Mario Rioli Doors

During renovation in the apartment or house is required to install interior doors. On the modern market there is a huge variety of models in bright colors or with a natural wood surface. There are several brands that have gained their popularity due to product quality and interesting design.

A good choice would be to purchase doors from Mario Rioli - a famous Italian company.

About company

The Italian brand Mario Rioli began its production in Russia since 2007. The company launched a powerful factory, which is able to produce about a million door frames per year. The plant uses the full cycle method: the delivered raw materials are dried and products are made from it with 100% quality control at all stages.

The products are of high quality due to several stages of control: the raw materials are initially checked, and then the finished doors directly for the reliability of manufacturing and assembly.Finished products help to create a unique design of the room and give a cozy apartment. Doors will delight buyers and with excessive demands.

Production features

The Russian market is filled with specialized Italian products. The plant produces high-quality interior doors in large quantities. Quantity is not considered the main criterion for the company Mario Rioli, in the first place is the quality of manufactured products in accordance with international standards.

By production of interroom doors the modern equipment is used. The whole process is designed to the smallest detail and effective. All employees and working personnel working at the plant were trained and practiced in the main production in Europe. Modern technologies allow to produce products with unique characteristics. To date, there are not many Russian companies that can manufacture interior doors with such qualitative characteristics.

The main feature of Mario Rioli products is considered to be a honeycomb structure. The canvas has good sound insulation and is made from environmentally friendly and safe materials.

The veneer has a natural texture, and the surface has increased strength and resistance to mechanical stress. All component components used in the manufacture of door blocks are not subject to temperature fluctuations and humidity.

Interior doors are lightweight, which greatly simplifies the process of use and increases the service life of all elements. Door hinges do not creak, do not sag, and the paint applied to the handles is not erased.

Advantages of Italian models:

  • Original style. Products are manufactured with a large number of designs. The company is considered an expert and trendsetter in the interior doors industry. Collections are periodically updated and improved.
  • Long warranty on products. With the help of modern technology, each design has increased strength and reliability. Each product has a warranty period of 3 years. The service life of standard structures is on average 15 years.
  • Increased noise isolation. The door leaf is 4.5 centimeters thick, the leaf is tightly fitted to the door frame. The entire construction around the perimeter is glued with a rubber seal.Many models have a feigned part, which significantly increases noise insulation.
  • High-quality lining. The doors of the manufacturer Mario Rioli are made by modern technology from high quality materials. The surface is resistant to UV, mechanical and abrasive damage.
  • Easy to install door frame. Embedded hardware: a lock, hinges and handles make it easy to assemble a structure that non-professional workers can carry out.
  • The door frame is the size of the canvas, it is much easier to install the door. Platbands are telescopic, which allows you to hide all uneven surfaces on the wall and remove the door if you need to re-glue the wallpaper.
  • The low cost of interior doors. Despite the famous Italian manufacturer and high quality products, the cost of products is not too high.
  • The manufacturer in the manufacture of doors installed all the necessary fittings, which saves time, eliminates errors in the assembly of the structure and prevents damage during installation.
  • Unique design, because developers track current fashion trends.Each new product released by the company is gaining popularity among consumers.
  • A huge number of complimentary reviews from buyers. Almost all reviews are positive, but like everywhere else, there are dissatisfied customers who do not like anything about these products.
  • The doors are closed tightly, which is provided by a sealant of sound-absorbing material.
  • When closing and opening, there are no unnecessary sounds. Each model has a lock with a polyamide latch.
  • Glass inserts are mounted at the factory, which excludes irregularities, breakdowns and inconsistency sizes.
  • The edge of the structure is trimmed on three sides, which makes it possible to install doors to rooms with high humidity, as well as to stairways.

Popular collections of the manufacturer

Some models from Mario Rioli are basic. All of them have a different configuration:

  • The classic model is “Domenica”. Doors have classic proportions, unique panels. For finishing glass, mirror or stained-glass inserts are used. Natural wood is used as materials for the canvas, which is excellent for classic models.The veneer has a classic texture and coloring that provides an individual pattern of each product. Such models are suitable for country style and retro.
  • "Arboreo" also applies to classic models. Constructive feature - "panel in the panel." The company is considered the creator of this technology in the manufacture of doors. The collection is distinguished by a surface with a large percentage of glass, as well as a door made of natural wood veneer. Every detail of the classic model gives uniqueness and beauty to the interior.
model "Domenica"
Arboreo model
  • "Linea" - modern canvases. Models from this collection are used in a minimalist style. The surface is flat, finished with wood-based panels. Wenge and oak are most commonly used, they give the entire product austerity and simplicity of form. Products with one or two shutters are possible.
  • Collection for minimalism and asceticism - “Mare”. The surface is flat with smooth glass inserts and rounded lines. At production various inserts suitable for any design and an interior of the room are used.
model "Linea"
Mare model
  • Unique doors from the collection "Minimo" Began to release in Russia not so long ago. The outer canvas is covered with beautiful edging, which mimic the woody shades of classic materials. Original glass inserts look beautiful in the interior of the room.
  • A collection that fully reflects the Italian character - Primo Amore. The surface is decorated with beautiful transparent inserts. Finishing the canvas is made of veneer from expensive wood. Moldings and grilles of various materials are widely used.
model "Minimo"
model "Primo Amore"
  • Modern models from the collection "Pronto". Small details of minimalism look great on popular models. Products are reliable and easy to use, and also have a low cost. For coating, a special film is used for natural tree species.
  • Natural materials and laminate flooring look great in series. "Saluto". As decorations use glass inserts.
model "Pronto"
Saluto model

Designers are constantly updating the model range. A large number of materials for the manufacture of products makes it possible to choose a model for each room.

Every door released from the factory of Mario Rioli is of high quality.One has only to get acquainted with a lot of positive reviews, and everyone can be sure of the reliability and good quality of products.


The manufacturer cares about the quality of products and its reputation. He needs to admire their appearance and quality. Designers have developed models with suitable elements, but fittings can be chosen at their discretion to any collection.

Each model is delivered to the customer in assembled form and with a complete set. Even a non-professional master is able to install it independently. Geometric dimensions are ideal for the installation site, they do not need to be cut and customized.

The manufacturer guarantees the absence of marriage on the surface of interior doors. The outer coating is varnished and polished, which forms a good coating that is not subjected to mechanical damage.

The company offers high quality doors from natural solid wood. Products are widely used all over the world. All products are made of solid wood according to European quality standards.All interior doors look attractive and original, have good performance properties.

Each model is made by the latest technology. Because of this, each product serves for many years. To find the door for your home, you need to read customer reviews or get advice from experts. Wooden doors for indoor installation, made of oak and pine, have a beautiful appearance and modern design.

Next, see a selection of interiors using doors from Mario Rioli.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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