Finnish doors

Doors act as a business card of any room, so everyone tries to choose beautiful and high-quality entrance and interior models. Today, products from Finnish manufacturers are in demand among residents of Russia, due to high quality and reliability.

What it is?

Finnish door manufacturers enjoy a well-deserved reputation throughout the world. Their products are significantly different from their counterparts in other countries, this is their success.

Finnish products are characterized by multi-layered design and excellent quality. Due to the unique method of production, the products are characterized by durability and good insulating properties.

The main difference between Finnish manufacturers is the use of unique technologies:

  • The presence of the porch on the central part of the door. The fringe is the part of the edge that extends from the end of the product, thereby forming an angle of junction with it. It is also called edge with a fold. This technology was developed by the Finns to create practical, warm doors. Models with a vestibule close very tightly, which has a positive effect on sound insulation.
  • Mortise accessories of excellent quality gives products durability and reliability in use. The presence of built-in fittings allow you to simplify and speed up the installation process. More at the factory in the door set locks of a universal nature with latches and screw hinges. The client needs only to choose the door handle.
  • Prepared gash box allows you to simplify the installation of doors. It is already made at an angle of 45 degrees, under the desired size of the door. The reciprocal plate of the lock is already built in the box and the hinges are embedded.

The advantages of models from Finland

Finnish doors are in demand in many countries around the world, because they have indisputable advantages:

  • Luxurious appearance products will not leave anyone indifferent. All models perfectly combine excellent quality and fashionable design.Versions with a strict design fit perfectly into the classic interior space.
  • Convenience and ease of installation. Regardless of skills, anyone can install the Finnish doors. In the manufacture of products at the factory, it is already equipped with all the necessary elements, among which belong the hinges, latches, fasteners and even the holes for screws.
  • Low weight positive effect on the duration of the operation of the Finnish door. They are not prone to deformation and subsidence.
  • Structural strength is to use the internal skeleton of the product, which is made of pine. Doors are not amenable to deformation, and also retain the original geometric parameters. Pine construction is finished with medium density fiberboard sheets (MDF).
  • Moisture resistance doors allows their installation even in rooms where high humidity is possible, for example, in the bathroom or in the kitchen.
  • Excellent heat and sound insulation carried out due to the multi-layer doors. Each model includes three main layers: a strong NDF sheet, an aluminum layer and a veneered sheet.The last layer is used for reliable containment of aluminum with filler, which is used as expanded polystyrene. This filler is an environmentally friendly material.
  • Wide range of models allows you to choose the perfect option for different rooms, given the interior design.


Doors of the Finnish production are presented by the wide range, including various types.

Depending on the location, all models are divided into several groups:

  • interior;
  • balcony;
  • the street.

In high demand among interior doors is a model with a quarter deaf.

Ease of operation and installation are the main advantages of this type of Finnish doors.

If based on the structure of products, then All models can be divided into two large groups.:

  • single doors (based on one leaf);
  • bivalve (consist of two canvases).

Depending on the composition and shape, all Finnish doors can be divided into the following types:

  • Paneled Models consist of a filling and carrier frame. They can be both massive and with a frame. The frame can be supplemented with textured patterns or three-dimensional shapes.It is mainly produced from solid wood. As a fill can be used as a tree, and a combination of wood with fibreboard. Manufacturers use only expensive tree species.
  • Smooth doors include several elements. The basis of the models has no protrusions and is not glazed. Expanded polystyrene is used as a filler. To provide convenience and ease during operation, Finnish manufacturers use a honeycomb layer of filler.

Depending on the type of finish, all Finnish door models are divided into the following groups:

  • veneered;
  • laminated for timber;
  • painted.

Depending on the presence or absence of a placeholder, the doors may be deaf or with inserts.

A variety of shapes and colors allows you to choose an option, taking into account personal preferences.


At the beginning of the construction work it is necessary to determine the size of the installed doors. Finnish models are made on a modular system, which has a step of 10 centimeters. Measurement should be carried out with the box.

Doors for outdoor use must include basic elements and a threshold. Such models are made in versions M9 or M10, while the size of the opening is usually 90x210 cm or 100x210 cm. For the choice of interior options manufacturers offer a larger range. Models range from M7 to M10, while the height remains unchanged and is 210 cm, and the width can be selected from 70 to 100 cm.

Among modern models there are options that have a height lower than the standard. It can vary from 207 to 209 cm. Especially for baths, doors with a height of 190 cm are produced, while the width can be from 70 to 90 cm.

If the door opening is not correctly measured, the base of the product is smaller than necessary, then this problem can be easily solved by trimming the bottom edge.

The advantage of Finnish doors is that their size can be adjusted if necessary.

Also, modern companies provide the ability to order doors according to individual sizes.


Finnish manufacturers use different materials to meet the demands of all potential customers.Each option is characterized by durability, reliability and excellent quality.

  • Steel models often chosen as entrance doors. They are ideal for warehouses, garages or various buildings of technical value.
  • Wooden models are in great demand because they are characterized not only by a beautiful appearance, but also by a long service life. Doors from the massif of a tree beautifully look in various interiors. They are ideal for decoration of country houses or cottages.

Often in the manufacture of Finnish doors used pine. It is distinguished by high quality, attractive colors, interesting texture and long service life.

  • Separate attention deserve plastic (PVC) products. They are characterized by ease and variety of colors. Designers offer luxury options using a variety of bright colors. Many models are complemented by glass inserts, which will allow more light into the room.


The choice of color performance of the door plays a big role in the interior space.Correctly chosen color will allow skillfully to arrange alignment of color accents.

A large number of models from Finnish manufacturers are presented in pastel colors. White models are characterized by versatility, because they always look stylish, regardless of the chosen style. They can be installed both at home and in public areas.

Finnish standard are snow-white framed models. They will add elegance to the classic style. They can be used for offices, various institutions, and, of course, for a house or apartment. If you get tired of white color, then you can paint it yourself in any other color.

For the design of the office is the ideal choice of gray. These doors are interesting to look at extraordinary design solutions. The doors made of wood, which are made in natural shades, look beautiful and impressive. Manufacturers often use pine, cherry, oak or walnut.

Some models are made of plastic or laminate. Their peculiarity is that they imitate the texture of wood of various species.

Interesting and stylish look options with such shades as the Italian walnut, cherry wenge, light oak or Milanese nut.


Most Finnish doors are made in a restrained design. They draw attention to the severity of the lines. Many models are available in white. Very nice and stylish options with glass. These doors will help to decorate the rooms of small size, which receives little sunlight.

To embody a refined, harmonious interior, it is worth choosing the colors of the doors to match the color of the floor covering. For spacious rooms, you can use the game of contrasts, but then the doors should be chosen to match the furniture or walls.

Interesting and unusual look doors with inserts, covered with genuine leather or kozhzamom.

For the embodiment of a unique style, you can choose options with a glossy or matte surface.

How to choose?

To choose high-quality and stylish Finnish doors, you need to follow a few recommendations from experts:

  • Before buying it is worth a close look at the product. Remember that to transport the doors must be packed.The presence of packaging is a guarantee that the doors will not be damaged during delivery.
  • You need to check the equipment to make sure that everything you need is available. Locks must be working, and accessories - excellent quality.
  • Before buying a particular model, you should know the dimensions of the door frame to avoid problems with future installation. Usually, the expansion of the opening does not require financial investments, but the process itself is very noisy and dusty.
  • To distinguish the original from a fake, pay attention to the presence of the so-called “influx”. This small ledge will allow you to hide small flaws that may appear during installation of the product.
  • When choosing Finnish doors it is necessary to measure the thickness of the walls where the product will be installed. The color of the model should be chosen depending on the style direction of the room. Decide what material the door will be made of, and what type will be the best solution.
  • Be sure to ask the seller about the availability of a certificate of product quality to avoid counterfeiting.
  • For a cottage, a country house or a private house, it is worth considering snow-white doors, as they look perfect in combination with the texture and color solutions of wood.

Beautiful interiors

Snow-white doors are versatile, because they harmonize beautifully with various interiors. White interior doors are perfectly combined with the walls of gray and light brown hue. White cabinets, a fireplace, a chandelier and floor mats are presented in the same color. The doors of snow-white color give the room space. The room looks more spacious and lighter.

Add to the interior of the bedroom freshness and beauty will help paneled doors made of solid pine. Natural texture is characterized by simplicity and natural beauty. Light brown doors are perfectly combined with snow-white walls and soft furniture, creating an atmosphere of comfort and convenience.

Finnish doors that mimic the texture of wood are beautifully combined with natural wood laminate. An interesting pattern will diversify the interior of the living room. Light brown doors harmoniously look in an ensemble with black furniture, restrained and strict.

You will learn more about how to choose Finnish doors in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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