Doors "Framir"

Framir is a leading manufacturer of entrance, interior and innovative doors on the Russian market. Factory production is widely known to the consumer and is in high demand.

Little about the brand

In 2005, the company started to manufacture door structures, accessories and accessories. She quickly gained popularity and became one of the largest domestic suppliers of modern doors. The company sells products in its own stores, salons, which are located in different cities of the North-Western part of the country. The factory annually produces new collections, taking into account its own experience, world developments and the wishes of customers.

A feature of the company is the manufacture of door designs of non-standard sizes, which were appreciated by the owners of their own houses and original layouts.The company also offers a full service and installation of doors.

All products have a warranty period, with the possibility of free repair and replacement of faulty parts.

Due to the high quality, design features and attractive appearance, Framir products are deservedly recognizable and in demand. Doors meet all modern requirements and have the following advantages:

  • use of natural and environmentally friendly raw materials allows you to produce safe for health products. Application for finishing doors of an eco-range, which perfectly replaces an array of natural wood, contributes to the preservation of green space and meets the concept of respect for the environment. When decorating fabrics are also used laminated panels;
  • many years of experience in the production of doors, in combination with high-tech equipment and experienced specialists, make it possible to completely eliminate scrap and provide the consumer with high-strength and durable products;
  • a large assortment manufactured products with a huge variety of designs and colors, as well as a wide price range allow you to choose a product to suit every taste and budget;
  • release of innovative products allows you to meet the special requirements of owners of bold interiors and individual layouts. Making both input and interior models allows you to fully equip a room with doors, buying everything in one place.

Structural features of laminated doors include materials for the manufacture of the frame. Instead of the traditional solid pine, multi-layered timber LVL is used, which consists of thin sheets obtained in the processing of hardwood and softwood. The thickness of each layer is 3 mm.

The plates are glued to each other and form a fairly strong structure that can well withstand horizontal loads. As a reinforcement of laminated doors, a contour of birch glazing beads is used. It is installed around the perimeter of the door leaf and allows you to increase the service life to the level of veneered products.


The Framir factory has launched the production of a huge number of various models that differ in their purpose, functional properties and design features:

Entrance metal doors

This type is distinguished by increased strength, fire resistance and high burglary resistance.Models have excellent sound and thermal insulation properties, durability, service life of more than 20 years and a solid appearance. The company has launched production of elite, budget, office and armored structures, differing among themselves in the level of burglary resistance, appearance, size and cost. A well-thought-out pricing policy and the release of low-cost options make the entrance doors of the Framir popular and in demand among a wide range of consumers. In the manufacture of metal structures, high-alloyed steel up to 2 mm thick, reliable level locks of the third and fourth level of protection and decorative MDF panels are used.

Interior doors

They are the most numerous group and are represented by models, different in appearance, installation site and technical characteristics:

  • Interior veneered doors. The skeleton of the models is made of solid pine and veneered on both sides with a thin wood layer - veneer. Such products weigh much less than canvases made of natural wood, not yielding to them in appearance. Veneer is made from trees of different breeds and fully retains its structure.wood fibers.

This allows you to perfectly imitate a door from an array, while significantly saving. Shponirovanny products are rather strong and durable, are environmentally friendly and hygienic.

  • Varnished models more resistant to moisture and mechanical stress, so they can be installed in bathrooms, bathrooms and rooms with high traffic. To reduce the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the veneered surface and not allow it to burn out in the sun, the products are covered with high-quality transparent varnish. This gives the surface a unique shine and emphasizes the beauty of the wood pattern. Door leaf can be made in the deaf and combined performance. For decoration using inserts of glass, metal and stained glass.
  • Sliding models. The design of the opening mechanism allows you to install such products in small spaces and in modern interiors. The expansion is carried out with the help of rollers along the guides, which are arranged along the wall or mounted in it. The compartment doors open very easily and smoothly and completely eliminate the risk of injury from corners.The canvas can be decorated with veneer or laminated panels, as well as be painted or made from solid natural wood.

By type of construction Sliding doors can be single or double doors. In the first case, the canvas opens in one direction, and in the second - the sash disperses in different directions. The door is fixed using the upper roller hanger, which eliminates the need to secure the bottom of the product. The canvas can only move along the top rail. For wide openings, the production of interior partitions has been adjusted, which will help to zone the space and solve the problem of non-standard layouts in case of impossibility to install traditional doors.

  • Innovative doors. The introduction of modern trends in the production of interior doors is one of the main tasks assigned to the specialists of the company. To create such models, modern high-tech equipment and the latest developments of leading designers of the enterprise are used. Innovative doors "Framir" presented the following collections:
    • Roto-doors - This is a rotating structure, previously used only in public institutions. But, given the current trends in high-tech styles and minimalism, rotary products can often be found in home interiors. The property of models to open in any direction allows the use of a rotor mechanism in homes with young children and elderly people, opening such a door will not cause them difficulties. Products are suitable for non-standard openings and design layouts. An interroom roto-door can consist of one or two canvases, which, thanks to the swivel mechanism, can open in both directions.
  • Door-book. This is a structure consisting of two leaves, which, when closed, are folded according to the principle of a book. When opening the door takes up little space and is recommended for use in small spaces. The canvas is trimmed with veneer or laminated panels and is equipped with high-quality Italian fittings, the shutters can be of different widths and have both deaf and glazed sheets. The model can be installed in any opening width with the possibility to choose the direction and side of closing.
  • Door case. This is a sliding type of interior doors, in which the paintings are moved inside the wall. Products are ideal both in narrow corridors, and as a stylish independent element of an interior. The cloth can be executed in deaf and glazed versions. The guides are mounted in the lower end of the canvas and are not visible from the side.

The design is characterized by a free opening without installing additional elements. The case and door frame are equipped with a sealing circuit that provides high sound and heat insulation properties of the door.

Popular models

  • Among the entrance metal doors are very popular model "Choice-5" with a mirror mounted on the inner panel. The product is equipped with high-quality locks and has high noise and thermal insulation properties. The frame of the product consists of three vertical and eight horizontal edges, laid with a plate of insulation thickness of 7 cm. Steel sheets of the door leaf are 2 mm thick, which ensures the strength of the product and eliminates the possibility of spinning and breaking. Outside, the door is powder coated,and inside it is decorated with a decorative milled MDF panel in the color of bleached oak or wenge. There is a product of 26 thousand 500 rubles.
  • Among interior swing doors the most popular model Dublin 2. This is an elegant product with veneered surface and partial glazing. The glass is frosted and decorated with diamond engraving. The cost of the product is 11 thousand 465 rubles.
  • From innovative models in demand model Rokada-1 with roto-mechanism. The door is designed for use in apartments and institutions, opens in both directions and significantly saves space. The price of the door will be 17 thousand 415 rubles.

Customer Reviews

Products of the Framir company are highly appreciated by consumers. Among the advantages of a high quality and durability of products. Attention is drawn to the huge range of door designs, which facilitates the choice of products for both traditional and exclusive interior. The thought-out pricing policy of the company allows to produce products in a wide price range. This provides the opportunity to purchase products as a premium, and quite budget options.

The presence of innovative products in the catalog has been repeatedly noted, thanks to which it is possible to equip a modern room with stylish and technological designs. The use of high quality fittings is also highly appreciated by consumers. Of the minuses there is a high cost of some models.

Overview of the door "Framir" in the interior, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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