Products of the company “Klin doors”: the pros and cons

“Klin doors” are represented by a rather wide assortment on the market for this type of product in Moscow and the Moscow region. Let's see what are the features of the products of this manufacturer.

About company

The manufacturer “Klin doors” has been offering its products for a long time and has proven itself to be a good one. Production of the company is located in the suburbs in Klin. Employees of the company individually approach each client, striving to fulfill all his desires. The company produces entrance doors, garage doors, window grilles, as well as shutters.

Special features

The main direction of the domestic company is the manufacture of entrance doors. This product has several advantages:

  • The production technology is time tested, so the quality of products is at its best.
  • All materials used are subject to input control, thereby reducing defects in products to a minimum.
  • All designs of products are equipped with a thermal break, that is, they have a layer of thermal insulation that separates the outer sheet of the attribute from the inner one, thereby preventing the formation of condensate and freezing of the door.
  • A huge range of products will help you to choose the product according to your requirements, and if this is not possible, you can order it in this company on an individual project using materials that are available in the company.
  • A large volume of products in combination with the latest technologies that are used in production, make it possible to reduce the cost of these products to a minimum.
  • All accessories on products are also of high quality, it will surely protect your home from hacking.

Delivery of the entrance doors of this manufacturer is carried out not only in the Moscow region, they can be bought from companies cooperating with the company "Klin doors" throughout Russia.


For the manufacture of Klin doors used several types of materials.

The main fabric and door box is made of steel. Its thickness is more than 2 mmthat is more than the norm established by state standard specification. Also, this material is used for the manufacture of forged parts of products.

For external finishing powder coating is used. It protects the iron surface of the door from corrosion, and also gives it a fairly presentable look.

More expensive models are trimmed outside with MDF. This is an analogue of natural wood, which is produced from residues of the woodworking industry by pressing. Subsequently, the plates are pasted over with a film, which in most cases imitates wood of rare species. This material not afraid of changes in temperature and humidity it can be given a different shape, imitate artistic carving.

The elite collection of these products is finished with an array of natural wood. This adds chic to the entire structure of the private house where this attribute is established.

From the inside the door can have several finishing options:

  • Laminate. This is the same MDF, which has a laminated top layer.This material does not abrade over time, does not lose its appearance, perfectly resists the claws and teeth of animals. Laminate undergoes strict quality control and meets the most stringent standards, therefore, doors with such a coating can be installed even in children's and health care facilities. The color scheme of the material is quite rich, you can choose a laminate from light, almost white to dark brown.
  • Vinyl artificial leather. This is artificial leather. If earlier this material was used quite often for interior and exterior finish of iron doors, now it is used quite rarely. But some design solutions still imply this type of finish. And "Klin doors" offer it. This finish can simply wrap around a metal sheet or be voluminous. In the second case, foam rubber is laid between the metal and the vinyl leather, and then decorated with a tie of a specific pattern with the help of special nails.

The door with such a coating looks quite original, and a large range of vinyl leather helps to make this product a highlight of your home.

  • Vinorite. This is a modern and not very popular material. Its low cost and ease of application makes this coating indispensable for economy-class products. It practically does not burn, thus ensuring fire safety. It is a film, which is pasted over the usual MDF. Such a coating perfectly tolerates environmental changes, does not fade. The colors of Oinurite are very diverse.

How to choose?

The choice of a product from Klin Doors depends on several factors:

  • Budgetwhich you plan to spend on this attribute. The amount that you have depends on which finishing materials will be used, what accessories the manufacturer will install, and whether the door will be decorated with armored glass, wrought iron elements or it will be a regular metal sheet with powder coating on the outside and a smooth MDF slab inside.
  • The size. You need to determine the size of the door. This company can make products of standard size or individual dimensions. In the model range of this company you will find double doors, as well as products to enter the front of private houses.
  • Security. You can order a product as usual, armored or fireproof, depending on the requirements that you make to this attribute.
  • Style. The choice of the inner lining of the door is quite seriously influenced by the interior decoration. It will be ridiculous to look at the product, decorated in a classic style, in a modern setting. But even worse when they install modern products in the classics. Well, if the door on the design will coincide with the appearance of interior doors of the apartment.
  • Opening method. You can choose a door that will open to the outside, as it should be, according to the rules of fire safety. Also, if necessary, you can order a product that will open into the room.

Interesting models

The range of "Klin doors" is quite wide. Here you can find products for a classically decorated room, and for the modern style, and for minimalism, and for many others. Here are the most interesting models:

  • DKS48. This is a classic-style product, finished on both sides with veneered MDF. Columns and cornices that adorn the door trim have artistic carvings.The canvas itself is decorated with a glass insert, on which there is a forged grille in the form of curls. This design perfectly protects your home from hacking and will decorate the entrance to a private house. The cost of the model is about 50,000 rubles.
  • DK64. The model, which is decorated with vinyl leather on both sides. The original pattern on the bulk coating will mentally bring you back in the Soviet era. This product will perfectly fit into the interior of the hallway, decorated in the style of a loft. The cost of the model is about 8500 rubles.
  • D1. The door product is made in the arch form and is intended for installation in country houses. Refers to the elite series. Decorating this model from solid oak and decorated with artistic carvings. This product resembles the door to the castle of the Middle Ages and will be the highlight of your home ownership. Its cost is about 90,000 rubles.

Where can one buy?

You can buy products in a variety of stores partners of the company "Klin Doors", open throughout Russia. If you live in Moscow or the Moscow region, you can visit the production itself. And order the installation of the door "turnkey".

Also, delivery in the Moscow region can be ordered online through the manufacturer’s official website.


Customer reviews for Klin Door products are quite high. According to them, the doors provide excellent heat and sound insulation, they look pretty good, they do not lose their appearance even after a long period of time. Coatings do not fade and do not peel off, even if the attribute is set to exit to the street. Buyers did not find any drawbacks at these doors, not counting the fact that door manufacturing is available to order. only for residents of the Moscow region and the capital.

You will learn more about how to choose "Klin doors" in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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