Panel doors: advantages and disadvantages

 Panel doors: advantages and disadvantages

Paneled doors are structures used to design both interior and entrance doorways. The basis of such canvases is a frame and a panel. These products are widely used in homes and apartments, office and administrative premises.

What it is?

Paneled doors got their name because of the presence in the design of the panel (a thin panel made of various materials).

Such an insertion happens:

  • flat, representing a thin sheet of wood, inserted into the frame;
  • bulky (thicker plank with trimmed edges);
  • typesetting (includes several elements mounted in the frame);
  • with cigar (has a convex middle part, coming to naught as it approaches the edge).

With the help of panels you can create surround door leafs that are distinguished by originality and stylish appearance.


All models of framed doors have a similar design. Its base is a frame made of solid wood or laminated veneer lumber. This base is a frame. On the inner side of the base there are special grooves designed for fastening the panel. It is these inserts that give the entire door leaf rigidity and strength.

In some models, the panels are attached using decorative beadings. Such canvases are quickly and easily updated by replacing the old or bored frame with a new one. Paneled doors can have various sizes, be made of different materials in any color scale.


The material from which the door panel door fabric is made largely determines the reliability and cost of the finished product. The base of the first doors with panels was made of solid wood. Today, manufacturers produce canvases not only from wood but also from metal.Also on the market are combined models (using several types of materials).

Wooden doors are made of both soft wood and more durable. Economy segment products are made from pine, spruce or cherry. For the production of more expensive and reliable fabrics using natural oak or beech. The most durable doors (premium products) are made of black or mahogany.

For the manufacture of panels used MDF, thin sheets of plywood, chipboard, pressed paper, glass. Thanks to an extensive range of materials, manufacturers produce doors in various styles. Due to this, the consumer will be able to easily select the optimal model that is suitable for a particular interior.


Paneled door designs can be:

  • Interroom. Such models are installed indoors. For the manufacture of structures, panels of thin materials are used (inserts made of plywood and thin MDF are popular).
  • Input. Such products require great reliability and durability. Often they are made of hard wood or aluminum.Entrance doors can withstand severe mechanical stress.

Also, manufacturers produce insulated door designs. For the manufacture of a warm door, additional plywood sheets are used. The formed inserts set insulating materials. Such products have high rates of heat and noise insulation.


The dimensions of the base of the door leaf directly depend on the size of the door interior or entrance aperture. Usually non-standard doors are made to order by accurate measurements.

Standard door sizes:

  • for the bathroom and toilet room - 60 cm width, 200 cm height, thickness 5-7 cm;
  • for rooms - width 80 cm, height 200 cm, thickness 5-7 cm;
  • for the pantry - 40 cm width, 200 cm height and thickness 5 cm;
  • For a living room, the standard width is 90 or 100 cm, height - 200 cm.


Manufacturers make wooden framed canvas in a wide color range. All wooden frames of the models are impregnated with antiseptic compounds and solutions that suppress the occurrence of the fungus. Finishing products produced using varnish.It will retain the appeal of natural wood.

Some models are covered with enamels and paints. The most common light milk and beige shades. White doors have gained massive popularity in the domestic market. They are able to visually enlarge the space, make the room "light" and "air."

Advantages and disadvantages

Paneled cloths have the following advantages:

  • Attractive appearance.
  • Low weight of the web, achieved through the use of lightweight slats-panels instead of weighty wood.
  • Maintainability. Broken inserts in the door leaf can be changed to new ones with your own hands.
  • Good sound insulation performance.
  • Resistance to sudden temperature changes.
  • Durability and reliability. Unlike other products, the doors with the panel do not crack.
  • Favorable cost.

Panel doors - a combination of originality, beauty, reliability and grace. Products made from high-quality raw materials in compliance with the production technology do not have drawbacks.

The only negative is the rapid loss of presentability, if the manufacturer used poor quality materials.

How to choose?

It is worth to approach the choice of paneled door with great responsibility.

Here it is important to consider not only the cost and appearance of the canvas, but also other qualities:

  • When arranging the entrance group, pay attention to models with an aluminum frame. Such a foundation is not "afraid" of mechanical loads, thereby maintaining an aesthetic appearance even with intensive use. For the arrangement of the entrance opening, a door made of solid wood such as oak is also suitable.
  • For country houses, the ideal solution is doors made from softwood. Products with preserved wood color will make the interior of a country house or a country house unique.
  • When choosing the optimal model also need to take into account the interior and the size of the room. For small rooms, models of light shades will be the best choice. For spacious rooms, you can look at the darker options.
  • It is also important that the door is in harmony and combined with the interior of the room. Designers are advised to select the color of door panels in accordance with the finish floor or walls in the room.
  • Pay attention: for kitchen it is undesirable to buy doors with matte facing.On such a coating is very noticeable dirt, spray from fat, traces of fumes.

How to care?

Any product will last a long time and retain a presentable appearance, if properly cared for. No exception and paneled doors. To the door leaf served as long as possible, you need to take it responsibly to wash. For these purposes it is not recommended to use substances that contain abrasive particles and pastes. Such tools will scratch the lacquered finish, spoiling its external flawlessness.

For careful care, it is better to select "soft" cleaning solutions. Partially contaminated door may be cleaned with alcohol dissolved in water in the ratio of 1/10.

In order to maintain shine, it is recommended to periodically rub wax or various polishing agents into the canvas.

Interior doors are not recommended mechanical effects. To avoid accidental loads during repair in the room, the cloth is recommended to be dismantled. If it is impossible to remove it from the hinges, you need to wrap the door with foam rubber or a soft cloth.


Panel doors are made in any designs and styles.Thanks to an extensive range, it is possible to choose a product for any type of room. For residential premises choose doors with glass or with transparent inserts. They can be decorated with paintings (classical or modern patterns) or photo printing. For a bathroom and a toilet room the door leaf with deaf slats would be an ideal solution.

Panels in the interior doors are:

  • straight;
  • figured;
  • with additional linings;
  • with volumetric elements;
  • with elaborate carvings and relief.

Doors with a glass panel can be transformed by drawing a pattern on it, turning it into a stained glass window.

Beautiful interior solutions

For each interior, you can choose a suitable panel door. For example:

  • For a room decorated in classic style, fit wooden doors with solid slats. Such a door leaf will emphasize a strict situation not only in the living room, but also in the office, the library. Clear lines and discreet design will visually transform the interior, will add to it a "zest".
  • Doors with glass inserts will bring lightness and airiness to the interior. They are suitable for rooms decorated in neoclassical style.
  • For modernity the right decision will be the choice of door panels with inserts of unusual geometric shapes.
  • For rooms Art Deco the best option would be to purchase doors from expensive wood with glass panels.
  • White doors are suitable for gentle olive oil interiors. Inserts can be made of glass with a rectangular or figured edge.
  • For modern interiors Doors made of noble wood with tinted glass will be a suitable option.

Paneled doors are suitable for any interior. Their choice is the right decision. With such door leaves, the situation in any apartment will become comfortable and cozy. Doors with panels look stylish, unusual and expensive.

This is a real find for those who appreciate the quality, solid appearance and excellent performance properties of the door leaf.

For information on how framed doors are made, see this video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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