Choosing metal doors with glass

When choosing doors, special attention is paid to the material, which must be strong and safe. Under these qualities fall metal doors with glass. Due to the peculiarities of the iron leaf with glazing is one of the most popular options and is installed in many residential and industrial premises.

Features and benefits

At first glance, metal and glass are incompatible materials, but this view is erroneous. Metal construction with glass is more durable than wooden doors.

Still such designs have the following advantages:

  • Security. This material is more difficult to break or damage. Accordingly, the product itself is harder to crack. Therefore, the metal entrance door is the safestby construction.
  • Reliability. Such a metal web has a long service life without a fundamental change in appearance.
  • Such designs have good sound insulation and are more resistant to high temperatures.
  • Easy and convenient operation.
  • Fast assembly and disassembly of the product.
  • Presentable and aesthetic appearance. Glazed canvas advantageously stands out among similar designs and gives a noble look to the room.
  • Iron doors with glass are a good waterproof and light-throughput construction. Glass insert in the input products can play the role of "eye", through which you can see what happens on the street. She is also a good conductor of light in dark areas of an apartment (for example, a hallway).
  • Wide range and availability. These products can be purchased not only in the store, but also ordered by individual parameters.


Despite the large number of positive qualities, they have disadvantages:

  • The high cost of the product.
  • Low thermal insulation quality.

Such designs have many types and models, so they are suitable for any room.


The classification of the types of iron construction depends on many parameters.

So, depending on the destination doors are divided into:

  • Input or street.
  • Interroom.

The first type is used not only in public places (shops, hospitals, restaurants, cafes), but also in private homes. For the latter option is usually chosen door with forging. Forged grilles are usually mounted on a glass insert for protection and durability. More forged antique products give the door and the facade of the building an aristocratic look. Interior doors are installed in the apartment, in the office space, as well as in the pools and shower rooms.

And one and the other type of design can be simple and fire resistant. Fireproof structures with glass inserts, as a rule, are made of two sheets of metal, resistant to high temperature, and a refractory stele.

This design has a seal around the perimeter, which expands at high temperatures. Thus, it fills the space and does not let the smoke into the next room.


Depending on the material, the doors are distinguished:

  • Steel.
  • Aluminum.
  • Metal-plastic.

Steel doors have a more reliable and durable canvas. Therefore, they are also considered elite.

The doors in the aluminum profile are lighter and quick to install. The last option has a double layer: an aluminum sheet is placed in a plastic case. This gives the design greater reliability and protection. Such doors most often establish on a balcony, a verandah or a country house.

In addition to pure metal, the doors are often framed with wooden and plastic lining. This allows you to select the door among similar designs and give it a beautiful appearance. The ratio of material in such doors is different: in some models, metal is taken as the basis, and glass is a decorative element, in others, on the contrary: only the frame and accessories are left of the metal.

Opening method

According to the method of opening the door leafs are divided into:

  • Swing.
  • Sliding.
  • Folding.
  • Carousel.

Swinging The door is a classic option that is used in many rooms. This method involves the opening in one direction only. This design can be a two-fold and single-fold.This method can be applied to both entrance and interior doors.

Sliding the canvases are opened with the help of guides and can have either two or one leaf. As a rule, they are used for zoning rooms, as interior doors in the apartment, and entrance doors in shopping centers, restaurants and cafes.

Foldable the model is distinguished by several doors or sections, which when opened are assembled into an accordion. The mechanism is similar to the sliding model, but in this case the section and sash remain in place. As a rule, this type is used inside the apartment to delimit the space and as an interior design.

Carousel view the opening is a circle or shaft in the center of the doorway. At the same time, the model has several flaps that rotate. This type is popular for installation at the entrance to a shopping center or office building.

Form and design

Depending on the shape and design, there are:

  • Standard rectangular doors. This type is the most popular and sought after, as it is easily decorated with wrought iron parts and glass inserts of various shapes.
  • In the form of arches or sliding semicircular. This form is used for interior doors and, as a rule, is decorated with a minimum. Perhaps the establishment of stained glass or matte.
  • Custom doors (asymmetric, round, triangular). Due to the unusual and attractive form, the door is not decorated with additional inserts, except glass. Otherwise the design will look ridiculous and inappropriate.

Each species must be carefully selected in many ways.

How to choose?

Choosing a metal door with glass inserts is not an easy decision.

In order for the door to serve for a long time and be a reliable support, it is necessary to consider the following points:

  • The basis of the door. The most popular are steel and aluminum doors. Elite steel doors have good heat and sound insulation, but if you wish, you can install an additional seal around the perimeter. Aluminum fabric is less dense, but it has high strength and long service life. That is why such doors are most often installed in places where there is a large flow of people. Aluminum is also easy to finish with other materials.
  • Place of operation. If you need an entrance door, then preference should be given to frosted or tinted glass, which will not allow curious to look into the house. For a more aesthetic appearance, you can use painting on glass or stained glass. For the same purpose, it is worth using forged parts and grilles, which can be an additional protection. In the choice of interior doors, much depends on the overall style, area of ​​the apartment and the preferences of the owners.
  • Way to open. It should take into account the area and size of the room where the door will be installed. For small apartments, an excellent solution would be sliding doors or folding doors.
  • Technical quality of the product. For street constructions it is important to choose a canvas with a high density and resistance to temperature changes, good thermal insulation.
  • It is important to choose the right insulation between canvases. Preference is given to mineral wool. It has good thermal insulation quality and is an ecological material.

To preserve the appearance of the street canvases should pay attention to the finish of wood or additional protective equipment.

  • For interior design the main quality is high noise and heat insulation.
  • Reliable and high-quality locks. Entrance structures must have at least two locks, one of which must be cylindrical, as it can easily be recoded if keys are lost.
  • High-quality fittingsTo which handle, chains, loops and other technical elements concern. They must be made of durable material and firmly hold on the product. They must also have a beautiful view.

Metal doors with glass are a great solution for any room. They are chosen for the reliability and safety of the design, a wide range and aesthetic appearance.

How to install a metal door with glass, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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