Doors "Capel": how to choose?

 Doors drops: how to choose?

The choice of interior doors is a responsible and energy-intensive occupation. The desire to combine price, quality and design in one model costs many hours of searching, comparisons and doubts. It is still widely believed among consumers that the naturalness of materials is the key to the reliability and durability of the door. However, in conditions of high humidity and sudden changes in temperature a wooden door can deform and even crack. Universal composite interior doors help avoid frustration and financial losses.

What is a composite material?

A composite is a material obtained by a combination of substances of different properties.As a rule, it is a plastic base, the stiffness and strength of which is given by various fillers. For example, wood-polymer composite (WPC) is made from chopped wood (or rice husk) and connecting polymers.

The final product incorporates the best qualities of wood and plastic: durability, water resistance, natural appearance and even smell.

The ratio of the constituent elements will determine which features will prevail. A greater amount of wood flour brings the characteristics of the WPC to natural wood, and with an increase in the percentage of polymer, the web is similar to ordinary plastic.

Many WPC recipes are highly resistant to the effects of microorganisms and aggressive media. Due to wood particles, most composites absorb a small amount of moisture, but without loss of shape and strength. Upon drying, the original properties are restored. Composite material is easily processed: sawing, planing, drilling, it is environmentally friendly, fireproof and does not require special care.

Composite doors

The production of doors on the basis of the WPC is a new, but already demanded direction.Among the advantages of products of this type note the low cost. A very important aspect when choosing. Structures based on composites are lightweight, which simplifies replacement and installation. These doors have a higher sound and heat insulation performance, compared with wooden. They are not afraid of temperature fluctuations, corrosion, atmospheric and biological effects.

Such doors are suitable for arranging apartments, private houses, offices and other premises.

They can be of various shapes and sizes: single and double, with glass and panels. One of the popular brands in the composite products market is the Kapelli brand.

Features doors "Capel"

The Kapel Factory is a project of the Intechplast plant. A series of technical doors for offices, schools, hospitals and other commercial institutions was originally planned. The test sample was first exhibited in 2011 at an exhibition in Moscow. The new product quickly gained popularity with consumers due to its characteristics and reasonable prices. And in 2014, the market was replenished with new lines of composite doors.

The manufacturer identifies the following features of the products of this brand:

  • Moisture resistance. In the creation of doors used materials with high hydrophobicity. The final product does not allow steam, and water absorption is practically reduced to zero. This avoids deformation and wear regardless of the climate of the rooms.

Because the door "Capel" recommended for wet areas: pools, bathrooms, saunas and baths.

  • Insulation properties are achieved using insulating material - polystyrene foam. Cells in its structure provide low conductivity of sound and heat. To enhance the insulating qualities of the perimeter of the door frame is laid rubber seal.
  • Fireproof. Doors "Capel" passed fire certification.
  • Easy installation. The products are very light, the canvas with parameters of 0.9 x 2 m has a weight of 14.5 kg, and together with the box and casing 21.5 kg. For installation does not require special tools and accessories. According to customers, they had no problems with self-installation, thanks to detailed instructions.
  • Environmental friendliness confirmed by a certificate of sanitary and epidemiological expertise.
  • Durability. Wear-resistant material and light weight even with active use protects the structure from sagging and deformation.
  • Invulnerability to the effects of household chemicals. When creating the series, the doors were intended to be used primarily in rooms where they are often cleaned with disinfectants.


Today you can find the following series of the brand:


This is the base model. Doorplast door leaf developed by the company is covered with heat-resistant PVC sheet 1.5 mm thick. Internal stiffeners made of moisture-resistant LVL-bar give strength to the structure. Filling - the made foam polystyrene. This material consists of bubbles with a size of 0.1-0.2 mm, which have insulating properties. On the edge of the canvas is PVC tape.

Door leaf comes with a duct, which can be classic and telescopic, to choose from. It is made of PVC by extrusion. The resulting substance has a more cellular structure and hard edges. The density is comparable with wood.

Doors "Capel" have no special requirements for accessories. The lightness of the design allows the use of mounting overhead hinges. Locks can be ordered in two types: with a magnetic mechanism and mechanical. All fittings are made in two colors: gold and chrome.

Kapelli connect

Tsargovaya line of the company. Tsargova door is a kind of designer. Its frame is formed of three or more transverse strips (pivots) connecting the side posts. The space of the frame is filled with framed filler and decorated with glass or aluminum inserts. All elements of the door are made of composite material and pasted over with an ekoshpon.

This decorative coating creates a visual and tactile effect of natural wood.

The modular door device allows easy replacement of its elements in case of damage. The doors of the Connect series are equipped only with telescopic moldings.


A distinctive feature of the series is a telescopic box made of aluminum.

This design adds a number of advantages to existing ones:

  • allows you to install the frame in the opening of any thickness;
  • frame and trim are equipped with a seal. This helps to hide the irregularities of the opening and eliminates additional work on the alignment;
  • the platband does not need to be fixed, since it is a continuation of the door profile;
  • In the universal box you can install canvases in any color and with various types of finishes.


Another series of stern doors.Unlike Connect, the filler filler is a sandwich made of expanded polystyrene and PVC sheet.


This is a completely smooth door. A three-millimeter sheet of HDF, a high-density fibreboard, is used as a coating. The material is new, but already valued in the furniture and construction industry due to the high density and uniformity of the plates. An aluminum overlay is installed on the vertical ends, and the horizontal ones are covered with PVC tape. Doors with HDF cladding are not 100% waterproof.

Kapelli fire fighting

It has a fire resistance limit of 30 minutes. The canvas and the box are wooden, have a fire-resistant impregnation. The door is equipped with a seal from cold smoke and a thermo-sealing tape.

Finishing options and sizes

Doors “Capel” are available in white color and monocolour, it is possible to laminate 3D and PVC film. Available with glazing, regardless of the type of decorative coating. The area of ​​the glazing depends on the wishes of the customer, but can not occupy more than 30% of the canvas.

You can choose the type of glass: transparent, white matte, reinforced.

The company produces all standard sizes from 60 to 90 cm.Practiced manufacturing custom custom sizes.


Composite doors "Capel" is a good choice for any room. .

The main advantage of this brand is water and vapor impermeability, which makes them the best option for wet rooms

The materials from which they are produced are resistant to temperature extremes and to aggressive substances, for example, chlorine. Doors have a low thermal conductivity, they do not rust or peel, and do not crack.

Buyers note in the reviews that the doors are much stronger than analogs of ordinary PVC. Moisture is not absorbed at all, but in the bathroom the door often mists up. Noise isolation is not absolute, but moisture, odors and heat outside the room do not penetrate.

It should be noted: "Intechplast" is not the only manufacturer of waterproof doors. An analogue on the market is the Bravo factory with the Aqua series.

Detailed instructions for installation of plastic moisture resistant doors "drops", see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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