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Entrance and interior doors are mandatory elements in each apartment, regardless of the style, size, room design and other indicators. It is worth noting that the front door is an important element, which, in addition to protecting the room from intruders, creates the first impression of the house. This product must combine beauty, practicality, style, reliability and convenience.

Such parameters can have only quality products manufactured in accordance with high international standards. Such properties have doors Intecron. The brand offers metal entrance models that will be a great addition to any home. Further in the article we will take a closer look at the products from the above-mentioned brand and find out what distinguishes it from other products from this segment.

Features and benefits

Entrance doors from the manufacturer Intecron are made of steel. It is a durable, reliable and wear-resistant material that is actively used in the production of doors. The above trademark has been producing metal structures for 20 years. Products under this brand are very popular and successfully compete with both domestic and foreign products.

Intecron doors are manufactured on high-tech equipment using high-quality raw materials and modern production methods.

The advantages of choosing steel doors:

  • The frame of the doors, both affordable and more expensive models, is not afraid of moisture, temperature changes, ultraviolet radiation and other external influences.
  • The high level of sound insulation, achieved due to the durable seal.
  • Wide range of. Doors of various colors, shades and stylistics.
  • Fittings of high quality, it will work without problems throughout its lifetime.
  • Also do not forget about the affordable cost.


For 20 years, from the date of opening, employees of the company have created more than 20 types of doors,differing in a different design. Professionals are working to ensure that products are more reliable and practical to use.

Models of entrance doors consist of such details:

  • thick insulation and compactor;
  • lock pocket, as well as an additional and main lock;
  • hinges;
  • bolt;
  • stiffening ribs (internal and external);
  • sheets of metal (internal and external).

The thickness of each steel sheet is 2 millimeters. For rigidity of the structure and its resistance to constant loads, fins are installed inside. Due to these elements, the load on the box and hinges is significantly reduced. In addition, they help maintain the shape of the door for a long service life. Due to the compactor, the company's employees managed to achieve a high level of noise insulation.

  • Protection. In order to increase the level of protection of steel doors, Intekron has equipped the models with a special anti-burglary system that will reliably save the house from the penetration of thieves and robbers. The company uses special manganese plates for the coordinated work of the locking mechanism.

In the process of manufacturing doors, the locking system is carefully checked before sending the product to the store.

  • Warming The trademark Intecron uses mineral wool as a heater. Due to this component, the product retains precious heat. Raw materials have a low price and are environmentally friendly and safe; however, at high humidity, cotton loses its beneficial properties. Due to the large temperature difference, condensation may form in the door. To prevent this, it is recommended to maintain a moderately dry microclimate in the room.

The company "Intekron" found a way out of this situation, armed with innovative developments of engineers.

To protect the insulation and preserve its properties for a long time, the door leaf is equipped with a thermal break unit. This component creates ideal conditions for mineral wool.

  • Finish After the construction is completely ready, it is sheathed with a certain type of material. The company uses: natural pine, MDF, fiberboard (laminated coating). Also applied painting, film. It's no secret that fiberboard is the most budget option. Sheet thickness is measured from 3 to 6 millimeters. The final cost of the goods depends on the material for finishing steel doors.

Experts say that MDF boards are widely used. The thickness of this material can be different, from 6 to 16 millimeters. This type of raw material has a different color and different texture, glossy or matte.

  • Wood - the most expensive material. It is environmentally friendly and has a special natural pattern.

Pros and cons of steel doors

Experts identify a certain number of advantages and disadvantages of using steel entrance doors. It is time to discuss the general provisions regarding the choice of steel doors.


  • Reasonable price due to which products of this type are available to most buyers.
  • Steel models are safer than wood or fiberglass doors.
  • Doors of the above type do not require maintenance.
  • Simple and easy installation of the canvas. The materials used in the installation process are inexpensive.
  • Huge assortment. Models differ in size, color, shape, decorative elements and so on.
  • Insulation. High-quality products are an excellent sound and heat insulator. In the summer, after installing such a door, the house will always be cool, and in winter, the canvas will retain precious warmth.This option will save money that could be spent on heating the room.
  • Steel is a durable and reliable material that keeps its shape from year to year. This option is ideal for an apartment or a house where many people live.


  • Despite the strength of the metal, dents and scratches often appear on the steel sheets during operation. This does not affect the life of the fabric, however, it can spoil the appearance of the product.
  • Many metals are afraid of moisture, and steel is not an exception (if it is not special stainless steel). Rust can damage the metal and fix this defect can not be. It is necessary to ensure that the level of moisture on the installation site of the door does not increase.


Intecron doors have a large range: models differ in color, shape, decor,

  • Budget. Economical door designs are made: laminate, powder-coated or vinyl artificial leather. The first option is unpretentious in the care. Vinyl artificial leather will perfectly cope with door insulation. Due to the powder deposition of the canvas, you can add any desired color.
  • Costly The most expensive material is an array.Doors, sheathed with natural wood - this is the most expensive and stylish position. Also in the category of elite models include products, veneer coating. This material is ideal to simulate wood as realistic as possible. MDF panels are widely distributed. The material copes with noise protection.

How to distinguish original products?

The company has a well-established product quality control. Brand Intecron has developed a special system to protect the goods from fakes. Given the fact that the company has been working in the manufacturing of entrance doors for over 20 years and has gained popularity among buyers, unscrupulous companies are trying to fake goods.

  • On the door leafs of Intecron company they place an emblem-logo. It can be found in the upper front part of the door.
  • Product quality is confirmed by the relevant certificates. Also, the product must have a passport, which indicates the serial number and date of manufacture of the model.
  • The keys that come with the door must be packed in a proprietary sealed package.

Customer Reviews

For 20 years, the products of the Intekron brand have been widely distributed on the Russian market.Active Internet users who have purchased and installed doors from the above brand share their views on the purchase. Most reviews of Intecron doors are positive. Customers note the correct ratio of product cost and quality. Many customers report that they paid attention to the steel doors, due to the stylish and attractive appearance, and, having bought goods, did not regret it.

In their reviews, customers note the high quality of steel doors, reliability and durability.

How Intecron doors are made can be found in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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