Pendulum doors: the pros and cons

 Pendulum doors: the pros and cons

In the process of repair, each owner seeks to think through all the details of the decor. One important detail that plays a huge role in the overall interior design is the door - a functional component that can give the desired accent to the room. Currently, there are many popular types of doors. Pendulum structures are especially popular, the features of which will be discussed in this article.


Pendulum doors became popular relatively recently, although for quite a long time they were used in public places with frequent traffic.Currently, they are very successfully installed in offices and in places of residence.

This type of door is one of the types of swing doors, the only difference is the ability of the pendulum systems to open in both directions. This property is due to the presence of special sheds, which differ from conventional fittings in a certain design and attachment point.

Also, pendulum-type doors have single-leaf and double-wing structures, in this case they are classified based on the number of leaves. If the width of the door opening is less than a meter, then install a single-leaf canvas, since the two doors will look ugly. Designs with one leaf is a suitable option for interior doors.

If the opening is quite wide, then the owners can afford to install the pendular double door as an interior or exterior option.

Regardless of the number of casements, the doors can open inward and outward by 180 °. The designs in all possible variants provide for the installation of a closer and a return mechanism. The dimensions of the wings are made depending on the width of the doorway,The system can be supplemented with fixed side panels or a transom from above.

Doors are also classified by installation:

  • outdoor - entrance or balcony. In this case, it is better to use doors made of reliable materials that provide complete security;
  • Internal or interroom are made of various materials which should be chosen, proceeding from the general stylistic direction of the room.

In places requiring compliance with a certain temperature, as well as with high intensity of operation, special elastic swing gates made of PVC are installed. This type of door is relevant for warehouses, trading floors, cold rooms, etc.

Their advantage is the creation of comfortable conditions for the work of staff, as well as the free movement of equipment.


The material of manufacture of door leaves is the main distinguishing characteristic of the products of this system. When choosing a material, one should be guided by personal preferences, features related to the place where the structure is established and the design decision.Currently, pendulum structures are made of glass, aluminum, PVC, wood.

Glass doors installed in apartments, office buildings, supermarkets, subways, etc. Glass is used with a thickness of 6 -12 mm. For frameless swing doors, only tempered glass or triplex is used. Double-glazed windows are usually made with a plastic frame and are used only as an interior option.

Structures made of glass are not inferior in strength to many deaf models, they are very difficult to break.

As for wear resistance, glass is a durable material that does not lose its original appearance and practically does not scratch. These doors are quite practical and undemanding in the care. Using toning can eliminate excessive transparency, and for decorating interior design is recommended to use patterned, opaque, colored or acrylic glass.

The disadvantages of all-glass swing doors can be attributed to a sufficiently large weight of each leaf, respectively, high demands on the reliability of fittings, which should be considered during installation.

Pendulum doors with aluminum frame they are a structure made of composite materials - an aluminum profile filled with either glass, plastic or wood. According to its aesthetic characteristics, the doors of this material are inferior to all-glass, but at the same time have a lower price.

Pendulum systems from PVC are inexpensive and practical option, which makes them quite popular among the population. PVC profile can be filled with double-glazed window, it is also possible to fill the sandwich panel. The latter option is rarely used in residential areas, mainly used in public institutions. Doors of such material have a long service life and are easy to maintain.

Pendulum doors from wood There are a little less, although the demand for this material always remains high. Such designs have beautiful appearance, can be both deaf, and the combined glass inserts. Among the shortcomings is the requirement of certain conditions for the installation premises, excluding the increased humidity.


Today, almost every manufacturer will manufacture pendulum designs to order.Given the specific use of such door systems in public places, in enterprises or in administrative buildings, there are no strict parameters. Most enterprises specialize in a certain form, and, accordingly, the appointment of swing doors, have their own standards and norms.

As for the doors in the residential premises, earlier there were standards for double-leaf doors 130 cm by 230 cm - 65 cm wide for each leaf. Currently, each owner wants to show their individuality, so most of the pendulum systems are made to order.


The color of the pendulum design depends on the color of the frame. A huge color palette of high-strength plastic or painted metal is presented on the modern market. The technology of glass inserts uses a different color palette with a wide range of shades, with a variety of embossed patterns. Materials provide partial dispersion of light, limit through-visibility. In the catalogs of manufacturers of wooden doors are a huge number of colors.

How to choose?

When choosing a swing door, you must understandthat in the modern market of such structures there are a huge number of different models, and the choice of the desired option depends on personal preferences and the individual characteristics of the room.

  • First of all it is necessary decide on the material of manufacture, which characterizes the strength and durability, compliance with price and quality. For example, all-glass doors are a reliable and fairly strong option, designs with glass inserts in an aluminum profile are inferior in strength to frameless, but much cheaper.
  • An important detail is loop type selection - gravitational or spring. In both cases, the devices assume an easy opening of the door, but a smooth closure, independent of the angle of rotation. It is necessary to initially determine the method and place of installation of each of the valves, that is, the frame design. There are options for mounting on a partition or on the bearing wall.
  • Compactor - an important detail when choosing pendulum doors, since its quality determines the ability of the structure to maintain the temperature mode of the room and prevent the penetration of drafts and odors.
  • Color, appearance and accessories - important characteristics to emphasize the design of the room, and even the view outside the window is sometimes worth considering.

Construction mechanism

All pendulum designs have a spring-axial mechanism built into the lower and upper part of the doorway. The axis of rotation of this device allows the door leaves to open in both directions. Some pendulum doors can rotate in different directions by 360 degrees. Axial canopies can have closers or be without them. Closers are installed in the upper and lower hinges, each of which provides a smooth closing of the door in a given direction.


Thanks to modern technologies, pendulum designs are made according to drawings of various design ideas. The use of a mobile system will be a suitable option for installation in all popular room styles.

A wide variety of glass paintings, the richness of their color range and various variations of the decor will allow you to easily choose the necessary model that matches the style design. The effect of unity of the interior will create a wooden swing door,matched to a specific stylistic direction.

The doors of the metal profile with glass inserts will give solidity and elegance to the room.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pendulum designs have a number of advantages:

  • lack of door frame, which facilitates the installation process;
  • the ability of the lower axis to perceive a sufficiently high weight;
  • the ability to open the doors of the door in any direction;

The disadvantages include:

  • reduced soundproofing level;
  • high price;
  • the need for additional free space on both sides of the door.

Operation and care

Care of pendulum doors is quite simple. The main rule is regular cleaning of cloths from dirt using special detergents. The doors are wiped with a soft cloth, pre-moistened in a washing solution and wrung out carefully. Do not use abrasive powders or pastes. Maintenance of door structures also includes regular inspection and maintenance of door fittings, in particular, hinges and locks, which must be systematically lubricated with silicone grease.

To give an initial shine to the glass doors will help special tools for glasses.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

Many domestic manufacturing companies are engaged in the production of pendulum door systems.

The most popular among them are:

  • Muovilami Group of Companies These are enterprises with 50 years of experience, which produce high-quality fiberglass doors “Lami”. Over the years of their existence, they have won recognition in the global market.
  • Company "Irbis" - one of the leaders in the domestic market, giving guaranteed reliability and quality of pendulum systems. Many hypermarkets and agricultural holdings use the products of this company, which is an indicator of quality and reliability.
  • TM "Titan" has a lot of positive reviews about its products, in particular, about the pendulum structures.

Consumers who had time to evaluate the goods of these companies, positively expressed their acquisitions. As the buyers say, the doors reliably serve more than one year. No complaints about the quality of opening / closing doors was not revealed. Positive effect on the appearance of products.Thanks to a wide range, you can easily choose the appropriate option.

Pleases many and the price, because everyone can fill the door of these manufacturers.

Successful examples and options

It is obvious that pendulum systems are an excellent option not only for installation in public and industrial premises, but also for installation in residential apartments.

Glass pendulum doors are a good choice for homes, they will decorate the entrance to the pool or bathroom in an original way, they will be an excellent choice for a bath or sauna and will give a feeling of freedom.

Fans of true beauty and admirers of modern styles will surely appreciate the combination of a metal profile with transparent glass. These constructions will look most advantageous at the entrance to the terrace, to the winter garden or to the balcony.

You will learn more about pendulum doors in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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