Consider the types of non-standard doors

Not in all rooms and it is not always possible to install doors of typical sizes. In order not to leave the opening open, accessible to anyone, you will have to install a non-standard input block, optimal for a particular case, suitable in size and material. The purchase and installation of such a product has several features compared to conventional doors.

Special features

Non-standard doors are almost always custom-made; it takes longer to receive them than the usual ones described in the manufacturers and suppliers catalogs. Installation will also inevitably be complicated.

At any factory, we consider standard canvases for doors 60, 70, 80 and 90 cm wide, 200 cm high. Some enterprises put on the flow also products of other sizes - 40 and 55 cm in width, 190 cm in height.

Anything that does not fit these dimensions - can no longer be considered standard.When submitting such an order, be prepared to face restrictions. Some companies make atypical doors in increments of a millimeter, some - at least 5-10 centimeters. And there are factories where such tasks are not performed at all.

It is also worth considering that anywhere do not let interior doors below 180 and above 230 centimeters. The increase in the cost of the nearest type analogue is at least 30-50%.

The difference between a non-standard door and a conventional door can be expressed not only in that it is wider or taller: often there are solutions of unusual forms. In many designs, atypical fittings are installed, the flaps open and the number of them is different.


The shape of a non-standard door is arched and radial (curved, in other words).

But also arch not always the same: in one embodiment, and the opening, and the canvas, in the other - only the top of the canvas.

Radial doors mostly sliding in its format, or perform the function of an interior partition. The radius door is sometimes equipped with round doors - concave, convex, both at the same time, but regardless of the form, they are almost always made of tempered glass.

The radial door is universal, it can be used in a hotel, business center or trading hall, and in an apartment of a small area. Both sidewalls and transoms are put in the opening simultaneously with the main canvas.

Non-standard interior doors for a large opening most often sliding, equipped with several canvases. But to make recommendations in this case is very difficult, not knowing the characteristics of your case.

Note that the more canvases, the more should be the guides, fixed from the bottom or top.

Canvases are shifted both in one direction and in different directions, depending on the design.

Entrance rotor doors It is advisable to apply where there is a lot of people. It is a design with two, three or four leaves, spinning like a carousel. It can be set in motion either by themselves or by automatics (motion sensors, blocks defining a certain speed of rotation).

Almost always used brake systems that prevent excessive acceleration, and opening systems for emergency cases.


Manufacturers of doors no longer limit themselves to using natural wood. They use a wide range of materials, and the consumer is forced to understand all the intricacies of them.

  • Metallic the designs are quite original, and if experienced designers work on them, they will be able to attract everyone’s attention. There are wide variations in which the outer part is covered with MDF, the internal all-metal (or they are swapped). Decorating with forged details is very attractive, but remember that it makes the product heavier.
  • Wooden doors non-standard dimensions are used in:
  1. shopping centers;
  2. office buildings;
  3. facilities for leisure and entertainment.
  • Plastic non-standard doors can be used in various places, they are practical, and the ease of processing this material allows you to create on its basis unique beauty designs. In addition, the availability and low cost of PVC is very important for private customers. Commercial organizations are attracted by the ability to easily dismantle such doors and transport them quickly to a new location.

It is possible to buy a custom door of their wood at a fairly low price, if you prefer a frame covered with chipboard,hardboard or slats. In most cases, to make the design more attractive, even budget products are sheathed with veneer. There is no need to count on the strength of the shield frame, so this is more a way to divide rooms than to protect the entrance to the house.

Indisputable leadership in strength and service time is occupied by framed doors of high-quality wood. The whole array is very aesthetic and can be inscribed even in a space designed according to all the rules of design. But to protect the surface from the effects of moisture, heat and cold, use a coating of MDF.

Glued massif is a little inferior in aesthetic characteristics and strength, is relatively cheap, but it retains heat worse and can be deformed during thermal compression and expansion.

The color of a metal or plastic door can be any, but most often they are made black, white, or brown.

Natural wood allows you to "play" shades, achieving a very original look. So, the ash tree massif is red, brown or pink, the color of beech varies from pink to yellow-red. An increasingly popular wenge species is always yellowish, cherry wood is slightly pink at first, but then it will darken.

Different styles

The door is not just a certain functional element, its role in the design of the space is very large. But that’s why the door’s own style is so important.

Concept classic rather blurry - this word can refer to both the antique motif (in the Greek or Roman versions), medieval gothic, and baroque (including its most sophisticated look, rococo).

Important: whichever of these styles you choose, the doors decorated in accordance with it are not suitable for a small space.

Country and Provence quite close to each other, but still there is a significant difference between them, which should not be forgotten. In the city of country is too rough, but the Provencal style completely allows you to get away from any heaviness and pretentiousness.

Consider: choosing a door in the style of Provence, will have to either redo the entire interior of the room in the same vein, or put up with discord in the design.

Typical colors: cream, white, terracotta, beige, light green and blue; White color of a purposefully aged surface is best for the door. Choosing country, you can stay on both pastel shades and very bright tonalities.

Vintage The variants focus not only on simplicity and light grace, but on pronounced old-fashionedness. Their advantage is the ability to harmoniously use in any environment, including studio type apartments. However, for the latter, it is much more appropriate to use loft doors to help divide the space into isolated shares.

Equally effective with the separation of his doors handle Japanese style - but they are made only from oak and beech, and not available to all for material reasons.

The palm of the door styles has now won minimalism, due to its undeniable merits:

  • stealth;
  • highlight commitment to high technology;
  • facilities;
  • reasonableness and lack of the slightest excesses;
  • compatibility with whatever design approaches.

Of course, you are not limited to these options - you can dwell on the functionality modernon the ergonomic style high tech, on the lush originality of ethnic motifs. The main thing is to arrange the result in all respects.

How to choose?

Non-standard doors for a private house - if the opening only slightly exceeds typical indicators - these are “accordions”, moving apart or swinging open.When the required height is more than 250 cm and width is more than 150 cm, the arched shape is preferable.

With a sufficient (from 120 centimeters) width of the arched opening, it is possible to install both a double and a single-door door made of lightweight material. You can not limit your choice with the option with strictly identical doors - usually only one is used, and the narrow one is opened only when necessary.

Consider that the hinged version of the plastic door unit is suitable only for openings no wider than 180 centimeters. If they are larger, you will have to choose between an "accordion" and a "book."

In an apartment of an insignificant area, in order to win at least some free space, one has to inevitably narrow the openings or make them angled. Using folding doors, you can easily transform a room, optimize it for work or leisure.

For country houses, both built a few decades ago, and made on a completely new projects, often characterized by a deviation from the standard dimensions. It is necessary to approach the purchase and installation of doors as carefully as possible, the consultation of the designer is clearly not excessive.

Options in the interior

When choosing a non-standard door, you need to consider not only its reliability and material, not only the service life and durability, but also the ratio with your interior. A very large height can be used in two cases: as a means of visually raising the ceiling and as a way to create an unusual appearance. That is, the doors may not be at all like the doors, they are made purposefully contrasting, opposite walls in style and color.

Tall mirrored doors do not just expand the space, they seem to erase the line between its parts.

The door block is sometimes placed in the most prominent places, and then the designer faces a dilemma - to choose a very beautiful and elegant option, or prefer one that is visually "lost", will not detract attention.

The second way is advisable if:

  • the wall is decorated with a pattern of moldings;
  • frescoes are used in the interior;
  • pasted wallpaper;
  • required by design wall with a completely uniform texture.

In this case, care should be taken of the “invisibility” of not only the door leaf itself. The smaller the handle and other fittings in size, the less they stand out, the better.

A sliding door with clips can emphasize the loft mood of a room, and even if you don’t need it, use a color or textured selection to create an original element of decor.


A wide opening of the sliding doors, not absorbed by the doors, will help to create a feeling of unity of the two adjacent rooms. Lancet arch is appropriate if you make out your home in the Gothic style. Always pay attention to the box, fittings are fully consistent with the canvas.

As some non-standard doors are opened, you can watch in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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