How to sheathe door leatherette?

Quite a budget and you can quickly change the appearance of the door, if you sheathe her leatherette. This procedure is quite simple and easy, and, most importantly, does not require the use of any special and complex tools. How to sheathe door leatherette? The answer to this particular question will be given in our article.

Advantages and disadvantages

Dermatin, used for upholstering doors, is an artificial skin consisting of several layers. The composition is as follows: cotton cloth and nitrocellulose. In this case, these two materials are layered on each other.

This material is used not only to change the appearance of the entrance doors, but also for upholstering furniture, making bags and even for car interior design. The material manufacturers themselves say that leatherette is a quality and presentable substitute for real leather.

But this material also has its drawbacks and merits, which must be taken into account when choosing it.

In the role of the main advantages are:

  1. Resistance to the negative effects of harmful microorganisms, as well as decay.
  2. Protection against moisture and the absence of negative consequences for the material during prolonged contact with it.
  3. Almost unlimited service life with proper and accurate operation.
  4. Ease of cleaning with water and any detergent, while the coating does not suffer from their impact.
  5. The ability to withstand even the lowest temperatures and not to deform.

But there are some disadvantages, the main is the impossibility of the restoration of the material. That is, if there is a hole, then you have to upholster the whole door again. And leatherette is easily scratched and cut, so you need to use the door, upholstered in this material, carefully.

But these disadvantages are significantly inferior to the pluses, so it is not surprising that the popularity of leatherette has not been falling for many years now. Popularity contributes to a wide range of this material.

How to choose materials for plating?

Having decided to sheathe your door leaf with leatherette, you should also purchase related materials in advance:

  1. Leatherette itself. It can be matte, glossy, perfectly smooth or with a small pattern.
  2. Insulation. It is better to use foam rubber or special mineral wool, these materials are best combined with leatherette.

It should be preferred dermatin thick, it is more durable and durable, but its colors and texture are selected by the buyer, depending on personal preferences. When stretching, high-quality material should slightly spring back - this indicates its quality. Carefully inspect it for scratches, cracks or chipped paint. The base itself should be tight, without gaps to adhere to the upper layer of leatherette.

Mineral wool should be purchased with a small margin, it is useful when decorating the door leaf. If such material could not be found, you can buy either izolon or batting. By the way, izolon allows you to enhance the sound insulation and thermal insulation of the entrance door. Therefore, this option insulation will be the best for people living in noisy areas.

Mineral wool

Some manufacturers offer their customers special kits that are designed for upholstering door leaf with leatherette.Typically, such a set consists of the leatherette, insulation, decorative strips and special studs. Therefore, each customer can either purchase a ready-made set or form it himself.

Required tools

In addition to the insulation and leatherette for work, you will also need: a tape measure or meter ruler, pencil, scissors, stapler, decorative nails, hammer, glue, flexible thin wire, metal corners, decorative strips, pliers, screwdriver, pliers.

Far from all of the tools listed above may be needed, it all depends on how the upholstery will be performed - in the usual way or with the design. In any case, all tools should be prepared in advance and placed near the work site.

Variants of drawings

Decorative door trim panel allows not only to change its appearance, but also to make it more attractive and unusual.

Today, experts identify several main varieties of such drawings:

  • Normal upholstery with special slats.With this method, the drawing, and, more precisely, its edging, there is only on the edges of the door, the rest of the surface is perfectly flat and smooth.
  • Another simple pattern, which consists of studs, installed diagonally from right to left and vice versa. Such a pattern is performed fairly quickly and looks best on doors of dark shades.
  • Simple, but at the same time stylish and not quite usual pattern, which consists of three separate ornaments. To perform it, you will need to use not only studs, but also special rollers or applications from several strips of dermatin.
  • This figure, again, consists of two. The first consists of edging around the perimeter of the door with carnations, and the second is located in the center of the door leaf and consists of several small rhombuses that make up one central rhombus.
  • Another example of a beautiful, but simple pattern, consisting only of diamonds that cover the entire door leaf.

There are plenty of options for drawings that will help to decorate and highlight your door on the background of the other door panels. Each of the proposed designs is performed using different studs, inlays, rollers and appliqués.With creative inspiration, patience and perseverance, you can recreate almost any ornament on this material. The main thing is to make sure that all the necessary materials are at hand.

In order not to be disappointed in the work done, before drawing with carnations and attaching them to the leatherette, it is necessary to simply lay out the pattern with a pencil and buttons and evaluate its appearance. At this stage, if something does not suit you, you can easily redo all the work without consequences for the material.

We upholster the input product with our own hands: step by step

You can decorate with leatherette door leaf, made of both wood and metal. In each case, there are nuances in the performance of work. Therefore, we will consider in more detail how to properly fit the door leaf itself in each case.

The first step is to calculate the required amount of dermatin. Its quantity should be 15 cm more on each side than the same side of the door. If rollers are made, one of them will require a piece of this material 15 cm wide and as long as the two lengths of the door itself.Do not forget that such a calculation is given for the manufacture of one roller.

The size of the insulation is equal to the size of the door leaf, but you should pay attention to its thickness does not exceed two centimeters. The number of decorative carnations will depend on the presence of the pattern and its appearance. The exact number can be found in detail studying the drawings.

Wooden door

It is necessary to remove the door from the hinges and lay it on a flat horizontal surface. It is also necessary to free the canvas from handles, fasteners and locks. All these details will interfere in the process.

Now you can form a roller. This is done immediately on the door. To do this, wrap a bundle of insulation and put it in the middle of the canvas. Such a strip is mounted on all edges of the door, that is, on all four sides. Great care should be taken to ensure that the thickness of the roller is the same everywhere.

After the roller has been laid and secured with the help of a stapler, it is necessary to lay a heater on the door leaf and cover it with leatherette from above. In this case, the top coating should first be fixed around the perimeter, and only then carry out the drawing, if it will, of course.

You can also make a roller separately, and then attach it to the door leaf. In this case, the base is attached to the door with a margin on the roller, then the insulation and the leatherette itself are laid, and in the end rollers are formed.

The difference between these two methods lies in the fact that in the first case the roller itself is practically invisible, and in the second case it is clearly visible on the door. The specific method of its formation depends on personal preferences.

But there is also a variant of trimming the entrance wooden door with leatherette and without the manufacture of rollers. In this case, the base is attached to the door leaf with nails or staples, then the insulation is laid out, and after that the leatherette is attached. Rollers on the door leafs allow you to enhance the insulation and sound insulation of doors, as well as reduce the noise level when they slam.

After completing all the work, you must install all the door hardware in place and re-fix the door in the box.

Metal door leaf

The key difference in this case is that all materials will not be nailed to the door leaf, but pasted. The same applies to studs, which will be used to pattern.They will have to be glued to the leatherette using a special adhesive base.

The very sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Removing the door leaf with hinges and release it from the hardware.
  2. Laying the door on a flat surface.
  3. Laying the foundation on glue. To begin with, it is necessary to apply a special glue on the entire perimeter of the door, as well as on its middle, and only after that it is necessary to lay the base from top to bottom with smoothing movements, preventing the appearance of bubbles on the surface.
  4. Now you need to lay insulation. To increase the strength of its fasteners, a small amount of glue can be re-applied to an already laid base.
  5. Laying leatherette. It is necessary to re-apply special glue to the insulation and lay the material on it. It is very important to properly and accurately smooth out the leatherette, otherwise the upholstery of the door will be uneven, bubbly, and it will be impossible to draw a picture on it.
  6. Execution of the picture according to the chosen scheme.
  7. Installation of accessories in the door leaf.
  8. Hanging the door on the hinges.

It is worth noting the fact that the sheathing of the metal door leaf with leatherette can be carried out both with the creation of rollers and without them.In general, the technology and the process of performing the work in both cases are very similar.

What can paint a door dermatinovu?

After completing all the work, the owners of doors, sheathed with leatherette, can be calm, but only until the door leaf again loses its attractive appearance. With the onset of this point, the question arises whether it is necessary to re-perform the entire procedure. Of course, you can again upholster the door, but you can restore it by painting the upholstery in any other color.

The following materials can be used for the restoration of the door by staining it:

  • Spray paint in cans allows you to perform staining easy and simple. In this case, the door leaf itself is not necessarily removed from the hinges. The procedure takes little time, and the palette of shades is very wide, so you can paint the door in almost any color.
  • Special impregnationwhich are very similar to those used to protect shoes. Their use allows not only to change the color of leatherette, but also to improve its water-repellent properties. They are inexpensive and sold almost everywhere.The disadvantage lies in the fact that the effect of their impact is short-lived, so this staining will need to be done every week.
  • Acrylic Surface Paint do not damage the structure of dermatin, have a rich palette, dry quickly and retain their original appearance for a long time.
  • Special dyes for artificial leather are considered the best option for painting such doors. Have an extensive color palette, affordable price and excellent technical characteristics. In addition, these paints can be applied to each other in several layers.

By and large, door trim door does not take too much time. This option of updating the door leaf is more budget compared to the installation of a new insulated door.

Due to the wide range of leatherette itself and the ease of its use, now everyone can budget, quickly and independently change the appearance of their doors for the better.

To learn how to properly trim a metal door with dermantine, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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