Doors from solid pine: features of choice

 Doors from solid pine: features of choice

Modern consumers face a huge selection of different doors. You can pick up a decent copy for every taste and budget. An important role is played by the material from which the fabric is made. There are a lot of options: from cheap plastic or drywall to durable metal or natural wood. Today we will talk about attractive and environmentally friendly models from solid pine.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pine is a very common breed of wood, as it grows particularly well in Russia. Such natural material is widely used today not only in furniture production, but also in engineering.

Advantages of the material:

  • It is worth noting the excellent structure of the pine massif. It is monotonous and strong enough. This material is not afraid of adverse environmental conditions, as it easily withstands such effects. In addition, in the process of drying pine less than other wood species are subject to deformation and warping.
  • Another important advantage of doors made of pine, is their environmental friendliness. In our time, not every material can boast of such a property, therefore products made of natural wood are so in demand and relevant to modern buyers.
  • Even in high temperature conditions, pine doors do not emit dangerous and harmful substances, such as cheap canvases from chipboard. Also, natural options do not cause allergic reactions.

Thanks to such safe features, you can safely install pine doors, not only in adults but also in children's rooms, without fear for the health of young users.

  • Many consumers choose models from solid pine, as they are durable and reliable. A high-quality door from such a natural material will serve its owners for decades and will not cause any trouble.If the appearance of the canvas has deteriorated slightly over time, then this problem can be easily solved by restoration.
  • Also it is necessary to mention that cloths from solid pine possess excellent warm, water and sound-proof qualities which not many models can boast. Of course, only high-quality doors, manufactured in accordance with all international quality standards, possess such properties.
  • Another important advantage of pine doors is their attractive appearance. Similar designs look harmonious in many interiors, refreshing them and making them more comfortable.
  • Doors from solid pine organically complement many interiors. The main thing is to choose the right shade products. In addition, this natural material is easily processed, so today on the market you can find exquisite carvings decorated with carvings.
  • Despite such a large list of advantages, pine doors are not expensive. A fairly reasonable price for such products is due to the fact that pine itself is not a rare raw material and does not apply to valuable types of wood.

Of course, there are drawbacks to solid pine doors:

  • Under the influence of temperature changes and high humidity of the air such canvases can lose an attractive appearance. Moreover, pine doors in such conditions are able to swell and crack. However, these defects can be avoided if glued wood is used, not solid wood, at the production stage of the product.
  • Many buyers attribute to the minuses the fact that the door of natural pine must be regularly maintained. The first few years will be enough to wipe the cloth with a soft damp cloth, but after a long time, you may have to turn to the restoration of the model. If every year to paint the doors and varnish them, then such a significant layering can simply spoil them.
  • Buying canvases from solid pine, you should take into account the fact that they, like most models of natural wood, will need careful attitude. Traces of mechanical damage easily remain on the surface of such products, and it is too difficult or even impossible to get rid of them.


There are many varieties of pine trees on the market today.doors. According to their functional characteristics and transformation method, these models are divided into:

  • Swing. Such options are the most common. They can only open in one or two directions. Swing sheets are not only interior, but also external. Also, the sash can be deaf or supplemented with a glass insert (transparent or matte). Particularly interesting and elegant are the specimens decorated with carvings.

It is recommended to apply to such options if there is enough free space in your dwelling, because at the time of opening / closing, the swing bed takes up quite a lot of space.

  • Sliding. Canvases in such modern constructions can open in both directions. For this reason, sliding systems are often used in office buildings or large shopping centers. Most designers recommend decorating home interiors with sliding glass panels.
  • Folding. Constructions of this type are ideal for saving modest space in the home.They can be installed not only in a spacious, but also in a narrow doorway. The principles of opening / closing these options are based on the ability to fold and unfold using two or more functional details.

Also, beautiful pine doors can be divided by the following characteristics:

  • If we proceed from the number of valves, then all models can be divided into single-floor, double-and-half-half. The number of paintings directly depends on the dimensions of the doorway.
  • Like any other, pine doors can be divided into models for residential and public spaces. There are also special products with additional features. For example, some of them possess fire-fighting qualities, while others are reliably protected from bullets and strikes.
  • Also on the modern market there are wooden canvases with varying degrees of moisture resistance. There are options for increased and normal water resistance.
  • Pine doors differ from each other and in color scheme. It can be beautiful black, yellow, red, brown, white and other attractive colors.Also in the market not the last place is occupied by unpainted specimens, demonstrating the natural shade and natural pattern of the pine massif.
  • Also, doors made of natural pine are deaf and glazed. Variants, supplemented with frosted or clear glass inserts, are ideal for letting more light into the room. Using such a simple technique, you can create the effect of a more spacious and large room. Deaf canvases are suitable for isolating a room.

Such high-quality and environmentally friendly wooden structures are also divided into panel and panel board:

  • Paneled models are a decorative panel with a beautiful frame.
  • Shield options consist of a frame lined on both sides with wood.

Recently, brushed canvas has become very popular. However, designers recommend purchasing such options only for interiors designed in classic style.

The size

Currently, it is possible to pick up a door of a suitable size for a home of any size. The largest height of standard interior door designs are 2010-2030 mm.The width of the canvases can be absolutely any, depending on the width of the opening.

The standard height of the opening for the entrance door is set within 2070-2370 mm.

As for the width, then its figure should be at least 900-910 mm. For non-standard openings it is recommended to purchase canvases to order. Fortunately, today many companies offer this service.


Natural solid pine can be painted in various colors that look organically in the interiors of certain stylistic orientations:

  • Classic are white canvas. They have a calm design. Such options can be installed in different settings, whether classic or ensemble in the style of high-tech.
  • Original appearance have black pine doors. However, they are not recommended to be installed in dark and gloomy ensembles, otherwise the image of the room will become too gloomy.
  • Many consumers today prefer noble shades of oak or wenge. With the help of such good-quality options, you can highlight the bright individuality of the home.
  • Also in the interior, you can use simple unpainted models.For example, products from natural Altai pine will give the interior warmth and comfort thanks to the natural texture and natural print.

Materials - which is better: from alder or pine?

Many buyers, choosing a quality and beautiful door, face a difficult choice between pine and alder:

  • As for the solid alder, it has a dense and elastic structure. Also alder boasts excellent sound and heat insulation. Such constructions can be installed without fear even in rooms of high humidity. In addition, the alder is easy to process, it can be easily decorated. However, over time, these doors lose their attractiveness and require restoration.
  • Pine, despite the whole range of positive qualities, has the ability to absorb moisture, so it can not be used in rooms with high humidity. This characteristic is the main difference between pine and alder, which does not face such problems.


Beautiful and high-quality doors made of solid pine look harmonious in the interiors of various styles.

Consider in detail the characteristic features of products related to one or another direction:

  • Canvases made in classic style, are an elegant conciseness, severity of forms and the correct calculation of proportions. The main objective of such models is to emphasize the good taste and nobility of the owners of the home. For interiors in the style of classics, it is recommended to select products that have a shade that emphasizes the natural origin of the material.

As for decorative additions, such doors can be decorated with stained glass or carved elements.

  • Thanks to the calm and cozy colors, today the French style boasts great popularity. provence. This direction provides for the presence in the interior of natural and high-quality materials, so the pine door in such an ensemble will look very organic.

It is best to choose canvases of pastel colors. Also in the Provencal ensemble, a rough model, styled as antique, will look good.

  • If the home is decorated in a casual rustic style country music, the door leaf for him should be selected as simple as possible. Harmoniously in such ensembles, unpainted versions will look with imitation of a poorly treated surface, for example, with traces of distant knots.These specimens look unusual, but fit into the village furnishings perfectly.
  • Another popular destination is Japanese style. For such furnishings, elegant and non-standard designs, which do not take up much space in the room, are best suited. The sliding doors in the Japanese key can divide the available space into separate zones. To emphasize the beautiful style of the interior, you should use luxurious paintings of dark brown, burgundy or cherry hue.
  • In modern style pine doors complemented with veneer or decorated with artistic forging will look harmonious. For such ensembles are best suited elegant options, decorated with undulating and elegant details. With the help of such models, you can emphasize the bright individuality of the home.
  • In modern style high tech doors made of solid pine will also look attractive. For such ensembles, it is desirable to choose canvases of the simplest and most concise forms. They can have both opaque, and a glossy surface. In the high-tech style, it will be interesting to look at models with glass inserts (frostedor transparent) or plastic parts.
  • Strict and rich style Empire designed to emphasize the luxury of the interior. For such an elaborate ensemble should buy a wooden sash symmetrical shape. It is better to choose a model of solid pine array. In the interior style of the Empire style will look amazing specimens decorated with mirrors, gilding and carving. Many designers recommend using doors with bronze details in such ensembles.

How to choose?

Selecting pine doors, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Their surface must be in perfect condition: no knots, splinters and other defects should not be. Unprocessed models should not be purchased, as you will have to self-nourish them.
  • If you choose not an interroom, but an entrance model, then it is better to buy an insulated version so that the cold from the street does not penetrate the dwelling.
  • Contact proven and well-known manufacturers, so as not to stumble upon poor quality goods made from non-natural material.
  • Do not forget about the harmony of the interior. To do this, you need to buy paintings that will fit the situation in color and style.

Options in the interior

White doors made of solid pine can be installed in the corridor, the walls of which are decorated with wallpaper or plaster of a brown shade. For example, an attractive and “warm” space will look like in which white pine sheets with glass inserts stand out against the walls of coffee-colored walls and the floor, lined with a milky laminate.

A laconic white door, devoid of decorative elements and glass inserts, will organically look in a room with walls of neutral tones. For example, it can be gray wallpaper and cream floor, trimmed with floorboard. Place a beige leather sofa, a brown wooden cabinet on such an area, and decorate the walls with large paintings with dark and white frames.

Elegant canvases of dark chocolate color will look amazing in a space with snow-white walls and a similar floor with a glossy surface. To dilute this contrast, in the room should be placed various elements (sofa, armchairs or sofa) in black. Also, in such conditions, it will be nice to look interior items with metal parts.

A brown pine door made of solid pine can be installed in a room with a shade of coffee walls with milk and a laminated floor that simulates natural wood. Bring in this setting high metal floor lamps with rectangular glass shades, a leather beige sofa with a quilted back and wall paintings with black frames. Thus, you will create a cozy, but contrasting interior in a modern way.

To learn how to make simple interior doors from solid wood, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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