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Domestic manufacturers have recently been actively pushing foreign competitors from the market. Bright evidence of this are the doors of the company "Steel". This is a domestic manufacturer, which today sells doors of various types and styles throughout our country.

Special features

A little about the company itself: “Stal” is a domestic company that is actively involved in the production and sale of not only entrance and interior doors of various types, but also additional accessories and components. But few people know that initially the company's specialists were engaged in the sale of doors produced by other companies. True, it was 20 years ago.

Having studied the market and the requirements of customers, the employees decided to organize their own production of entrance doors, which would not only satisfy the customers, but also be ahead of their time.

Among the main advantages of this Russian brand are the following:

  • Full and well regulated production process.
  • Detailed and scrupulous control not only for the quality of the finished product, but also at each production stage.
  • Highly qualified employees who really understand their work and regularly improve their skills.
  • Use only the most modern and safe materials.
  • Conducting ongoing development and their implementation in the production process. For some developments, the brand "Steel" has registered patents.
  • A wide range and unique door models that can not be seen in the line of products from other manufacturers.

But perhaps the most important advantage is a ten-year warranty on each product. It is this fact that best confirms the quality, safety and reliability of all door panels of this manufacturer.

It is also important that all components, profiles and fittings are made in one production.

This approach allows you to create really high-quality door leafs of various kinds. In addition, each product model has its own unique characteristics, but there are also common features in all the canvases.


In general terms, all the products of this domestic company can be characterized as follows:

  • The box itself, as well as the frame of the future door, is made of a special profile. During the test, it was proved that it is this design that best protects the premises from illegal entry.
  • A high level of protection against damage is ensured by the installation of high-quality locks and locking systems. They are made only from the most durable and modern materials.
  • Entrance doors, or rather, the material of their manufacture is complemented by special systems: cylinder and lever. This ensures a long service life and an increased level of safety. In addition, this design allows you to protect the door from deformation during prolonged use.
  • Domestic doors "Steel" of all kinds are completely safe for both people and the environment. Only authorized materials with suitable characteristics are used for their manufacture.
  • High-quality doors of this company perfectly retain heat indoors and practically do not let in noise. This is possible due to the correct installation of the canvas in the entrance opening. Installation is performed when concreting the opening.

From such a brief description, it becomes clear that the steel door leafs are not only high-quality and safe, but also durable.


The range of doors "Steel" is really wide. The manufacturer itself for the maximum convenience of customers has divided them into several types:

  • Entrance doors in an apartment, office, private residential space or for a country house. In general, here you can buy door leaf for any room.
  • Translucent productswhich not only reliably protect the room, but also pass light almost completely.
  • Exclusive models - these are door leafs that are made and, accordingly, sold only by this company.At the same time, the design of the canvas can be developed by the customer himself with the help of a specialist or fully trust the brand designer.
  • Double doorsThey are mainly used when there is a non-standard opening.
  • There are also special fireproof clothsmostly they are presented as entrance doors.
  • Invisible doorsmade of special materials. When using them, you can easily disguise a doorway in such a way that no one will understand that this is actually a door.

Also in the assortment of the company there is also such a type of door panels as technical. Such products are made individually when agreed with the customer and sold either small or large bulk.

Each type of door is also presented by the most various models in quite impressive quantity.

All manufactured types are subdivided by the manufacturer itself into several groups, depending on where it is best to install them:

  • For apartments and private houses, the doors of such models as “Steel 100”, “Steel 65”, “Steel 45” and “Steel 35” are better suited.
  • For cottages need stronger door leafs, so you should pay attention to the "Steel 150T" and "Steel 50".
  • For offices, preferred will be the model "Steel" under the numbers 65, 50, 35.

As for the other types of doors, they must be selected and installed in accordance with the focus of work and activities in each specific building.


And again, for maximum convenience of buyers, all types of door panels were divided into several models. Each of them includes various options for the design of the doorway and has its own distinctive characteristics:

  • Model "Steel 150T" is the only one in the series of the same name. This door leaf is specially designed for cold regions. Such an entrance door perfectly protects a room from cold and frost, it has unique thermal protective properties that have been scientifically proven and justified.
  • "Became 100" differs in the increased, rather even the highest level of safety and has unique and stylish appearance. Installing just such an entrance door leaf will help not only reliably protect your home, but also become its decoration. It is made of steel of increased thickness and has an additional reinforced reinforcement.
  • Model "Steel 100 Safe", it is made only to order. This is a more advanced version of the previous model.The door is reinforced with armor plates, has additional protective components, a special lock and more anti-detachable pins.
  • Model "Steel 65" It has two varieties: "Standard" and "Steel 65OTs". Such door leafs are designed for the design of the entrance doorway. They are distinguished by high degrees of protection against burglary and the strength of the whole structure. In the sale of such models come from last year.
  • But "Became 45" It is rightly considered the best anti-crisis option. The cost of such a door is lower than other models, but this practically does not affect either its appearance or the technical parameters.

This product has a hidden secure lock, hidden pins, as well as many options for installing additional protective hardware.

  • Model "Steel 35" - This is another option economical clearance opening. Inexpensive, minimalist and very well protected door leaf.
  • "Became 50" differs in pipe manufacturing technology, which is written in detail on the manufacturer’s official website; it does not have a concrete base and curved parts in the frame. But it is also considered one of the most popular and reliable.
  • Model "ST2" - This is a unique translucent design.
  • "ST3" - also belongs to the category of translucent doors, but at the same time it also has excellent fire resistance characteristics.
  • Model "ST4" equipped with special closers and actuators for automatic opening and closing. Available in both standard and non-standard sizes.
  • Model "invisible" - This is a unique model that is implemented in two versions, but you can make it to order. It is this design that makes it easy to hide the doorway from prying eyes.
  • "Became EI-60" - These are fire doors with an increased level of security and fire protection. Are made in any sizes.

Each model is available in several versions with different finishes. This allows you to purchase not only reliable and durable protection for the doorway, but also to pick it up in accordance with the style of the interior. If the buyer among the range offered to him cannot find a suitable option for himself, he will always be able to choose his own finishing option.


Metal doors of the domestic manufacturer "Steel" are made of steel. This is the main material of their manufacture.At the same time, iron door leafs can also be galvanized or have armor plates. Used locks, pins, bolts and other types of protective accessories are also made of high-strength steel.

They also use mirrors or impact-resistant and fire-resistant glass to create translucent, invisible and fire-resistant products.

When creating entrance doors to particularly dangerous or protected objects in production, bullet-proof glass is also used. If desired, they can be installed on any door of this manufacturer.

The frame is made of steel or aluminum profile of high strength. Basically it is bent, and one of the models is tubular. The accessories used are made of wood, steel or heavy-duty plastic.

In the case of the use of decorative elements, they can be made of milled, vinyl panels or a special kind of artificial leather. They also use various types of MDF boards, and in some cases even special oak-wood panels. Oak veneer paralleleboard is sometimes also used when finishing door panels.

For coloring already finished products use special polymer dyes, which are characterized by a high level of durability and safety.

Color solutions

For the most part, when creating entrance doors, the manufacturer offers customers standard color solutions:

  • brown;
  • the black;
  • Navy blue;
  • chocolate;
  • hazelnut color.

If desired, more vivid colors can be used, for example, red, green or yellow. In this case, the front door of this brand does not have to be one-color. Some decorative elements can be painted in other colors, for example, gold, beige, purple or any other.

It is in terms of color solutions that the manufacturer gives its customers a full choice. If necessary, each person can order a unique exclusive door of almost any color and with any pattern.

But do not forget that this possibility exists in the case of choosing a door painted with polymer dye. If, however, the finishing of the canvas is chosen with a panel of any type, then the color gamut will still be a bit limited.

Customer Reviews

Among the buyers of the company "Steel" can be found as ordinary inhabitants, and professionals who specialize in the installation of doors. It is their feedback that will be able to most truthfully describe the product of this brand.

Simple inhabitants really confirm the high reliability and durability of these doorways. Almost all people were satisfied with their choice and did not find any flaws. People are satisfied with a wide selection, staff service, as well as further professional installation of cloths.

But sometimes you can meet and negative reviews. Basically, they relate to the cost of goods and indeed, the prices for the doors of this brand are at least 28 thousand rubles. And only a few buyers say that the built-in locks and other locking mechanisms quickly break. If this really happened, the manufacturer will replace the lock with a new one for free. Fortunately, such reviews are less common.

Professional builders and installers, on the contrary, fully confirm the words of the manufacturer. They say that the doors "Steel" are among the most reliable, strong and durable in the domestic market.It is impossible today to find a room in which such a canvas could not be installed.

In conclusion, we can only say that in the case of the “Steel” brand doors, the high price fully justifies its quality.

For more information about the doors of the company "Steel" learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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