How to choose the doors Hormann?

Doors Hormann - one of the most reliable options, proven more than half a century of history of the German concern. The company is not only a manufacturer, but also a developer of the offered goods. The use of innovative production technologies, compliance with the requirements of international standards make the doors meet the demands of the modern consumer. All products are environmentally friendly, undergoes mandatory testing of wear resistance, durability and reliability.

Types and benefits

The range includes automatic, rolling, lifting structures for use in residential premises, and garage, industrial. Doors for household premises can be metal (from steel, aluminum) or from combinations of wood, metal and carbon.3-4 inserts of high strength glass are possible. Concern Hormann has no analogues as a manufacturer that uses in the production of insulating glass. A variety of modern furniture satisfies the needs of even the most fastidious customers.

The company's portfolio includes single and double doors. Structures can be equipped with anti-burglary protection, side fragments, upper windows, closers, electrical opening systems, ventilation grilles and canopies.

The advantages of aluminum or steel doors compared to plastic or wooden doors:

  • highly efficient thermal insulation
  • reliable housing protection
  • increased sound insulation,
  • resistance to deformation.
  • do not require tinting,
  • innovative equipment, creating additional comfort,
  • modern design decoration
  • variety of colors,
  • reliable operation.

Entrance doors

The first impression of any building begins with the front door. It should look presentable, comfortable, while ensuring the protection and safety of housing. For this, Hormann ThermoPro Plus, ThermoCarbon, ThermoSafe and Thermo65 entrance doors are ideal.These models will help save energy costs. They are distinguished by excellent thermal insulation, increased security and a modern design solution.

ThermoPro Plus with a reinforced door leaf and a lock with multipoint locking, which, at the request of the customer, is enhanced by anti-burglar equipment class RC2. The coefficient of thermal insulation reaches 0.8 W, which significantly saves energy, therefore, the cost of its payment is reduced.

Excellent thermal insulation of the door structure is achieved by equipping it:

  • the door leaf of steel has a thickness of 6.5 cm and is filled with foamed polyurethane;
  • aluminum threshold has three levels of compaction;
  • triple insulated glazing. Safety glass, it is impossible to get hurt when broken.

ThermoCarbon is recognized as the best model in terms of thermal insulation. Door leafs of ThermoSafe and ThermoCarbon models with glazing are filled with glazed foam. This prevents heat loss.

For quiet closing doors are equipped with a special latch.

Innovation allows you to achieve maximum comfort: the Hormann ECturn drive allows you to automatically close and open ThermoSafe and ThermoCarbon doors. ECturn is powered by remote controls.Equipping with the application BiSecur App provides an opportunity around the clock to control the position of the door, being in any distance from home, anywhere in the world. ThermoSafe reach a height of 2.5 m, ThermoCarbon - 3 m.

The composite material from which the profile of the sash frame is made allows the canvas to have a perfect shape for a long time.

ThermoPro Plus entrance doors are made in 6 variations, have 10 varieties of color and 4 variants of the Decograin surface. Different door leaf, which is set flush both inside and outside. This allows you to create a harmonious combination of entrance doors with interior doors.

The doors serve for many years: the company provides a warranty of 5 years for the Thermo65 model and 10 years for the ThermoCarbon, ThermoSafe and TopComfort entrance doors.

If there are garage doors next to the entrance to the living room, then it is recommended to take this factor into account, while maintaining a single design. The Hormann range offers this opportunity. In the ThermoPro Plus series there are models suitable for gates in garages with M-corrugation. They can be supplemented with elements on the sides and upper windows.

The side entrance to the garage is very practical, as with it you can get into the garage without opening the garage door.

Doors are made in standard and non-standard sizes, with remote control.

Interior doors

The company Hormann manufactures both entrance doors and doors for any inside of the house: basement, for the attic, interior, for entering from the garage room into the living room, for children, for rooms with high humidity: bathrooms, pools, kitchens.

The company offers interior doors ZK. They are deservedly in demand and valued for qualities such as strength, durability, and easy cleaning. The coating of these models is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and temperature extremes.

Internal doors are divided into left-sided and right-sided, depending on the opening option.

The galvanized double-skinned cloth (4 cm) with a tripartite fold is included in the package of doors of ZK. The canvas of steel has a thickness of 0.6 mm. Inside it is filled with honeycomb filling, which is evenly distributed on the door surface. Such filling gives the design even greater stiffness and increases sound insulation. Handle headset is usually black, but on special order you can order handles in red, white or aluminum, anodized in natural color.Corner box made of galvanized steel sheet, whose thickness is 1.5 mm.

Doors can be inexpensive, galvanized, white. Such models are used most often for basements.

Despite the fact that ZK doors are serially primed in white, under the order you can change the color scheme, choose a decorative coating to the taste of the customer. Especially popular are smooth or silky-matte surfaces. The film covering imitating wooden coverings (the colors of white ash, light oak, wenge oak, golden oak, dark oak) is almost the same as natural wooden doors. By the additional order it is possible to equip the structure with glazing of various geometric shapes (round, square, rectangular). Installation of a threshold, a ventilating lattice, the closer, the sanitary lock is possible.

Internal doors differ in size and decoration.

For extra comfort, to keep quiet in the house, Hormann also produces sound-proofing models: with sound insulation levels up to 45 dB (single doors) and up to 39 dB (double doors).


Mostly customer reviews are positive.Cost is acceptable. There is a reasonableness of all parts, starting with the packaging of door structures during transportation - it has no analogues among other manufacturers of doors and is the most reliable. The disadvantages include replacement in the construction of plastic parts, which were previously made of aluminum. Some comments are made about the drives: it is necessary to take into account the climatic conditions and acquire automation with a margin of power.

Doors Hormann recommended by security specialists, insurance companies, as they provide reliable protection for you and your property.

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Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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