elite doors will always look expensive, while it will be distinguished by discreet lines and shapes and, of course, a certain rigor. Here and wood, stylized antique, and various volumetric details, and much more, which is an integral part of the expensive interior doors.

Original ideas in the interior of the apartment

It is very difficult to choose the very exclusive for a harmonious interior, however, you should not limit your imagination, and then everything will definitely work out.

For a spacious apartment in a classic style, you can choose unusual interior doors for aged wood. They will not only complement the interior competently, but will add more chic and luxury to it.

For a modern apartment interior, it is best to purchase unusual glass models, for example, with engraving or with frosted glass. It can be sliding models, and any other.

Designers and decorators can help with the choice of the necessary model. To date, their services are considered quite acceptable, and the work of professionals will delight in future years.

How to choose?

It would seem that what might be difficult when choosing a door for a house or apartment. However, when buyers decide to spend a certain large amount on a product of this type, at that moment some questions arise.

Interior doors are easier to choose than entrance doors, because safety is not the most important criteria here. Of course, and interior products can be locked with a key or special shutters. But there is no need to install a special locking system.

When choosing a door, a lot of attention should be paid to the doorway and all measurements and calculations. The future product should fit perfectly not only in the interior, but also in the wall itself.

Expensive products better to buy directly in the store.To independently assess their quality and appearance. Also, preference should be given only to trusted companies that have already managed to establish themselves in the building materials market. Shopping on the Internet is very popular, however, they do not allow you to fully get the information that you can get live, with a personal inspection of products.

If you yourself can not choose a product for the home, it is best to use the services of specialists.

How to choose the door for the interior, learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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