Doors "Hephaestus": characteristics and features

There are a huge number of fireproof doors on the market. But not all of them are sufficiently reliable and made in good faith. You should choose those that are well proven. It is necessary to approach the choice of such doors with all responsibility, and now we will tell you exactly how to do it.


The company "Gefest" produces high-quality goods for many years. She carefully studies all the needs and requests of customers, closely follows the latest fashion trends and the latest technological developments. The range of the brand is divided into groups:

  • economical;
  • laminated;
  • MDF trimmed;
  • powder painted;
  • lattice;
  • technical

Interior doors "Hephaestus" consistently high quality, they help to stop the draft,prevent the spread of extraneous noise. They are ideal for creating private space and always bring a touch of coziness and comfort to the room.


The company produces the following types of doors:

  • The cold door can be used in any room that does not require thermal insulation, for example, in a shop, office building. Depending on their goals and aesthetic preferences, customers order cold doors with sliding, classic or folding opening methods.
  • But if you need to protect yourself from intruders, you should prefer the "warm" system.

"Hephaestus" produces not just insulated doors, they can be supplemented by built-in electrical heating. The thermal break is designed so that condensate does not accumulate, which means that the product will not fail prematurely.

  • Glass constructions of this brand look light and “airy”, since the aluminum profile and the double-glazed window fully meet the current quality standards.
  • High-quality processing of aluminum makes it almost as attractive material as wood. At the same time, this metal bypasses wood in many valuable ways.It easily resists significant temperature drops and does not require mandatory complex care. The products of the corporation "Gefest" undergo a strict quality control while still in production. The impact that water, heat, sunlight, and corrosion will have is thoroughly evaluated.

If it is found that a specific instance of an entrance or interior door fails faster than the norm, it will not be sold to consumers.

Developers make every effort to ensure simple, quick installation and easy operation of their products. Not less attention is paid to the external attractiveness and variety of design. You can choose the best option for any room, and even after a few years it will look just as good:

  • The economical group of doors “Hephaestus” is made on the basis of available materials and has only minimal finishing (although it is thought out very carefully). You can order such a door with one or two doors, some versions come with a pair of locks.
  • Country doors "Hephaestus" are characterized by powerful insulation, and for facing they are used as powder paint,so and laminate or vinyl leather. At the request of the customer can be added decorative forged items.
  • Lamination is made both from one, and from two parties. This solution is suitable only for warm, dry rooms. Designs, supplemented by MDF panels, are technically no different from the less expensive ones, only occasionally equipped with closers and trims. On top of the finishing material necessarily stick the film supplied from abroad.
  • Elite doors “Hephaestus” are made strictly from natural materials that are environmentally friendly, this rule applies to the main canvas, and to accessories, decoration, fillers.

Effective fire protection

Fire doors “Hephaestus” perfectly protect the space they cover from open flame. Due to the multi-layered structure, smoke and caustic gases also do not penetrate. For some time, corresponding to the stated in the technical documentation, it will be quite safe to be in the protected space. There will also be no threat to the safety of the property remaining there.

You can choose a model that is able to withstand the dangerous effects of a fire for 30-90 minutes.Any copy is carefully checked and has a certificate of quality. The product can be applied both in the apartment and in the warehouse.

Against robbers

Hephaestus also manufactures doors with a high level of protection against burglary, and they are made of extremely durable steel. This kind of input systems are made only to order, with the removal of individual sizes. The entire list of threats, the preparation and equipment of potential burglars and other important points are taken into account.

In the basic configuration, we use cloths on the basis of shaped pipes, supported by stiffeners. The coating is made of sheet steel with a thickness of 0.22 cm. For insulation, only materials resistant to moisture ingress and to the effects of extreme cold are used. Anti-burglar doors are equipped with panoramic eyes (with a review of 180 degrees), have steel trim.

The structures are provided with a double seal, means that prevent attempts to remove from the hinges. Additional services include not only the delivery and installation of purchased goods, but also the dismantling of the old door, the expansion of the opening, the sealing of seams.


Customer feedback on the doors of Hephaestus is invariably positive, as well as ordinary people and construction companies. Both interior and entrance doors of this brand have earned high prestige thanks to the strictest observance of the declared parameters. Users note that the designs are stable, that they do not jam or squeak.

How to choose the door, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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