Metal doors with thermal break: the pros and cons

Entrance doors carry out not only protective, but also heat-insulating function, therefore special requirements are imposed to such products. Today, there are several types of structures that can protect the house from the penetration of cold. One of the most optimal options are metal doors with thermal break.

What it is?

Metal doors very well transmit heat, which does not allow to maintain the optimum temperature inside the room. Today, this problem is solved with the help of various heaters, which are located under the frame sheets.

Doors with thermal break - one of the varieties insulated structures. A feature of these products is the use of several layers of insulation, between which have a thermally insulating gasket.A variety of materials with minimal thermal conductivity characteristics can act as this layer.

The door with a thermal break consists of several main components:

  • internal and external steel sheets (they are attached directly to the metal frame);
  • cork fiber (this substance acts as an additional insulation);
  • insulation (here use two sheets, between which have folgoisol or other similar materials).

Iron doors of this type are often installed directly on the street. Using them indoors does not carry any aesthetic and rational effectiveness.

To improve the quality, thick sheets of steel are used as the base material, which can withstand a greater load.


Doors with thermal break are gaining immense popularity. They are great for different climatic zones where the temperature drops below 0. This is due to several advantages of such doors. These include:

  • High insulation performance. With the help of such products you can create a comfortable living environment inside a private house or city apartment.
  • Quality technical properties.Doors not only differ in durability and durability, but also resistance to fire (capable of withstanding burning for a certain time).
  • Wear resistance. The use of a thermal break prevents the formation of condensate on the surface of the web. This prevents the occurrence of ice, and also prevents the spread of corrosion on the metal surface.
  • Soundproofing. Cloths have good soundproofing characteristics. Such products will be the best solution for apartments, next to which the noise is constantly present.
  • Ease of use. The use of high-quality fittings eliminates the large weight of the canvas. Its movement is quite easy, which allows even a child or a fragile girl to handle the doors.
  • Durability. In the manufacture of doors, the surface of metal components is covered with special protective agents (polymer primer based on zinc, anti-corrosion mixtures, etc.). They prevent the occurrence of corrosion and prolong the life of all elements. To increase the metal's resistance to mechanical damage, it is also amenable to laser processing.


Thermal doors are versatile designs that are great for installation as input elements. But similar products still have several significant drawbacks:

  • Significant weight. Many doorways cannot withstand such constructions. The solution to this problem is the additional reinforcement of the wall with metal inserts.
  • Incorrect installation. If the door is installed with a skew, then it will reduce to almost all its advantages. Such a design can pass air, which will lead to heat leakage or the formation of condensate. Therefore, all installation work should be trusted only by experienced and proven professionals.
  • Simple design. Doors of this type consist of straight sheets that are attached to the frame. Today, almost no manufacturer complements their decorative elements. This makes the doors monotonous and boring. But still there are modifications that are equipped with small decorative plates in the form of forged products, etc.
  • Optimal microclimate characteristics. It should be noted that the thermal doors protect against the occurrence of ice in the event that the amount of condensate is minimal.If the room is high humidity (especially on the street side), then the liquid itself will settle on the metal. With the advent of severe frost, the outer side of the structure will begin to freeze over. Technically, this will not affect the interior, but over time it can damage external insulation and lead to the formation of drafts.

Given all the disadvantages of such products, the choice of a door with a thermal break should be approached very responsibly. Be sure to take into account customer reviews of various manufacturers. Some models may differ radically high price (most often - this is a three-circuit model), but the technical properties will be almost the same as in cheaper products.

This will allow you to choose not only warm but also durable construction for a relatively small amount of money.

Heaters used

The quality of thermal doors depends on many factors, among which the type of internal filler is considered the main one. Today, in the production of three-circuit designs, several types of heaters are used:

  • PVC This material is one of the most affordable,but at the same time he is not able to withstand severe frosts. Therefore, PVC doors are suitable only for regions with a temperate climate.
  • Mineral wool and foam. Often, these substances are combined together, which allows you to retain heat in the house when the frost is up to -25 degrees.
  • Fiberglass. This material retains heat very well. But if the doors are operated at high temperatures, then this can trigger the release of harmful substances from fiberglass.
  • Tree. One of the highest quality heat insulators. This material perfectly retains heat without emitting any harmful components to the external environment. The only disadvantage of wood is its high cost.

Qualitative characteristics

Thermal doors are not only products for heat preservation. Today, many manufacturers pay attention to other design parameters of metal sheets. Similar products possess several strong technical properties. These include:

  • Reinforced frame. Almost all doors are made of solid sheets of steel, at least 2 mm thick. The frame itself is welded from a special profile that is able to withstand considerable loads.This in turn leads to an increase in the weight of the web.
  • High-quality fittings. Here they install locks and hinges that are able to withstand significant blows, and can also resist hacking for a certain time.
  • The quality of the metal. All structural elements are made of improved steel types, so the doors with thermal break are much better quality than ordinary metal products.
  • Fire resistance and tightness. It should be understood that all these parameters are not always present in the thermo-doors. Some of these features may be, while others are not always relevant.

If you are interested in certain characteristics, then such a door can be made to order from a trusted manufacturer.

The differences in metal doors with thermal break from other models, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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