Pros and cons of doors "Krona"

The Russian company "Krona" is a well-known manufacturer of interior doors. She has extensive experience in this field, as she has been manufacturing doors for 15 years. Products are characterized by long service life and excellent quality. Buyers especially like veneered models due to their exquisite appearance.


Interior doors "Krona" have a large number of advantages, therefore they are in demand among buyers. The main plus is reasonable prices for all the company's products. Anyone can buy beautiful doors, regardless of financial possibilities.

Affordable price is a reality thanks to the use of innovative technologies and a developed production base.

The Krona company offers a wide choice of stylish, attractive doors that are made from high-quality materials.Among the large lineup, each customer will be able to choose the option that fits the style direction of the interior. The brand produces interior doors, interior arches and molded products.

Each product from the company "Krona" is based on a thoughtful design, which is characterized by a long service life. Designers create stunning models, surprising beautiful textures and a variety of color designs.

The manufacturer offers more than thirty attractive models from different series. They are available in a wide range of sizes. On the website of the company you can find the specifications of each model.

Special features

Interior doors "Krona" stand out against the background of analogues from other manufacturers such features:

  • Many models are equipped with glass inserts. Their presence does not affect pricing, since the company has its own glass production.
  • Products are equipped with a special insert of durable and reliable material - pine timber. It is used to firmly fix the locking mechanisms.
  • The use of cellular filler has a positive effect on the strength of the whole structure.
  • Each model is based on a rectangular frame, which is made from pine wood of excellent quality.


The Krona company offers a wide range of high-quality and stylish interior doors. To satisfy customers, the company offers several collections:

  • "Classic" - includes veneered options that look original and fashionable. Frosted glass inserts lend a touch to charm. Door leaf with milling on MDF is presented in various colors of natural wood.
  • "Modern" - All models from the presented collection are decorated with inserts of glass "Triplex", which are safe. Some models attract attention with elegant patterns over glass.
  • Portofino - door designs are made only from natural materials. Veneered models have a classic design.
  • "Baroque" - All models look rich and elegant. Doors are made from a frame and also include natural veneer of various wood species.The manufacturer focuses on oak and walnut veneer.
  • "Techno" - different fashionable design, simplicity and severity of the lines. All models look beautiful in hi-tech style or minimalism. The company offers a variety of colors.
  • "Premier" - At the heart of the door design is used the frame frame, which gives the product charm. Doors are decorated with patina.

Door leaf design

Beautiful and high-quality doors from the company "Krona" include several basic elements:

  • The rectangular frame is made of solid wood, namely pine.
  • Cellular filler was given this name due to its unusual shape, which resembles a honeycomb in appearance. This filler gives the door strength and reliability.
  • Existence of an insert from a pine bar for further installation of the locking mechanism.
  • The door leaf is processed by MDF panels, on top of which veneer made of natural wood is additionally glued.
  • The inner frame of MDF is used for doors decorated with glazing.
  • All deaf doors are made exclusively of pine solid, which is one blade.


Production of interior doors is carried out according to state standards. The standard height of the door leaf is two meters. Width of products can vary from 40 to 90 centimeters, with a step of 10 centimeters.

The manufacturer offers the possibility of ordering doors on the "Moscow standard". This means that the width of the structure can be 55 or 60 centimeters, and the height - 190 centimeters, the thickness of the web - 4 centimeters.

Customer Reviews

Interior doors "Krona" already decorate the apartments and houses of many residents of Russia. The company's customers were satisfied with the acquisition.

A wide range of models allows you to choose the ideal option for the embodiment in the interiors of different styles. For convenience, the company offers separate collections that are suitable for the chosen style.

All models are made exclusively from high quality materials, which has a positive effect on the duration of operation of products. The thought-over design acts as the guarantor of durability and reliability.

The manufacturer offers interior doors at an affordable price, as they are independently engaged in their production,and also uses its own glass.

You can learn more about the Krona door in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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