Choosing doors from solid oak

 Choosing doors from solid oak

Modern consumers face a huge selection of various interior and entrance doors. These parts are made from a variety of materials, from cheap plastic to good-quality and presentable wood of natural origin. Today we will talk about attractive and rich products from oak.

Advantages and disadvantages

It's no secret that natural wood is the highest quality and environmentally friendly material. It differs not only rich appearance, but also excellent operational characteristics.

Let us consider in more detail what positive qualities natural oak doors have.

  • Such parts are ideal for both city apartments and private houses. Of course, for the second such options are used much more often. It is worth noting the majestic and regal design of oak doors. With the help of such products, you can emphasize the aristocracy of the interior, and pay attention to the refined taste of the home owners.
  • Models made of natural oak are distinguished by high strength and high weight. Experts say that some oak structures in terms of reliability are superior to metal versions.
  • Such door designs are distinguished by excellent sound and heat insulation. That is why they are so often installed in bedrooms, children's rooms or on balconies and loggias. As a rule, a person feels more comfortable and comfortable behind such a high-quality canvas.
  • Oak is durable and durable. In its class, this material has no equal. Doors made of solid oak do not lose their beautiful appearance even after a long time. They are not afraid of adverse environmental factors. If such models are to be provided with care, then they can serve for more than a decade.

Despite such a rich set of positive characteristics, oak doors have some minuses, which you need to know before buying such products.

  • The disadvantages of oak doors include them impressive weight. This feature of the structure may lead to its deformation after some time. Also, the large weight of the canvas can affect the loosening of the loops on which it rests. You should pay attention to such things and urgently eliminate them so that the structure does not deform even more.
  • Another disadvantage of doors made of natural oak is their weak moisture resistance. It is recommended to protect such sheets from moisture and moisture on their surface, as in such conditions the service life of natural wood is reduced. Under the action of dampness, a natural oak door can be deformed and even change its dimensions. It is because of this that in the production of such models the material goes through several stages of drying in special furnaces, and is also treated with a protective varnish.
  • As a disadvantage, many consumers put in the first place high cost oak doors, but their beautiful appearance and performance are worth it.


Different door models are made of solid oak. First of all, all structures should be divided into entrance and interior.


High demands are placed on modern input structures. Consumers have already realized that buying a cheap option is self-deception and unjustified savings. It is much easier and cheaper to buy a high-quality and expensive thing the only time than regularly paying for repairs on cheap canvases.

Competently chosen entrance door will play the role of not only the business card of your home, but also emphasize the consistency of the owners and perform a protective function.

The oak model perfectly copes with all the listed tasks and protects the shelter from drafts and street noise.

In addition, the oak input model will serve its owners for many years and will definitely justify all the expenses incurred for its purchase and installation. Not every buyer is able to afford high-quality doors of solid oak.However, there are more accessible specimens with a metal frame, which are in no way inferior to solid models.

Entrance doors from durable natural oak are:

  • armored;
  • crack resistant;
  • airtight;
  • noise absorbing;
  • fireproof;
  • explosion-proof;
  • dustproof.


Interior oak is an excellent design decision with which you can add special chic and shine to the interior. Such models are perfect for the hall, bedroom, children's room and a study.

Depending on the orientation of the design and layout of the room, you can choose double-wing, single-leaf, deaf, rectangular, arched or options with glass. Properly selected accessories, and suitable decor items can highlight the stylistic direction of the ensemble and the delicate taste of the owners.

Interior doors made of natural material are more popular than the input options. That is why the range of such products is richer.

First of all, they differ in their design, as well as the material of manufacture and method of manufacture.

The selection of such structures should take into account the style of the interior and its level of illumination.

  • For the bedroom, hall and dining room ideal double-wing models with glass inserts.
  • In the kitchen, dressing room or study, it is recommended to select solid sheets (single or double).

Also, entrance and interior canvases are distinguished by the method of opening / closing.

They are:

  • swing;
  • sliding;
  • left sided;
  • right-sided.


High-quality and durable doors are made from solid or glued solid wood, as well as veneered block. Each of these materials has its own characteristics and performance characteristics.

Solid array

For doors made from solid oak, only high-quality raw materials are selected. Manufacturers refuse those boards that have even the smallest defects. It may be small knots, poorly painted or unpainted surfaces and poor-quality texture. The thickness of the raw material is taken into account.

Products made from a solid array are the most expensive and are most often custom-made. Such products meet the highest requirements.

It is worth noting a number of important advantages of solid doors.

  • These models perfectly keep heat indoors;
  • Possess high noise insulation characteristics;
  • They are not afraid of temperature drops;
  • Over time, they do not lose their attractive appearance.

The only disadvantage of such products is that they have a very large weight, so their installation should be as efficient and professional as possible so that the structure does not deform over time.

From glued solid wood

Variants of glued oak are more common and affordable. Similar models are made by gluing individual wooden pieces under high pressure. In the course of production, individual parts are selected and docked, taking into account the direction of wood fibers. Thanks to this technique, the finished product has good strength and reliability.

Such analogs are much cheaper than whole options, but not inferior to them in appearance. As a rule, such structures can boast of durability. They are not afraid of external damage, exposure to moisture and temperature drops.

Veneered blocks

If you are not ready to purchase expensive furniture made of natural material, then you should turn to attractive and low-cost veneered products. For the manufacture of such specimens was developed a special technique.

As a rule, inexpensive veneered canvases are based on cheap tree species or regular chipboard. These affordable and common materials are sheathed with natural oak veneer and do not give out their poor origin.

Doors made of oak veneer are ideal for interior partitions. Such items have a beautiful appearance, low weight and good strength, allowing them to serve for many years.

The highest quality models can boast additional sound and thermal insulation characteristics.


Oak boasts a large number of beautiful natural colors that look spectacular in different ensembles. Consider in detail the most popular instances and suitable for them the situation.

  • Oak doors of gray color are recommended to be installed in a room with a dark floor or parts made of mahogany.
  • The most interesting and luxurious is golden oak. A door of this color will look especially attractive if it is supplemented with chrome fittings.
  • Versatile are the copies of fashionable wenge or red wood color. They will look organically in virtually any interior.
  • Black oak is perfect for a dark room, if the interior itself is designed in a classic style. This door can be combined with light green or cream materials.
  • Noble white oak is also picky in the selection of a suitable ensemble and looks impressive in a variety of settings.

How to choose?

Selecting a chic oak door, first of all you need to build on the interior in which it will be located. The model should be combined not only with the furniture in the room, but also with the decoration of the walls and the floor.

Do not buy too cheap door. As a rule, such products are made of low-grade material, perfectly imitating natural oak. Naturally, they have more modest performance.

Decide on the type of material construction.The most expensive are luxurious solid-wood products, and the most affordable are veneered specimens and varieties of spliced ​​oak.

Correctly pick up the door shade. Oak has many attractive tones. It is advisable to purchase such an option that would echo in color with the rest of the furnishings and furnishings in the interior.

Contact only reputable manufacturers with impeccable reputation. Before you go to a company, it is better to get acquainted with the detailed information about it in the interior and read reviews about its products. Today, many unscrupulous companies produce cheap models under the guise of natural.


The door color smoky tobacco will look organically in a modern high-tech style. In this setting, dark contrasts should be used and diluted with metal elements.

Such designs fit perfectly into the interiors in the style of the classics. Such ensembles are recommended to be supplemented with oak doors of marsh and dark shade. These copies are also suitable for styles such as retro or vintage.

Luxury oak doors are often purchased for installation in luxury country houses and cottages. In such settings, you can arrange expensive design with charming paintings on the front or inset of vintage glass. Such charming notes are ideal for creating a unique and airy Provence style.

Universal are copies of light tones. It can be doors made of antique oak pink, lemon and red-brown shades. Such options will look harmoniously in ensembles of any style.

For elaborate and pompous interiors, it is recommended to buy the most expensive solid-wood doors, since such ensembles are always distinguished by their wealth and luxury.

Options in the interior

High-quality and beautiful doors made of natural oak, can radically change even the simplest interior. Of course, ensembles in which the same solid furniture was chosen to match the expensive door look best.

Such designs look good on the background of the walls, decorated with decorative stone. Such interiors are reminiscent of luxury estates or mansions of the distant past.To the ensemble does not seem too dreary and historical, you can make it comfortable with soft furniture with colored woven upholstery on natural leather.

Near the luxurious oak door with an oval frosted glass insert, you can put various decorative elements to make the ensemble look more thoughtful and complete. It can be wicker baskets of different sizes, wall metal lamps with candle bulbs in a classic style and an elegant wooden chair with light woven upholstery.

A wide entrance door made of light oak will look spectacular if you install it in a soft orange hallway with wooden floor and place a rigid vintage stool next to it and a large closet with glass doors. Such a mixture of stylistics in such a compact room will look very interesting and stylish.

In a solid office with neutral gray walls, you can install a solid dark chocolate oak door. In such an environment will look organically natural wooden desk with a glass top, a luxurious wooden bollard with bronze figurines and bowls,as well as a chic black leather chair near the workplace.

Even more useful information is waiting for you in this video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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