Installation of compartment doors

 Installation of compartment doors

Doors are an integral part of any room. Among the huge number of models of different plan, compartment doors stand out for their specificity. Thanks to simple installation and functional features, compartment doors are gaining increasing popularity.

Design features

The compartment doors are sliding doors fundamentally different from the usual doors. If you try to imagine the effect of such doors in the house, it may seem that their installation is only possible for a specialist, but there is nothing difficult to mount and install such a modification.In order for the coupe to be flawless in operation, you need to understand its design features and functions. Single-door coupes are most common, but the number of flaps can be increased.

Regardless of the type, the design and principle of operation remain unchanged. The basis of the mechanism are roller elements, which sit in the guide rails. Guides can be two or one depending on the model. The door itself with the help of rollers attached to it will move along these guides.

Due to its characteristic differences, compartment doors have several advantages:

  • Easy to assemble. If you carefully follow the procedure, assemble and install the structure is not difficult;
  • There is no likelihood of a bang on the door due to a strong draft in the room;
  • Due to the fact that the compartment opens by sliding along the wall, the space in the house will not be lost.
  • The growing interest in these types of doors provokes manufacturers to create a huge number of models. They can be chosen to absolutely any style of the room.

Having an idea of ​​such doors and their characteristic features, you need to elaborate on the installation.

What tools and materials are needed?

Before installation, you need to stock up with a full set of necessary materials, which depends on the model of the selected door.

We offer you a complete list of what you need to properly assemble the structure:

  • The door leaf itself, which can be made of wood, metal, glass and other materials;
  • Door handles that do not protrude from the surface of the canvas;
  • Upper and lower guides. For correct operation, the length of the upper must be twice the width of the leaf (margin - about 10 cm).
  • Locking stoppers, which are mounted on rails;
  • Roller elements;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Bolts with locking nut;
  • Checkboxes;
  • Staples;
  • Carriages;
  • Several casings;
  • The timber is made of wood, the height and width of which is 5 cm, and the length is twice the width of the casement;
  • Nails;
  • Anchors.

It remains only to collect all the things mentioned in the beautiful compartment door. Naturally, for this you need a male set of home tools.

To install in the arsenal should include:

  • hammer;
  • spanner or horn wrenches;
  • drill;
  • crosshead screwdriver;
  • screwdriver;
  • metric level.

If you know how to use all these tools, you can gradually get down to business.

Preparatory work

Do not forget that the installation of a new door is carried out after the completion of all works on the surface finishing of walls, ceilings and floors. Also, do not delay the dismantling of the old door for a long time, because after removing it from the hinges and removing the door frame, it will be much easier to imagine a new structure in the intended place. You will be able to estimate the dimensions of the door opening and thus correctly select the dimensions of the compartment door. Before installation, you need to evaluate the site on which the work will be carried out.

Be sure to make sure that the contour of the doorway and the floor near it do not have irregularities, since the projections will impede the movement of the compartment. It will jam, and at increased loads it can even become unusable. In case of uneven walls, clean and maximize the surface.

Next, you should proceed to the arrangement of the door space. You need to hold cosmetic trim slopes or put the box if there is no time. If necessary, the dimensions of the box are adjusted to the length and width of the opening. After that, the correct installation of slopes is determined by the construction level.For the upper part, a tolerance of up to 5 mm is allowed, and for the side parts - 0.5 cm for every 2 m.


The assembly of the compartment mechanism begins with the creation of the foundation of the door. The required dimensions are determined and, in accordance with them, profiles are cut, namely vertical, horizontal and intersectional profile holders. Cutting should be done with maximum precision, it can be done with a saw or hacksaw. Then special holes are drilled in the vertical profile for future connections.

When the cut parts are ready, you should proceed to the preparation of the door filler: glass, chipboard or the like. In the case of glass, it is recommended to secure the material by pasting it with a safety film. The film will not allow it to crumble throughout the room at its destruction. Other substances do not require extreme care.

The next step is to shrink the filler into the horizontal profiles. There is nothing complicated about it. The sheet of material needs to be fixed on a flat surface and impose a profile on it.

The material must be firmly fixed profile. In order for the sheet to enter without damage, a flat bar is applied to the profile, on which precise blows are applied with a rubberized hammer.

The next step is to shrink the filler into the horizontal profiles. There is nothing complicated about it. The sheet of material needs to be fixed on a flat surface and impose a profile on it. The material must be firmly fixed profile. In order for the sheet to enter without damage, a flat bar is applied to the profile, on which precise blows are applied with a rubberized hammer.

Again, there may be difficulties with the entry of glass. Care should be taken to ensure that the seal is positioned correctly, which fills the space between the profile and the glass. In extreme cases, you have to stretch the silicone in length, thereby freeing up some of the space. The assembly of horizontals ends there, and the vertical lines are completed on the same principle.

It remains to deal with roller elements. First, the upper horizontal and one of the verticals are connected by means of incomplete screwing in of the screw. Unrealized space from incomplete screwing is allocated for the installation of a roller in it. After that, the screw twists to the end. Thus, the roller and profiles are firmly fixed. The bottom roller is mounted in the same way.The only difference is that it is fixed by means of the hole at the bottom of the vertical profile and the screw-regulator. For a complete presentation it is recommended to consider the assembly scheme

Conventional models without design features are easy to assemble, but if you prefer the radius coupe model, you should consider several aspects of their configuration. Unlike simple sliding variations, which can be installed on supports and suspended, radial doors should be installed only as supporting sliding systems, since the profiles of such compartments create large loads that will be smoothed by the lower support.

Assembling the sash radius, pay attention to the thickness of the holder. It must be at least 1.2 mm.

Be convinced of the rigidity of the aluminum profile, manufacturers often use artificially curved profiles from the usual linear models. The width and stiffness of the radius holders are necessary conditions for durability. If these parameters correspond to the required quality, it means that such profiles were created specifically for curved compartments, and counted them on all sorts of loads.

Mounting methods

Virtually the entire process of installing the coupe-door is to install guides. Usually these systems are different. The upper rail can be fixed in several basic ways.

  • Installation by means of a wooden bar. You should take pre-cooked timber, the length of which must be greater than the length of the guide rails. The metal guide is attached to the lower end of the beam, after which the beam is fixed at the desired height, previously outlined by level. Also, with the help of the beam, you can install the coupe directly into the doorway. In the upper wall of the opening, the holes for the dowels are perforated, then holes are made in the beam for the self-tapping screws in the places that coincide with the perforation of the opening. As a result, the bar is fixed with screws, which fall into the dowels and are screwed in with a screwdriver.
  • The use of metal corners. For every meter of the wall you need at least three such devices. To use this mounting method, it is necessary to choose a top guide of a special type, it must have an engaging element. This element is inserted into the grooves of the metal corners. This method of installation minimizes the gap between the wall and the compartment.
  • Attaching rails directly to the ceiling. The method is possible due to dowels "butterflies".

The bottom rail can be mounted in four ways:

  • Installation guide on the bottom of the door. Roller slide will be on the floor surface.
  • Fastening the rails in the slot groove. The carriage is also located on the floor. The groove is made down along the profile. The advantage is the absence of a gap in the bottom.
  • Fastening to the floor. It is not recommended because of drilling the floor and, as a result, the formation of irregularities.
  • Cutting a groove on the floor surface under the door. The roller is attached to the bottom of the canvas and slides along a hidden guide. There is also a large gap below.

The procedure for installing compartment interior products with their own hands

Installing the door kit begins with fastening guides. If the classic single-door coupe is mounted, the first thing to do is to take a prepared bar beforehand. Its length should be similar to the length of the guide rail. The metal guide is attached to the bottom end of the beam with self-tapping screws, screwed from two edges, after which the beam is fixed at the desired height,previously outlined level.

The previously created profile fastener to the carriages is installed in the guide. The rollers must be parallel, because otherwise they will be difficult to slip. Next, the canvas is applied to the doorway of the wall to make sure the dimensional calculations are correct. If everything is correct, the preparation of the lower guide starts, which depends on the model of the compartment door and the chosen method of installation, for example, the groove on the end of the leaf. Holes with a depth of 2 cm are drilled on both sides of the lower part of the sash. Holes should extend 0.5 from the edge. Next, a groove is selected, which should be slightly wider than the sliding element. You can create a groove artificially with slats or wall profiles. At the end, limiters are hung on the top rail.

It is worth paying attention to the installation of a special design of the compartment doors (the case when they go into the harvested niche). The design and installation are not fundamentally different, but the necessity will be to align the inner surfaces and the floor. Artificial leveling of the protrusions due to the imposition of chipboard panels or other materials is often used.

A suitable alternative to niches are compartment doors mounted in a special case (cassette) in which the door is hidden. Their installation is complicated by the need to destroy a visible part of the wall, since the installation of the canister requires space. The whole structure must be strictly parallel to the cassette so that no obstacles are created to the sliding. Upon completion, the cassette should be decorated with decorative material.

How to install the mounted model yourself?

Despite the fact that the mounted models are easy to assemble, to install them without the intervention of specialists it is necessary to use the step-by-step instruction:

  • You need to use a wooden beam, give it the right size. It is desirable that the length was twice the length of the opening.
  • From below a bar guide is fixed by self-tapping screws.
  • Next, the canvas must be hung on the prepared place, that is, the profile carriages must be brought into the rail space of the upper guide.

How to install cassette doors by yourself?

Installation of cassette doors differs from conventional hinged doors only in that you first need to break a part of the wall or punch an empty space in the wall in which the niche will be arranged and at the end cover the surfaces with decor.

Beautiful ideas in the interior

Due to the variety of models, compartment doors are often a design solution in the interior. The most popular premises for the use of the compartment are the bathrooms, because the bathrooms are small in size and the sliding canvases are aimed just at freeing space. Also, the bathroom is the room where everyone puts himself in order, which means you need to see yourself there. Among the compartment constructions there are also models with a mirror, which is another plus for the bathroom.

However, this does not mean that the use of the coupe is limited only to the bathroom. These doors can perfectly complement the style of the living room or create a comfortable space in the dressing room. A huge selection of amazing models makes it clear that such designs will delight even in the bedroom, kitchen or in any other room.

You should consider a couple of options to complement the interior compartment system.

Sliding bed in the bathroom. The filler is represented by glass material, which favorably emphasizes the European style of the adjacent room. The clouded section gives the impression of a gray tint and perfectly complements the design of the bathroom itself.In this way, the bathroom beckons with a relaxing atmosphere.

Mirrored coupe design for the entire wall. Creates a bedroom-enhancing effect. Thanks to the modest colors of the room itself, mirrors do not put pressure on the eyes. If on the place of a mirror design to represent a usual case, then against the background of comparison the designer zest will become noticeable.

Installing a compartment system in the office will be a great solution that you will not regret. Since the area of ​​offices is small, the desire to preserve precious space will be quite understandable. In this embodiment, sliding doors with a transparent base contribute to the aging of a strict style of the room. The dark color of the selected profiles will not distract from work.

Summing up, it should be noted that the best solution is to always keep up with the times. No need to cling to the usual things that are only comfortable and durable. Classic doors are already in the past. Now it is more correct to say that the doors are moving apart and not opening.

You can learn information about the coupe doors, all their minuses and advantages, from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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