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Doors - the necessary components of any house or apartment. It is important that they fulfill their basic functions in the long term and look presentable. Products made of monolithic material are not always able to meet these requirements, so it is advisable to purchase special linings for door products. But among the large selection of store products it is easy to get lost and make the wrong choice.

That is why it is important to know in advance about the functions of the linings, what materials are used in their manufacture and how to choose the panels for the interior.

Features and benefits

Slips are installed both on entrance doors, and on interroom. They perform A number of useful features that explain the demand for these products:

  • Primary protection function. The panels protect the natural material from the effects of various external factors. These factors may include temperature fluctuations, a wet microclimate, the influence of ultraviolet rays and mechanical damage.

Many models are made of materials that repel these influences and allow the door to serve for many years.

  • Cover plates "Take a hit" for mechanical damage. Upon contact with sharp objects or deformation from impact, the lining will be damaged, but it will save the main body of the door from damage. You will not need to purchase a new expensive door product, you just need to replace the outer panel on its frame.
  • Behind the door panels need less thorough care. Solid wood and metal products require the purchase of expensive tools to maintain their functionality. On the doors of solid wood may eventually appear parasites, so you need to periodically lubricate the structure with a special compound. If there is a pad on the body of the product, the risk of such problems is significantly reduced.Lining is fairly easy to clean from dirt, using inexpensive or even folk remedies.
  • Door products are not always easy to match a certain style of interior. But the cladding makes it possible, because among the options for the panels, you can find absolutely any design and decorate the door of the room so that it will be in perfect harmony with the environment.
  • Door panels will help substantially save your finances. If you want to change the look of the door, you will not need to buy a new door design, which can be quite expensive. Replacing the cover, you diversify the look of your apartment without significant financial costs and installation difficulties. The panels externally imitate almost any natural material. They will give your home solidity and representativeness.


There are door linings of various types, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

Covers are divided according to the place where their installation is planned:

  • External panels are used on the outside of the door of a private house or apartment. They are usually made of moisture-proof and cold-resistant materials.Durability - the highest quality for such panels. They must easily transfer the mechanical impact and not be deformed.
  • Interior panels must first be durable and aesthetic. Especially the factor of resistance to mechanical stress is important in the house where there are small children or animals.

The cover plate must be sufficiently resistant so as not to deteriorate during active games of children, a special anti-vandal surface is created for animals, which helps to avoid the impact of their claws.

  • Decorative interior patch panels play an important function in the interior. They complement the style in which the room is decorated and often play an accent role. These panels are made using decorative elements, unusual colors and textures.
  • In some homes, the door trim has a protective function. A special type of products - armor plates, protect the vulnerable parts of the door, in particular - the keyhole.
  • The bronenakladka is a cast construction, which is installed on the part where the lock is located. Production material - the tempered steel from which

Different types of products are created:

  • Mortise designs are mounted inside the door leaf and have a very strong fixation. Such an overlay is difficult to install independently, because the installation process is laborious and requires professional skills.
  • Overhead products are easier to install because they are mounted only on the outside of the door with special screws. But their defense is not so powerful.


For the manufacture of linings using traditional materials:

  • Wooden panels look very presentable and solid. They are mainly used for the inner sides of the entrance door or interior products. Wooden structures, in turn, are classified into painted, varnished, veneered or laminated. Most varieties, especially products with veneer, do not tolerate contact with water, so they are only installed in rooms with a dry microclimate.
  • Painted tree less susceptible to environmental conditions and after a while it is easier to restore and repair. Laminated surface can also be restored, but this procedure will be long and expensive.
  • For apartments, a type of wooden linings are plywood products. They are much thinner and imply a short service life. In order to prolong the operation, you can cover the plywood panels with a special varnish or film. Decorative interior patch panels are created by a combination of plywood and veneer.
  • Another type of wood panel is MDF lining. They consist of wood dust and a protective layer. These panels are durable and can last for quite a long time with careful operation. The material can be used in private homes in the presence of a protective canopy on the street side and the absence of strong humidity in the internal microclimate of the house. Often the surface of products is very close in appearance to natural materials.
  • PVC film often accompanies products from MDF. It serves not only as a source of additional protection from external influences, but also often performs additional functions of decor. It can imitate various textures, have a matte or glossy surface and be combined with various interior styles.
  • Material that allows the door to come into contact with humidity and other environmental influences is plastic. Such products are often installed on entrance doors in private homes. They do not contain the outer layer for design. The entire relief and patterns are parts of a solid product. The durability of the lining depends on its cost, cheap plastic quickly burns out under the action of ultraviolet rays and loses its original appearance.
  • If for the representative appearance of the machine are used carbon and wind linings, That is no less important in the design of the doors of the home are chrome and brass products. Typically, these materials are used to design additional attributes - locks, door handles and thresholds. In a harmonious combination with the main material of the lining, chrome and brass parts will look great on door products.
  • Sophisticated users apply for interior decoration dermatin linings. They look pretty solid and can play an additional function of insulation, if during installation an additional layer of foam rubber was made. Such linings are not resistant to mechanical stress. Products whose appearance is close to natural materialsmay have a rather high cost.


When you decide on the type of door linings, you need to think about the appropriate size of the product. The panels by parameters are classified as follows:

  • Standard. Their sizes are 200 cm by 90 cm. You will find similar products in any store as a finished product. They are suitable for most interior doors in apartments.
  • Customized. Typically, such designs are made to order, taking into account the peculiarities of the size of your door leaf and the opening.
  • Full construction. Miniature plates with a diameter of up to 10 cm have a round or oblong shape.

Color and design

When there is a question about the color design, you need to fully focus on the style in which the room is decorated. Shops provide the following types of colors and textures:

  • For panels imitating natural wood, such shades as wenge, thin oak, beech, maple, cherry are characteristic. Mahogany has a solid appearance. Often, wooden lining supplied with carved elements and may consist of two colors. Two-color products are created according to the principle of contrast, for example, milk oak and walnut, or dark and light wenge.

Unusual shades of the tree will be the colors of the "old tree" and "fern." They will perfectly fit into some modern styles, such as the direction of eco.

  • Plastic has a wider range of shades, which includes rich colors and a variety of combinations. In addition to contrast, similar colors can be combined in plastic products. Often, exclusive models of overlays with photo printing are created. This option is perfect for decorating a child's room.
  • The elegance of the door design give chrome parts. These include door handles and keyholes. Chromium has a peculiar ebb and it goes well with many textures.

How to choose?

In order not to be mistaken in the choice of overlays, you need to follow certain rules and take into account The following signs of the door unit:

  • The material from which the frame is made. On the metal door it is often necessary to install an additional fastener for the lining, so that it is more convenient to attach them with self-tapping screws. If the panels are mounted on glue, then the types of glue bases for wooden and metal structures will be different.
  • It is important to consider the cost of the product.It depends on the quality of the material and the complexity of the design. Some exclusive models are quite expensive, as well as high-quality products. More budget options have a shorter service life.
  • When selecting a product, consider how difficult it will be to care for it. Sometimes it requires additional costs for the purchase of special tools or painstaking cleaning techniques. Care products may also include anti-parasite and rust protection agents. Some pads are very easy to clean, they are sufficient to wipe with a wet or dry cloth or soap solution, which significantly reduces the time spent on cleaning the door surface.
  • For some rooms, in addition to the lining on the front part of the door, it is necessary to choose additional panels on racks and thresholds. They are usually made of the same material as the main panels and add door construction completeness.
  • The interior design of the room determines the appearance of the door product - its color, ornament, texture of additional details, and the shape of the relief.

Taking into account all the above factors, you can choose the perfect lining for any room in yourapartments and for a long time to provide your home a beautiful and aesthetic look.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Door panels can be classified according to the main features of each popular interior concept:

  • For style baroque characterized by pompous details. The overlays are usually decorated with embossed carvings, gold inserts and elegant complex patterns. The main material for such products is wood fiber. The texture is styled as a natural wood and has a very expensive and luxurious appearance.
  • More modest appearance have lining in the direction of the province. They are made from pastel colored materials. The products may have a small thread, elegant lines form rectangular relief details. The upper part of the lining is decorated with paintings in the form of flowers and other interesting ornaments.
  • Panels high tech - it is plastic or wooden monophonic products that have gray, dark brown or light colors. Such panels are often equipped with additional materials that create geometric compositions on the doors. For the most part, they are rectangular in shape, and often the main panel looks like a embossed wooden texture, although in reality it is made of smooth plastic.
  • A certain similarity with the style of Provence has direction chebbi chic. Door covers are also made in soft pastel colors. The difference is that prints of this style must be made in pink colors and contain elements such as ribbons, bows, drawings of colors and even textile items.
  • Very neat and concise appearance inherent in door products. eco style. They are wooden structures with a matte texture in muted light or brown tones. Eco style does not tolerate pretentiousness, so linings are rarely supplied with prints and drawings.

It is important to choose door linings so that they make your home truly elegant and beautiful. The door is the face of every room in your home, so you need to be very careful when choosing a design and material for door panels.

If you adhere to all the recommendations, the appearance of your home will delight you and your loved ones for a long time.

In the next video, see an overview of the lining on the door.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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