Doors "MetaLyuks": types and features

 Doors MetaLyuks: types and features

The company "MetaLux" confidently ranks among the largest manufacturers of steel doors in the Republic of Belarus and offers consumers more than a hundred items of products.


Metal doors of the company “MetaLux” are deservedly in high demand and endowed with many advantages.

  • The optimum ratio of price and quality. Thanks to a fully automated door manufacturing process, the purchase of raw materials in large quantities and competent logistics, the company manufactures products in a wide price range. In the assortment there are quite low-end models, and elite products with the highest level of protection and chic appearance.
  • Large variety of options external and internal design allows you to choose a product that fits any room or facade. Steel doors on the outside are decorated with MDF panels or covered with powder coating. The inner side is finished with laminated or milled MDF linings, produced in a wide range of colors and a wide variety of textures.

PVC film is used as a laminator, which perfectly imitates the structure and color of wood fibers.

In addition to laminated, milled panels are widely used, which are manufactured on high-precision modern equipment with programmed control. This allows you to perform a perfect geometric pattern of any depth and complexity.

Also when decorating used glass with tinted, transparent and frosted glass.

This allows not only to decorate the door leaf, but also serves as a source of additional lighting due to the penetration of sunlight. Such models are especially relevant for installation in cottages and country houses.

  • High crack resistance. Products correspond to the fourth class of protection.They are equipped with two locks, different in type of construction and level of secrecy. A suvald type device is used as the upper lock, the lower one is represented by a cylinder structure.

The frame of the canvas reinforced ribs, which guarantees the impossibility of pressing the door or bending the corners.

The steel door leaf is made of solid sheet, which is much lighter than the welded structure. This ensures the ease of the product and a reduction in the load on the hinges, significantly increases the service life and prevents deformation of the box and the canvas.

All models are fitted with high-quality accessories manufactured in Turkey, which is not only sturdy and durable, but also has an attractive appearance.

  • High performance sound and heat insulation due to the use of double sealing contour located along the perimeter of the web and the use of mineral wool, which laid the frame products. Plates of warming are ecologically safe and hygienic. They can not appear fungus, mold and pathogens.

Quality control and compliance with production technologies are carried out by the enterprise’s technical control services at each stage of the door assembly.This allows you to exclude marriage and guarantees compliance with international standards.


The company produces four collections of doors.


The collection differs in that high-density rigid polyurethane foam is placed in the frame of the canvases. It fills the entire cavity of the structure, thereby completely eliminating the formation of voids. This increases the insulating quality of the door and enhances the rigidity of the canvas.

Also, the frame is laid with penofol - a material that consists of foil and does not let the cold into the apartment.

The outer side of the door is covered with high-quality paint "Silk", which perfectly protects the fabric from corrosion, is resistant to mechanical stress, is beautiful and favorably emphasizes the embossed surface of the product;


The collection is notable for its special elegance and elegance of models. The surface of the door leaf is decorated with exclusive patinated milling, which are manually performed by highly skilled craftsmen. Thanks to the piece production, each door turns out to be unique and inimitable;


Models combine high quality and elegant appearance.The huge variety of decorative panels that distinguish this collection provides the opportunity to choose a door for any interior solution;


The collection is represented by budgetary, but at the same time, high-quality models, which, despite their low price, fully comply with all international requirements for door quality and material safety.


The entrance doors of the company “MetaLux” are deservedly popular in the market of door structures and have a lot of positive reviews.

Customers note the high quality and elegant appearance of the products.

Attention is drawn to the possibility of purchasing inexpensive models. Of the minuses there is a small assortment of locks with which the doors are equipped, their monotony and traditional design.

In the next short video you can see how one of the models of the front door “MetaLux” looks like.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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