Door trim options

In order for the door of your house to have a presentable and aesthetic look, you need to think about such an element as upholstery. Upholstery is not just a part of the door design, it is - the face of your house or apartment. The stores and salons offer a huge number of options for finishing the door surface, and it is important not to get lost in this variety.

To confidently choose the ideal option, you must familiarize yourself with all the intricacies of the process, the features of the installation and the range.


Some buy a door made of solid material and do not equip it with plating. But others believe that imposing an additional panel on the product frame is a necessity, due to the fact that padding has many advantages.

  • The upholstery material on the door device creates a protective layer that protects the product from external influences.Not all materials are resistant to natural disasters, temperature and humidity changes.

That is why the doors are equipped with a cladding that is able to repel all adverse factors from the outside or to take on their impact, so that the service life of the main frame is longer.

  • Often the doors are subjected to mechanical stress - impact, contact with cutting objects and other elements that can spoil the aesthetic appearance of the surface. The trim in such cases takes the hit.
  • It is much easier to change the panel in case of serious damage than to buy the door again.
  • The trim gives you the opportunity to avoid spending on the purchase of a new door, if you decide to change the color and style of the interior. The coating will make the appearance of the door suitable for a new room design without any extra financial costs.
  • Solid material does not always look presentable. If at first wooden and metal doors really look solid and solid, then their surface is exposed to time and other factors - it dims, rusts, loses its beautiful appearance.Upholstery is much easier to withstand the effects of time, parasites do not start in it, oxidation and other chemical processes do not occur.
  • Upholstery is much easier to maintain than solid material. Solid wood or metal should be treated with special expensive solutions to remove dirt and create a protective layer. Artificial panels do not require such thorough care. Sometimes the dirt from their surface can be easily removed using a normal damp cloth, and in some cases, the skin has the property of repelling dirt.
  • An important advantage of plating is a very rich selection of colors and textures of products. Among the panels you can find models for absolutely any style directions. In case your preferences change frequently, you can choose a universal design that fits different design options.
  • Upholstery increases the level of noise insulation and insulation of the room. An additional layer makes the door more sealed, saves from drafts. You can also hear less noise from the entrance or the street, and odors do not get into the territory of your home through a dense door structure.
  • Upholstery is a faithful assistant to create an exclusive model of the door. Some sophisticated users want their door to look not just aesthetically pleasing, but also very original. Therefore, they order upholstery on individual design developments, creating, thereby, a unique product.


A huge variety of types of door upholstery can be divided into two large groups:

Solid upholstery

It is a panel of solid materials that are not deformed when pressed and have a flat surface. This type is durable and resistant to mechanical stress. Such panels are used for both internal and external parts of the door.

Solid textures in many cases perfectly imitate natural materials. They look quite solid and soundly. Often in hard coatings used environmentally friendly and safe material.

To make a solid product last longer, the panel is treated with a special compound, especially if it is located from the street or the entrance. Solid materials are fixed on the door frame with screws, which are located on the edges of the product, or a special glue.The caps of the screws after fixing are masked with the help of special corners.

Depending on the structure, there are several types of hard upholstery:

  • The porous coating has a rather elastic structure with low sound conductivity and thermal conductivity.
  • Smooth coating is more resistant to deformation, in most cases it mimics natural materials.
  • The structured model is created as an analogue of leather products. It has a relief characteristic of snake and crocodile skin, which look very expensive and luxurious.


Soft trim is completely different to the touch. It is deformed when pressed, but then, due to its elasticity, takes on its original shape. Such a coating creates more comfort in the room, it makes the atmosphere homely, but at the same time solid and noble.

Fixing the product also occurs with screws and glue, but often used decorative nails, which are laid at the edges of the door or even form on its surface a kind of pattern. Large mounts also create a peculiar relief on a soft product, which gives additional comfort to the room.

There is a difference in the selection of upholstery for metal and for wooden doors. Each base implies the presence of certain nuances in the selection and mounting.

Upholstery for wooden products

To upholster a wooden door it is important not to forget about such a nuance as the removal of the lock, hinge and peephole. If there is an old upholstery material on the door, it is necessary to completely remove it and all traces of its fastening.

The choice of materials may be different.


The following are used as solid panels.


Laminate is a material consisting of three layers: a stabilizing layer of cardboard with water-repellent elements, bases made of compressed fiberboard and texture paper, which has a different design and imitates natural materials. Such plates do not fade in the sun and are not affected by external conditions, they are easy to install. Covering can be purchased at a very affordable price.


A special type of chipboard is MDF material. It is durable, strong and has a very aesthetic appearance. Such panels are suitable not only for entrance doors, but also for interior doors.

There are several types of cladding of similar fiber:

  • Veneer finish. It is designed for a long service life. The main raw material for such plates is oak, ash, birch, beech. Mahogany is a more expensive alternative.
  • MDF Painted Type - A more budget option, but it is not used for covering the outer part of the door due to its low strength. These products are perfect for internal door trim.
  • For those who prefer solid and durable textures, suitable laminated type MDF. It is multi-layered, has high strength and exquisite decor, which is created using PVC film.

MDF with all its strength is not suitable for rooms with high humidity. The reaction to the water from him is similar to the reaction of products from solid wood. The material is also exposed to the claws of pets, so you should not buy it for the house, where there are cats or dogs.


Fiberboard has a significant advantage in terms of price. But in almost any room there is a high risk of damage to this material. Fiberboard is not resistant to mechanical damage and moisture.


There are also soft materials for the door trim panel.

  • Leatherette very popular when facing door designs.This option implies a dermantin layer in combination with a layer of insulation. When hauling the door, the kozhzamy use screws that secure the material to the canvas. Sometimes a pattern is created on the door surface with the help of special nails, they are needed to create a relief of a certain shape.
  • Time-tested insulation option - foam rubber. The advantage of this material is its cheap price. It can become a base for creating a volumetric relief on the door, but foam rubber does not affect the sound insulation.
  • For those who want to keep the apartment not only warm, but also to protect it from extraneous sounds, a modern analogue of foam rubber will do - penofolhaving a foil surface.

This material is very convenient to fit to the size of the door leaf, because it is sold in the form of flat sheets or rolls.

  • Variety dermantina - leather. It is more similar in appearance to natural leather, has an elastic structure and a noble appearance.

Typically, this material is more expensive than the usual dermantina, but when buying should take into account the fact that leather is not so resistant to UV rays.

  • Recycled leather for upholstery is a luxury item. The composition of this material includes crushed natural leather and polymeric compounds, so that the material becomes similar to latex. The appearance of the coating is very presentable, it is often complemented by decor in the form of embossing or unusual relief texture.
  • The best leather material for upholstering the outer part of the door will be eco-leather. It is a compound of polyurethane and artificial leather. Being resistant to almost all influences, including frost, such a coating will reliably protect your door and give additional comfort.

To make the door trimming process easier, it is advisable to purchase a special kit for this procedure.

The kit includes the following components:

  • foam rubber;
  • dermantin;
  • sealing rubber parts for protection against drafts;
  • nails to decorate the door surface;

Another way to insulate the door is upholstery using felt. A layer of felt is able not only to retain heat in your home, but also to protect you from drafts penetrating through the gaps in the door frame.

Some are not afraid of mechanical effects on the door surface and supply the product with fabric inserts. But in this case, there is still the possibility of the formation of puffs and damage from sharp objects. For those who want to carefully protect the doorway from damage, a black silk cover will do. It is anti-vandal, withstands various effects and at the same time has a very attractive design.

For the capital protection of the door surface from the effects of various external factors, including fire, use a thermal film. It is attached with a special glue only on a perfectly flat surface of the door.

How to make the upholstery of wooden doors, see the following video.

How to sheathe metal models?

Not less variety of materials is offered for finishing door structures made of metal.

This material is more durable than wood, but to fasten the panels it is often necessary to spend additional time on fixing special bars for self-tapping screws. Otherwise, the skin is fixed on a special glue, but this method of lining is less reliable.


One of the materials for finishing the doors is drywall. It serves to seal not the door surface itself, but the slopes.

This material has high strength and is quite easy to use. He does not require serious care and is able to serve you for a long time.

The appearance of the doorway with drywall looks concise and neat, which will correspond to almost any stylistic direction. The minus of the material is its instability to moisture, but there are such varieties of gypsum plastics that have an increased moisture resistance.

Ship plywood

The front door is often sheathed with materials such as ship plywood. Similar raw materials are used on the outside of the product. Ship plywood is very similar in appearance to natural wood, its surface is treated with a special frost-resistant varnish and stain. A truly high-quality plywood usually has a two-sided polishing, veneer finish and glue base that is resistant to high temperatures and moisture.


Inside you can trim the door hardboardwhich is a thin fibreboard. Such a material is quite dense in structure, one of its sides is usually decorative-facing. A huge advantage of hardboard is the ability to easily cut panels of the desired size, ease of decoration and installation. This raw material usually has a democratic price.

Orgalite constructions perform the function of temporary doors, but they can be installed on the side that goes out into the street or into the porch, because the material is not afraid of street conditions.

Artificial leather

In metal structures, as in wood, applies artificial leather for finishing the inside of the door. But when upholstering metal products there is no need to leave the roller around the edges. To mask the gaps, a special tape is used, thanks to which, together with foam rubber or penofol, an additional insulation of the room is formed.

Variants of patterns and patterns

To keep the door trim from being boring and trivial, special reliefs and drawings are created on it.

In decorating artificial leather, decorative nails are used, with which the following designs can be created on the surface of the skin:

  • Rectangles are created with small nails.In such a pattern, the rectangular joints are deliberately underlined;
  • diamond-trimmed dermantin is the most popular design option. They may have the same size over the entire surface, and may be different in size. Often in the upper and lower parts you can see small diamonds, while in the central part they intersect with large ones;
  • sometimes a picture is created without support on the geometry. The process takes place by creating any silhouette of the nails. They are located in both direct and staggered order;
  • sometimes the relief is focused only on the central part of the door product, while the rest of the area remains smooth. Otherwise, the nails are placed in strips, and alternation of relief and smooth sections occurs.

The following types of patterns are characteristic of a hard upholstery material:

  • rectangular elements - the basic decorative details of the hard cover. They can not only be an independent relief, but also include additional patterns. Such patterns can be found both in the size of the entire door panel, and on one lower part of the product;
  • an arched silhouette is often created on the top of the door.It can be a solid element, and can be divided into equal parts;
  • sometimes the relief of a door is a form of a rectangle. Such asymmetric design looks very creative.

Doors can be ordered according to individual sketches, which will include drawings of specific silhouettes, mainly the outlines of flowers and trees are popular.

Cleaning rules

To lining the door served longer and always had a presentable appearance, it is necessary to properly care for it.

The primary factor in the selection of products for cleaning and maintenance is the material that trim the door panels.

  • Natural wood can be cleaned with talcum powder, raw potato halves or a mixture of white clay and vinegar. All products can leave light streaks, so you should use a flannel cloth for additional polishing of the surface.
  • For MDF and chipboard surfaces, various cleansing agents are used depending on the nature of the contamination. Hard-to-remove stains, such as paint, are best washed with a solvent.You can independently prepare a less toxic remedy by mixing citric acid with vinegar or dissolving baking soda in water.

In order that on a surface there were no stains, and also if the door cloth has light coloring, it is possible to use means for washing of ware.

  • PVC is cleaned with a special mixture of liquid soap and dish detergent.
  • Acetic essence 9% is suitable for the painted surface, after which the surface should be wiped with a damp cloth.
  • The laminated surface is cleaned with an alcohol solution, acetone or citric acid with vinegar.
  • Products made of artificial leather can not withstand the effects of caustic substances, so it is best to clean them with special means having a gentle composition, but effectively coping with contamination.

For corrugated doors should not apply solutions with a high content of acids and chemicals. It is much easier to remove contamination with ordinary soap and then polish the product with a dry cloth.

Beautiful ideas for an apartment or house

In order to make your door opening look originally beautiful, you can borrow options from a number of design ideas.

  • The vintage atmosphere will create a door with a vyshkurennoy panel.It can be decorated with fabric inserts, stripes in the same style and other decorative elements.
  • To make the room bohemian, you can decorate the monochromatic door cover with exclusive decorative rivets in the form of pearls and beads. They will look elegant, especially if they make up the original drawing. The main feature is the presence of contrast between the rivets and the door panel.
  • During festive periods, you can decorate the door with symbolic attributes - wreaths of mistletoe, ribbons, bows, flowers. But this option would be more appropriate to look in private homes than in ordinary apartments.
  • A basket with flowers can be used as a permanent catchy element for the door façade. Particularly well, this technique looks on wooden textures. A flat basket is fixed with glue or screws to the upper part of the door, flowers are placed in it, making a pleasant impression on everyone who comes to the apartment.
  • To emphasize the ethnic motive in the design of the room, the door cover is supplied with various inserts of fabric and natural materials.Fancy mats or weaving often decorate the doorway in combination with greenery.
  • Painting the door strips in white on the principle of contrast with the main shade of the panels will be a very original solution for your home.
  • The element of the interior of the door can be colored glass. Often colored figures, patterns and ornaments are often made from it.
  • To add an element of antiquity to the door, it is equipped with stucco. Usually this decor is applicable to a perfectly flat surface.
  • The Scandinavian style is characterized by fitting the door with metal parts. They look great even on panels of wood and give solidity to the entire doorway.
  • For baroque and rococo haraterna carving on the doors of light wood. Details of the panels can be painted in gold or bronze shades in order to create an element of ostentatious luxury.
  • Sometimes the inner surface of the door is made with the help of exclusive or thematic images. For example, for a Japanese-style hallway, colored door panels with characters or symbols of Japanese culture can be used.

Whatever you choose the door for your home, remember that upholstery is always a good acquisition in addition to it. Competently selected design, material and decor will make the surface of your door luxurious. Ideally suitable facing will please you and your guests for a long time, therefore its choice should be taken seriously and thoroughly.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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