What good is a plastic door?

 What good is a plastic door?

In recent years, the entrance structures of city stores have undergone tremendous changes. Replaced the wooden canvas came plastic doors. Owners of individual housing did not stand aside. Initially, only wealthy people could afford the technology, and now it is available to everyone.

What it is?

A plastic door is a product consisting, as a rule, of an aluminum profile, the top of which is decorated with plastic. Due to the functionality and appearance of the finished product, doors of such a plan were loved by many.

This technology came to the countries of the former Soviet Union from the capitalist countries.Many will surely remember such words popular at the end of the last century as: “euro-repair” and “eurowindows”. And intuitively understand their meaning.

Until plants for the manufacture of plastic structures were built in the CIS, newly-made merchants ordered products in Europe. It is because of this that the final price was so high.

But with the advent of its own production price declined. It was caused by savings in logistics and growing competition in the domestic market.

Foreign companies during this time gained a great experience. There are still well-known profiles of famous manufacturers - KBE, Veka, Thyssen, whose production is established in our country.

Today not only windows and doors are made of plastic, but also balconies and even entire trade pavilions. And this is not surprising, because over the past decades technology has not stood still.

Specialists pay close attention to the plastic door, annually offering various innovations to the final consumer.


It is accepted to subdivide the plastic doors according to the opening method - swing, folding, sliding, tilt and turn.And at the location - entrance, interior and balcony.

Plastic doors in the apartments of the average citizen of the country, as a rule, are most often found in the balcony blocks. This is due primarily to the fact that when installing a triple glazing and a five-chamber profile, you get "warm" doors, that is, doors that do not let the cold from the street.

In addition, this door is also soundproof, and this is very important when the balcony goes out into the street with heavy traffic.

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Less often you can find interior plastic doors in the apartment. They are more in demand in office centers and shopping complexes. Moreover, to equip them with a locking mechanism is not such a big problem.

For security purposes, it is customary to install plastic doors without a threshold. This is especially important in families with small children. When the threshold does not physically exist, the risk of injury from falling is eliminated.

Another important feature of the doors of this material is that they are moisture resistant. It is because of this that they are very often installed in pools and in rooms with unglazed balconies.Plastic and glass repel water, do not allow it to enter the room

Dead door most often installed in technical premises - in the back room or in the offices of the guard. When this happens, glass is replaced with plastic, which guarantees “protection” from prying eyes.

Less popular was folding plastic door. It is mainly installed in small premises. Doors of such a plan do not retain heat, and do not prevent the penetration of noise. They serve as a kind of partition between one and the second room. But it is worth paying tribute, in the open state the space is not cluttered and their cost is rather low.

By the way, sliding options also save space in the room. In terms of opening, they have something in common with wardrobes. Unfortunately, they have greater use abroad, in those countries where there are practically no low temperature indicators, and not in countries with a sharply continental climate.

Double-leaf swing (they are also called double) plastic doors will fit almost any interior. Because as a decor, you can use a huge number of different solutions, ranging from the color component to styling under the classic design.


For quite a long time, the argument does not subside whether it is better - veneer or plastic. Proponents of the first claim that the tree - an environmentally friendly material. Proponents of the second transfer this plus to minus. After all, precisely because of the natural origin of such products must be carefully looked after, annually processed from pests and painted.

But when using colored PVC profile, you can achieve not only the desired result indoors, but also forget about painting as a nightmare. In this case, from the front of the building, the color can also be of any color. As a rule, if it is an apartment building, then a universal white profile is applied.

In order to at least partially resolve this dispute, designers, together with manufacturers, recently presented a special version, on the outside of which white plastic is used, and on the inside - lamination under MDF. This product is not afraid of either rain or ultraviolet, and the room creates the feeling that the door is completely made of wood.

When the customer does not have a need to hide the room from prying eyes, he prefers all-glass plastic doors. Although they are a bit more expensive, but transparency is guaranteed.

In the opposite situation, experts recommend the installation of technical products (with a complete replacement of the glass on the sandwich panel). In this case, in addition to solving the task, it is also possible to save money.

Remember that if careless installers are too lazy to tear off a special protective film after installing a plastic product, you need to do it yourself. And preferably within a month, otherwise the film may spoil the appearance of the window or door. This is especially noticeable on large structures.


In Soviet times, the construction of apartment buildings was guided by GOST. The state standard concerned not only building materials, but also the height of the ceilings, the number of windows in a given series, the presence or absence of balconies. It is impossible to imagine that there were problems with the door frame when hanging the doors or the width of the window openings would not meet the standards. For such offenses severely punished.

Today, when the construction of residential neighborhoods is given to private structures, houses are being built on special projects. Somewhere there are large windows, somewhere small.The same applies to balcony blocks, and interior doors.

Standard type residential districts are slowly becoming a thing of the past. But if in new homes plastic bags are installed initially, then the owners of secondary housing in this regard are not lucky. You will have to replace them at your own expense, but you can choose the color at your discretion.


White plastic door is universal for any type of premises. It does not matter, it is a kindergarten, school or a small pavilion on the street. However, a significant disadvantage of white color is that it is very marks. If you periodically do not wipe the dust, then it eats into the surface of the plastic. Return the product to its original form will be almost impossible.

Alternatively, dark shades can be advised. If you look closely, the entrance groups of many stores are made in brown. And this is done for a reason. In addition to the fact that the brown door is easily washed, it also fits into the classic design of the room, where, mainly, wooden furniture predominates.

Directly in residential premises in recent years, interior doors made of solid wood of one or another tree have become widely popular. A PVC film with a wood pattern is applied on top of such a canvas.In part, such a door can also be considered plastic, because it is the film that protects the canvas from an aggressive environment.

The most popular flowers in this segment are Milanese and Italian nuts. The first is more suitable for bright rooms, the second - for dark. But remember that these colors are not a panacea, you can always choose something to your taste or consult with a specialist.

How to choose?

In the old days, when there was no particular choice, people bought only what they were offered in the store. In most cases, interior doors were made of wood. Glass inserts were assumed only on the doors that were installed in the living room or in the kitchen. In all other cases, as a rule, there were heavy deaf canvases painted white.

Today, when there is plenty to choose from, you can show imagination and install a plastic door. On the one hand, it can be recommended for the hall, especially in a swing, and on the other hand, it looks great in small doorways.

By the way, doors with glass can be both without a partition, and with it.Most often, the options with a partition are mounted in areas where it is necessary to ensure the impact resistance of the product. If on the way of opening the door there is some kind of obstacle (for example, a window sill), then an additional protection is set - impost. It is used for the actual limitation of the height of the door leaf. According to the standards, it is desirable that it does not exceed 240 cm.

Plastic doors are relatively light, their weight may increase when using additional glass. But if glass provides heat insulation, the rubber seal creates the conditions for sound insulation and prevents various odors from entering the room.

A greater number of options considered suitable for cottages or commercial premises, directly for apartments, we can recommend glossy interior doors. They not only fit into any interior, but also visually increase the space.

The furniture market does not stand still, offering a huge number of different solutions every year. If at first engineers were surprised by microwashing, now even products with electromagnetic locks are offered.And experts do not intend to stop there.

Device description

In addition to the previously mentioned electromagnetic lock, the closing mechanism can be selected individually, depending on the needs and condition of the customer.

Due to the fact that plastic doors most often open and close, especially in public institutions, the fittings should be given close attention.

In order for the door to serve as long as possible, you need to choose high-quality hinges, handles and locks. If you plan to only replace the balcony unit, then the usual handle from the window will do. It can be installed with folding, and with tilt-and-turn opening system. In order to save from the balcony, as a rule, a handle without a locking mechanism is installed.

You can embed the lock directly into the door or window handle. In this case, open it without a key will simply be impossible.

For fixing the door in a certain position coined limiter. It can be either wall-mounted or outdoor. Recently, various variations of clamps have appeared on the market, including in the form of toys.

In shopping malls, it is desirable to install a handle without a built-in lock, even if it's better located separately. As a universal option, the best option is a massive version of the handle. This door will be able to open and adults, and children.

An important detail is door closer. Depending on the type of door opening, it can be floor, hidden, with a sliding channel or a classic one. The classical closer with the folding lever is used in most cases.

In recent years, much attention has been paid to the security system. Due to the fact that plastic windows are "close relatives" for plastic doors, accessories for one segment are suitable for another. Few people today can be surprised blocker. It was created as a unique device designed for families with small children. The principle of its work is to prevent the possibility of opening the window. Something similar is implemented for the door hardware.

From the street to prevent hacking attempts are established roller blinds. This is a metal version of the blinds. By the way, and blinds perfectly mounted in profile without damaging it.They were especially popular in families with small children, where sleep-hour is not scheduled.

Many are discouraged from installing plastic doors, referring to the fact that they will have to be constantly regulated. This is not entirely true, since if the installation is performed by specialists, then they themselves configure the product. Such a door will serve with proper operation for several decades.

But if all the same the door "leads", then it is very easy to return to the correct position. To do this, you need the usual hex key. The design has a hidden clamp, which is located on the hinge side. But if the guarantee has not yet expired or there is doubt about the correctness of actions, it is best to contact the master.

Remember, it is very important to check all fittings after installation. Doors should open and close easily, locks should not jam, all screws and bolts should be fully tightened. It is best to check the quality of the work performed at the time of finding specialists, and not after their departure.


Modern metal-plastic doors are widely used in administrative and commercial buildings, as well as in suburban and multi-apartment buildings.There is an ordinary explanation for this - they are not only functional and practical, but also fit most design projects.

Plastic blends perfectly with brick, concrete, stone and even wood. The main thing to remember about the color ratio. White plastic in wooden structures does not look attractive. An important role in the design of the room is played by accessories. Even if it is a small room, you can always beat it.

Advantages and disadvantages

For many years, there was notoriety behind the plastic, the experts emphasized the insecurity of this material. But since then, several decades have passed, and now quality standards require manufacturers to perform them perfectly, so that plastic products are no longer toxic.

To date, plastic "pressed" metal structures and rightfully occupied an empty niche in the economic segment. Plastic windows and doors interact well with security sensors. In this case, the main thing is that the products use a quality seal that provides a tight fit. But back to the reviews.

The main and, perhaps, a significant drawback of buyers is the flammability of this material. Although experts work in this direction, but remember that it is undesirable to install plastic doors near a probable source of open fire.

Customers around the world note the following advantages of plastic doors:

  • Democratic cost. The competition in this market is so high that it allows you to keep prices at an affordable level. And it only increases as the formation of the finished product, if extra tools are not needed, then the price will not change.
  • Practical use. It is impossible to imagine that the metal door would fold like an accordion, but with plastic it can be done. It is lightweight, so it does not need massive hinges and a metal box.
  • Durability. Plastic is not susceptible to corrosion, it is not eaten by fungi and pests, and this is already saving on paint.
  • Ease of care.

Care Tips

In more detail we will stop on this point. Many probably remember how in childhood they had to paint windows and interior doors every summer. And the paint in those years was difficult to erode.It was necessary to update the appearance and the entrance metal door. Plastic has recently come to replace metal and wood. But even during these two decades, the buyer has already appreciated that moment that it is not necessary to paint anything.

No, of course, the plastic door can be painted at home, if the need arises. For this suitable water dispersion or acrylic paints. The color at the same time you can choose any, if only he approached the interior.

But in most cases it is enough to simply remove the dust from the surface or wash it. Plastic does not absorb moisture, so you can safely take a cloth to use a cleaning agent.

There are brave men who carried out lamination of plastic products at home. This is the process of applying film on windows or doors. You can choose a color film or a film with a picture. Still, painting and lamination should be carried out in extreme cases.

Successful models and options

As noted earlier, plastic doors are widely used in swimming pools and bathrooms. If wood and metal, high humidity is a death sentence, then it does not affect the plastic. The maximum that can occur is the appearance of condensate, which is easily removed with a dry cloth.

In the apartment they are often bought by the owners of the balcony unit. This is a complete replacement of old wooden structures. Not only did they have to be warmed annually, but every spring they also removed the insulation, tear off the newspapers with which the gaps were glued.

It is especially practical to use a full glass door in rooms with a French balcony. It beats not only the inside of the room, but also the outside. For plastic structures, there is no difficulty in framing any architectural projects, even if they are arched.

A plastic cabinet for storing things or blanks looks aesthetically on the balcony. The door at the same time can be opened either as a closet, or the usual hinged way.

But in the kitchen it is best to install a folding plastic door. It easily separates the hallway or living room from the dining area. If necessary, it can be fully folded, and the passage will not be cluttered. Harmoniously this door looks in the dressing room.

Hardly anyone would recommend such a door to the room, especially to the bedroom. In cases where the apartment is small, you can divide one of the rooms into two parts by a partition. Remember that using frosted glass, you can achieve complete impenetrability.

In the last years of the last century, it was popular to install two entrance doors. On the one hand, it was a certain protection against apartment thieves, and on the other - heat and noise insulation.

If the first task today is easily handled by a modern metal door, then there are still some difficulties with the second one.

Before installing the door of metal-plastic in the corridor, it is recommended to install a special box, popularly referred to as "pocket". This is one of the solutions, and to some it may not seem entirely appropriate in city apartments, but to someone, on the contrary, will do. By the way, additionally formed "room" can be used for storage.

But if in an apartment building you need to have permission to perform construction work, then this is not required in a private house. It is here that you can ignore the size of the room and turn to the full.

First of all, I would like to note the fact that winter gardens in the garden are most often made of plastic. They can grow not only vegetables and greens familiar to our table all year round, but also try to adapt exotic plants to our climate.

Together with the winter gardens are popular and gazebos for private areas.A plastic door to such a room can be locked with a key, which contributes to the use of this room in the summer, if necessary, as a bedroom in the open air. But this, of course, already delights. Something similar is realized in the form of a turnkey solution for business. In many cities, entire markets are set up from similar stalls.

Often it is for the entrance group that a plastic door is ordered. It can be made according to a special project, even with glass or mirror inserts, even triangular or rounded. There is no difference to the manufacturer in this case, because it is not a stamping production. Any order is carried out according to individual sizes.

In conclusion, I would like to note that there is a certain minimum technical characteristics that must be considered when choosing a plastic door:

  • Metal profile should be three-chamber. And it is desirable that its thickness was in the region of 100 mm.
  • It is necessary that canopies withstand the weight of the canvas - at least 80 kg. Otherwise, it is likely that the door will begin to sag with time.
  • The presence of conventional batten locks.
  • To reduce the weight, it is recommended to use a single-chamber glass unit, but because of this the sound insulation decreases.

Summarizing, we can conclude that the plastic door has found application in both residential and non-residential premises. She is not afraid of any moisture or pests or temperature change. It practically does not fade under the action of ultraviolet.

In recent years, close attention has been paid to the safety of the product, it is considered to be hypoallergenic. But the main thing is that the plastic door is accessible to both rich and less wealthy buyers.

But it is important to understand that it is impossible to save on accessories. This is the basis of the basics. And if you plan to install an outdoor plastic door, you should choose a quality profile.

Following these recommendations, you can extend the performance of the product for dozens, and maybe hundreds of years. Moreover, the profile manufacturers give a long guarantee on their products.

In this video you will find professional advice on choosing a plastic door.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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