Enameled doors

 Enameled doors

To create a stylish and multi-faceted interior, it is necessary to carefully select each element, including interior canvases. Enameled doors have been known since Soviet times. Today, products of this type are decorated with a variety of stylistic trends. Doors covered with paints of various colors add originality and special refinement to the interior.

general characteristics

The choice of interior doors involves taking into account the different nuances, among which the quality of the material, manufacture and finish of the opening are particularly important. In addition, appearance matters: the decorative component is one of the key factors of choice.

Door leaves, enamel coating, look stylish and elegant.They are able to instantly transform a boring and monotonous interior. This element attracts the attention of all who enter the house (households and guests).

Enamelled models - a great choice for those who prefer the classics. Products of this type do not go out of fashion and are in demand from season to season. Made in noble light shades (white, beige, milk, elephant bone), they favorably emphasize the delicate taste of the owners of the house and look appropriate in the interior of the premises, despite the changes in fashion trends.

Pearl-white shade is very popular with modern buyers. It creates indoor atmosphere of celebration, makes the atmosphere fresh and spacious.


Enameled interior doors have many advantages, the main ones being:

  • a wide range of noble shades of the color palette;
  • high resistance to fading;
  • resistance to moisture and temperature changes;
  • simple care (just wipe them with a damp cloth);
  • the possibility of repair;
  • repainting in any color at will;
  • strength, wear resistance and durability;
  • hygiene and safety.


Despite a number of advantages, enameled interior doors have two drawbacks, which are noted by experts in the field of interior decoration:

  • high price: their cost is slightly higher than standard analogs;
  • low resistance to significant mechanical damage.

Enamel properties

Enamel paints used to cover interior doors have a number of features:

  • The material is called a synonym for durability and practicality. High-quality paint for a long time retains its presentation, so these doors can be installed in buildings with high traffic.
  • It is almost impossible to damage the enamel during care.
  • Given the beauty and durability, the price of this product is quite affordable.
  • Due to the fact that the material does not accumulate dirt, the proliferation of bacteria on the surface of the door is excluded.
  • This finish is characterized by a dense and uniform structure without pores.
  • Enamel retains all the beneficial properties and beauty under the influence of sunlight and moisture.
  • This paint of various colors is easy to mix, creating unique decorative solutions.

How to choose?

Before purchasing a door, you should identify a variety of factors affecting the purchase.If the canvas is installed in the bathroom, you need to make a choice in favor of products with high resistance to moisture and high temperature.

It is necessary to measure the dimensions of the doorway. In case of non-standard size, it is recommended to use the “door to order” service. This will allow for the most accurate and harmonious installation.

Color matters: it should not be based only on external indicators. It is important that the shade harmoniously fit into the interior. This will help maintain a balance of compatibility of colors and make the interior more comfortable.

If you are afraid to make a mistake, make a choice in favor of the classic variants of white. To diversify the faded decor, you can choose a model of bright color or a variant with a print, glass insert.

Given the popularity of enameled doors, trademarks offer a wide range of these products, which often have fakes. Outwardly, it is difficult to distinguish the original product from the copy, so when buying it is important to start from the relevant documentation in the form of a certificate of quality and compliance with safety standards.It is important to ask about the manufacturing technology: if it is broken, instead of a colorful and durable coating, the buyer will spend money on products that will lose beauty in a couple of years.

Role in the interior

Enameled doors can be a decoration of different designs.

They successfully complement the style if:

  • performed in the same color as furniture, walls, small interior elements;
  • have the muffled shade of enamel;
  • Depending on the chosen design idea, they have a print that repeats on furniture or an accent wall;
  • Do not interrupt the general idea of ​​style.

A unique technique is the type of surface: due to it you can refine the situation. This allows you to enter the door harmoniously in different rooms of the home (living room, nursery, study, home library, bathroom and toilet). Depending on the type of enamel, it can be glossy or matte. The uniqueness of the texture of the paint allows you to combine it with a golden or silver finish. Due to this, it is possible to combine doors with similar decoration of lamps, picture frames, floor lamps, gilding or silvering of the wallpaper pattern.

Most successfully fit enameled doors of interior type in styles:

  • Provence;
  • high tech;
  • classic;
  • vintage;
  • modern;
  • Art Deco;
  • kitsch;
  • minimalism;
  • avant-garde.


Given the fact that the doors of the above type exist on the domestic market for a long time and are widely known, in the expanses of the worldwide network you can find a lot of customer feedback. Comments are mostly positive: enameled interior doors are beautiful, reliable and durable.

In reviews, users note several advantages: a stylish addition to the interior, a long service life, a wide choice of colors, a pleasant look of the surface, an acceptable price.

For more information on enameled doors, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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