Features mosquito nets on magnets

 Features mosquito nets on magnets

Mosquito nets on magnets recently began to gain great popularity and occupy a leading position, displacing the well-known insect tape. It is especially relevant in the summer season, when you want to enjoy the freshness of the summer air and open the door.

This mesh reliably protects the home from insects and passes air well. With it you can air the room and not be afraid that mosquitoes or other harmful insects will remain inside the house.

Special features

This mesh consists of two mesh canvas. Bipolar magnets are sewn into each of them (in such a way that they can fasten the canvas together in the middle). You can open this grid without using your hands.. It swings open easily and is also easily fastened with magnets when you enter without missing insects.

On the shelves of stores such products are presented in a wide range. The buyer has the opportunity to choose a product based on their own preferences. The convenience of the product is the fact that Pets can enter these “doors”. You don't even have to open the canvas for them..

Mosquito nets today can be purchased at a hardware store or do it yourself. It will not be difficult and does not take too much time. Buying the necessary materials will not hit your wallet. Such a grid with the right approach will not yield to a product made in production.


One of the producers of such products is trading brand Magic Mesh. Today it produces good canvases, which are in great demand and win positive feedback. This mesh is made of quality material, which is highly resistant to precipitation, moisture, temperature changes and extreme heat.

It is high strength - and at the same time, quite light. Can be attached to wood, metal, plastic.. Mosquito net is easy to use.

Such a product can be cleaned and washed using different detergents with different compositions. In this case, you can not worry about damage.

Dimensions canvases easily adjusted to any size of the doorway. The product provides protection against dust and dirt. The price of such a grid on average is 1500-1800 rubles. However, you will be protected from mosquitoes and other small insects.

How to make your own hands?

To make a mosquito net with your own hands, you will need to prepare the following:

  • plastic mesh (light transparent fabric, old curtains);
  • magnetic tape (2 pieces).

To the corners could not tear the grid, they should be cut with a knife or scissors. The net or light fabric must be cut in two.

Next you need to insert the magnetic tape in the resulting canvases. Do not thread the tape to the ends of the net. Leave a distance of approximately 2 cm from the edge.. Otherwise, there will be a chance that the magnets will tear the mesh over time, ruining its appearance.The free ends of the magnetic tapes on top of the nails with small nails (to the middle of the doorway).

Then you should nail the parallel edges of the mesh above and also along the perimeter. Leave a small gap at the bottom of the grid, so that it does not scrape on the floor and does not get dirty. From this, the lower edges of the curtains will rub off, take on a sloppy look.


There are 3 types of mosquito nets:

  • Roll. It is a roll of net canvas, which is in the box. Such a mechanism can be attached to the door horizontally and vertically. This is a very convenient mechanism.
  • Sliding. Reminds sliding door closet. Not suitable for every doorway: you have to push it with your hands, which is uncomfortable and interferes with pets.
  • Magnetic, in the form of curtains. The most popular option in high demand.

In the interior

The insect canvass can also play a decorative role in the interior. Most often clips in the form of butterflies or birds are attached to the grid on the magnetic ends. Mosquito curtain on bird magnets - a very nice option to design a doorway in the summer.

Butterfly clips or birdies have a number of advantages.Cloths on clips are not twisted. They interlock with each other faster than regular curtains, since the heaviness of the clips pulls the magnets closer to each other. They hold 2 times stronger and do not pass dust and other pollution. They look prettier than ordinary mosquito curtains.

Recommendations for selection

If you are going to make a purchase, you should find out the exact size of a particular doorway, since all the grids have different parameters. Measure the length and width of the door opening and, based on the data obtained, select a suitable canvas.. You can choose options that adapt to any dimensions of the openings. Should be considered and color. More often firms produce only canvases of poor color gamut. These are, for example, gray, green shades.

Better choose the mesh, which have the top of the clip. This, for example, canvas on bird magnets. Such products better than others protect against the penetration of insects and immediately connect without twisting. Look at the strength of the mesh and operating conditions. There are mosquito cloths that lose their strength when washed.


Mosquito nets today recognized salvation from annoying insects.This is evidenced by numerous customer reviews. The product does not interfere with filling the rooms with air. Modern grids are characterized by the highest rates of strength, quality, practicality, as well as aesthetic appearance and ease of operation.

Of the brands that can be preferred, buyers emit a few. High ratings for Magic Mesh, Rosenberg, Landlife, Gardex. The strength of these mosquito nets is on average estimated at 5 points (according to user surveys), practicality at 4-5 points, quality 4-5 points, price 4 points. Buyers note that this product provides freshness in the home, it is indispensable in the heat.

Where can one buy?

You can buy mosquito cloth in the hardware store or place an order online.

Make sure that the site is official, otherwise there is an opportunity to get a poor-quality fake.

The price usually does not exceed 2000 rubles. Fakes can be purchased for 500 rubles, but their quality leaves much to be desired.

An overview of mosquito nets on magnets for the Magic Mesh door, see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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