Estet Doors

 Estet Doors

Sometimes it is extremely difficult to choose suitable interior doors or entrance structures. Reviews of experts and ordinary customers may vary, so the abundance of manufacturers and their product range can be confused. Everyone advises a certain brand, so the choice is very difficult. Many people advise to pay attention to the door Estet, which have impeccable performance properties, beautiful appearance and a long period of service.

About brand

Estet has been engaged in the creation of interior doors and entrance structures, moldings, arches, floor coverings and decorative components for apartments and houses since 2002.

Interior systems are the pride of the brand. Products are characterized by sophisticated design and high quality indicators, which often say satisfied customers.The brand specializes in the production of interior paintings and paintings for offices, which can be seen in 21 collections.

In the production process of the Estet brand, natural raw materials and innovative technologies are ideally combined - all canvases are created from solid wood with a part of MDF. The constructions are covered with artificial PVC material resistant to any external negative influences.

In the manufacturer’s series, there are no doors made exclusively from solid wood and there are no veneered options, but all the company's products are absolutely safe for others, reliable and attractive.

Special features

Estet products are especially popular on the door market due to the thoroughly thought-out company policy. The brand has a number of positive features that attract customers:

  • Large selection of goods. The range includes 21 collections. The choice of consumers offered options from all your favorite classics to minimalist versions. Door leaves differ in shape, color, method of finishing, decoration (with glass - transparent and tinted, with aluminum inserts and without them).Entrance designs also have differences in the finishing material. There are canvases powder, decorated with forging or stained glass, with decorative panels. Differ in the thickness of the metal sheets and the volume of insulation between them.
  • Affordable cost. TM Estet sells final goods only in branded stores. This means that the doors do not have any dealer markup. Potential customers of the brand can see the cost of this or that instance on the company's website. This will be the real price of the product, which will coincide with the price in the store.
  • Individual orders. Estet produces doors with standard dimensions: a height of 2000 mm and a width of 6,000 to 9,000 mm. Non-standard products with a height of 1900-2300 mm are also available. The width of the canvases can be 400 mm. The manufacturer understands that the doors are one of the main elements of any interior, therefore they produce designs and to order, of any sizes and customer wishes. The company creates different doors not only in size but also in color. The range has original models, for example, peach on one side and brown on the other. An additional service is provided at the factory - custom-made door leaf production.

Thanks to the technical capabilities of the manufacturer, customers can obtain designs according to their own designs with any decor: mirror inserts, pet holes, ventilation gaps, milling, and drawing of any pattern.

  • High quality. For the manufacture of doors used pine and artificial materials for decorating the internal filling (for input models).

According to numerous buyers, as well as experts in the field of joinery production, Estet ready-made canvases are:

  • durability;
  • strength;
  • aesthetic appeal;
  • thoroughness.


21 collections of interior door systems are presented in more than 500 variants. Classic type canvases belong to the collections “Classic”, “Provance” and others. The classic “in a new way” is the series “Elegance”, “Novella”, distinguished by ideally even forms and concise design.

Modern interior systems that can decorate the interiors in the modern styles of modern, art deco, chebbi-chic are in the collections of "Royal", "Trend" and "High".

With discreet design options can be seen in the series "Style", "Urban". With the original design - in «Perfect».

The most common and loved by most buyers - swing models. They are single and bivalve.

Sliding systems function on the principle of wardrobes. Folding doors are hiding in the wall. Their guides are mounted at the bottom and hidden from prying eyes.


Models that are installed to protect real estate and are always in sight of the surrounding are represented by metal sheets with powder coating and decorative strip - smooth or with additional details.

Popular and often purchased models are Optima and Alaska. Their distinctive feature is a decorative lining on the inside of the door panels, which is located inside the room.

Systems with an external panel are representatives of the Prestige and Premium series. Entrance with elite decoration - "Elite", "Alaska 2.1". On these canvases are forged items, there is stained glass.


If you read the comments about the products Estet, you can see that most of the positive responses diluted with a considerable number of negative statements.

Odes of praise sings aside:

  • excellent quality;
  • wide range;
  • beautiful design;
  • ease of installation;
  • durability;
  • frequent sales;
  • ease of care.

Dislike consumers:

  • price of products;
  • poor staff service (the moment relating to orders created in online stores).

Also among the disadvantages of buyers include the lack of sales of cloths of hardwood and many do not have enough veneered models. Customer dissatisfaction is expressed in low quality service. Sometimes there are no models in stock that are declared “available” on the official website.

Nevertheless, numerous positive reviews testify to the excellent quality of TM Estet products. The doors of this company weigh at least forty kilograms. This is justified by the fact that a pine timber is placed inside the structure, and not a structure resembling the cells of bees. It is this detail that makes Estet doors of such quality.

Finishing of paintings is carried out with high-quality plastic or acrylic - materials that imitate the cut pattern of natural wood.

It offers a brand of 40 different finishes, so the canvases can suit any interior. Judging by the reviews of satisfied customers, we can concludethat modern coating provides door leafs with a long service life, since there are no dents or other unpleasant flaws left on them. In addition, such coatings do not corrode, which allows you to install doors (entrance) from the street in places where there is no protective overhang.

Estet brand door designs also appealed to customers who have small children. From any canvas, you can easily remove traces of paint, markers and other contaminants made by young households.

It is enough to apply nail polish remover and any, even the most complex visual defects are quickly eliminated, while no damage to the outer layer of the door, and therefore its attractive properties, will be applied.

It also appeals to consumers that Estet gives a guarantee for its products for a period of two years, which is not done by any domestic producer if it is not sure about the quality of its products.

More information about Estet doors can be obtained from the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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