Features doors "Le Grand"

 Features doors Le Grand

The doors of “Le Grand” gained popularity among professional builders and homeowners due to the excellent quality and wide choice of both interior and exterior models. They have important advantages that distinguish them among the samples of production of other companies. Le Gran offers a choice of doors made from various materials and decorated with modern technology.

About brand

The plant "Le Grand" was founded by engineers in 2001. This fact alone speaks in favor of the models of this company, since people developing products are well aware of what they produce. Since then, the company "Le-Grand" is a leader in the market for the production of door structures, and it is not going to give up the leading position.All doors "Le Grand" subject to mandatory certification.


The company "Le-Grand" values ​​its reputation, so all the company's products go through a full cycle of control, starting from the supply of raw materials and ending with the sale of finished models. In addition, the doors of "Le Grand" have the following advantages:

  • Reasonable prices. The company does not cooperate with other enterprises even at the stage of purchasing raw materials, it has a full production cycle. This is the reason for reasonable prices for doors.
  • Reliable locks. "Le Grand" has developed a special technology for the location of the locking mechanisms in the door leafs. They are placed in a special pocket, which is reinforced in a special way, which is why with the doors of "Le Grand" your house will be fully protected.
  • High-quality insulation. The thickness of the metal sheet used for the manufacture of input structures is 1.5 mm, and the layer of mineral pressed cotton wool for maximum heat and noise insulation is 5 mm. Due to these characteristics, the doors of Le Grand do not let the cold into the house and do not release heat from it and reliably protect the comfort of residents from outside street sounds.
  • A large assortment.The company takes into account all the wishes of existing and potential customers. Doors for every taste are produced: different colors, with decorative elements, stylized for unusual textures, such as stone or wood (applied to metal doors).

Additionally, it is worth noting that the company does not purchase any parts made in China. If we talk about wooden structures, then only raw materials from Russia, Turkey and Italy are used for them.


Despite the abundance of advantages, many users point out some flaws. In general, the claims relate to the work of the service, and not to the quality performance of the doors.

Despite the fact that prices for such a quality are considered quite acceptable, for many they turned out to be tall. However, even buying the cheapest of the presented variations, the buyer is satisfied. The time of manufacture of the door is about three weeks. For many, such a long time seemed inconvenient.

Another disadvantage is that the door cannot be ordered online. This is due to the fact that the company offers a full service, including the work of the measurer and installation activities.

As you can see, each of the shortcomings follows from the merits. Any of these inconveniences is more than compensated for by the quality of the door itself and the work on its installation.


The company specializes in the production of entrance doors. Production is carried out in several directions at once, so there is a choice not only of colors, but also of models that differ completely in their parameters. All entrance doors are made using the same technology, the difference is only in materials.

Special panels for interior decoration are offered, so that the entrance and interior doors, already installed in the apartment, are well combined with each other. They also have a different color and are made from various materials. You can order a simple interior panel or with a mirror.

There are many types of door locks. Among them are not only ordinary keys, but also code ones. The most popular are double systems, which require two keys to open. So, in everyday life, you can use any one lock (upper or lower), and when leaving for a long time (for example, on vacation) you can completely secure your apartment by locking the door with two locks.

Entrance doors can be ordinary or premium.The difference lies in the material: Turkish components are used for the doors of the middle price segment, and Italian are used for the premium.


It is logical that all entrance doors are metallic. For their manufacture used steel alloy rugged. In some cases, the doors can be additionally equipped with armor plates, improving their protective performance.

The outer part of the door "Le Grand" has a different texture. You can find a model that fully meets your tastes. Extensive panels that look like wood are very popular. These doors look expensive, talking about the prestige and wealth of the owners of the house.

Doors with wood veneer are often complemented by various decorative aluminum inserts. As a rule, such models are selected in apartments or houses, furnished in modern styles in the event that tenants want to fully maintain the interior and exterior in the same style. Traditional paneled doors are also suitable for modern styles, but they still look more traditional and are unlikely to hint at the interior of the apartment.

There are ordinary smooth steel coatings.They are more familiar and more common in modern apartments.

Panels for interior decoration are made of solid wood or MDF with veneer. Of great interest are models with a mirror, as this will add additional functionality to the hallway.

There are many colors to choose from, including not only traditional brown tones, but also gray, white, black.

Product lines

The company "Le Grand" produces doors for different climatic conditions, as well as those that are located at the entrance or go directly to the street. In each of the rulers, single-wing, double-wing or one-half-fold models are presented:

  • Series "Le Grand." This product range includes classic doors at average prices. The exterior panel can be painted in one of 11 available colors. The inner one is made from MDF with a melamine texture and is presented in three shades. The doors have two locks and are suitable for homeowners who do not fear burglary: there is no enhanced burglar-proof protection. If desired, you can order a two-sided model, covered with MDF of different colors on both sides.
  • Series "Wolfhound". Doors are universal.To more clearly demonstrate the quality, the manufacturer draws a parallel with the dog wolfhound, thus hinting at the increased protective properties. The doors are equipped with good sound and heat insulation, have protection against fading under the influence of ultraviolet, so that they can be used in outdoor conditions.
  • Series "M". It is presented in three variations: "Standard", "Premium", "Comfort". Each of the sub-series has its own content and its price. Models are made with internal ProfilDoors panels with frosted glass, made of veneered MDF or completely wooden (the most expensive).
  • Series "Arctic". Doors from this category have enhanced thermal insulation properties, which is reflected in the title. They are available only in one-sided version, the outer panel can be painted in one of 10 colors, the inner one in one of three colors.

Also, the doors "Volkodav" and "Le Grand" can be equipped with a wrought-iron grille. This option is well suited for private homes, because it looks good on the street, not in the stairwell.


In general, the majority of buyers respond positively about the products of the brand Le Gran. Many say that it is worth the money.For some homeowners, the downside was the long production time for the products, but in the end its quality pleased. Mention of defective models is not found. The average price of the door with measurements and installation is kept at the level of 100,000 rubles.

See how the Le Grand doors are produced in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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