Doors "Optima": the pros and cons

 Optima Doors: Pros and Cons

Manufacturer of interior doors "Optima" is in great demand. The company is the leader in sales of doors in Russia and has existed for more than ten years. Thanks to the accumulated experience and well-established production, it rightfully takes its place in the market.

Assembly kit

First of all, the following components are included in the classic set of the Optima door system.

  • Canvas;
  • Platbands;
  • Door frame.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer pays attention not only to the standard size of the door, because the expanded openings are now very popular. The company also provides for the possibility of selecting the door box to the wall of any thickness using a telescopic molding.

Such a telescopic system includes three elements: a dobor beam, a door box and a jamb. Due to the fact that each part of the system is equipped with grooves, there is no need to use nails. So the probability of damage during assembly of the structure will be reduced to a minimum.

Optima works with Status doorframes, as well as with hidden door boxes. The door frame system is designed for both standard door openings from 70 to 90 mm and for wider walls.

If the size of the wall is from 90 to 220 mm, then installation of a dobor is carried out, which is placed in a box and hides the projections.

If the thickness is over 220 mm, then it is necessary to conduct a joint of additional elements.

The resulting telescopic moldings provide tight fasteners and protects the box from distortions.

Materials used

The popularity of “Optima” doors is understandable, because due to the materials used and foreign equipment, their products are a worthy competitor to European representatives in this field.

Basically, the manufacturer creates doors in two categories.

  • Technical;
  • Interroom.

For interior doors, materials such as MDF, veneer, wood and others are used, and metal or wood are mainly used for the construction of technical rooms.

In the process of production of cloths coniferous timber is used with the successive removal of all defects. This timber is spliced ​​in length and strengthened by the use of moisture-resistant glue. At the end of the web, strength is added with the help of varnishing - UV (UV curing).

Regardless of the category of the door, it is possible to choose the desired finish and choose absolutely any color of the surface. Thus, before buying a door, you can configure all its necessary parameters in order to emphasize the features of the interior. Also, thanks to special coatings with acrylic enamel, the life of Optima doors is significantly increased.

Manufacturer Benefits

The factory of doors "Optima" has created its reputation due to the full control of the production cycle, that is, from the selection of raw materials to the creation of the processed canvas. Installation of such doors is facilitated by the provision of a complete set of fittings and door accessories.

Being on the market for a long time, the products meet European standards, and its performance is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Also, thanks to the accumulated experience, various models were created from environmentally friendly and safe materials. Among the entire range of even the most demanding consumer will find everything you need for your home.

A huge plus of the manufacturer is a guarantee of moisture resistance and resistance to deformation, which in turn is achieved with the help of special processing.

No less significant advantage is that such doors do not crack and not stratified, such as classic wooden structures.

If you are left-handed, then there is no need to put up with the right-sided world, because the doors of this manufacturer are also left-sided.

The downside of these doors can be noted only that the models of ecological veneer and metal entrance doors are heavy.


The company provides a choice of material of the canvas, its processing, coating and color, because you can not release the perfect door to all rooms. For those who can not decide, released catalogs with ready-made models. Leafing through such a magazine, there is often a desire to repeat the design intent of any of the pages.

Modification of the interior door of the Classic series, it contains a combination of modernity and rigor. At the request of the buyer, the door insert can be made of glass or other material. Close to white tones create the impression of a lighted room.

The Grace door model is a fashionable design solution. Folding doors due to their mechanical features are increasingly in demand. This model is mainly produced for cabinets, but also suitable for room decoration. It comes in a pleasant combination of unobtrusive colors of the bedroom or living room.

Along with interior doors, the manufacturer offers models of entrance doors for apartments. They have high noise-insulating, heat-retaining properties, undergo special tests for breaking and durability.

Price range and service

A significant advantage of doors "Optima" is that they are manufactured at affordable prices. The choice is available in three price categories: economy, medium and premium. Basically, their differences in the design of the door, the proposed fittings and the method of surface finishing, but such a separation does not mean at all that you will not find decent products in the economic segment.The production of products of any value is performed by the same bona fide method.

In order to avoid disagreements with the manufacturer and an extra headache, delivery and installation should be left on the shoulders of specialists who know their business.

Representative offices in the regions offer professional installation and safe delivery of door structures.

They guarantee quality installation, the absence of marriages and defects. Any responsibility for the work carried out lies with the company. Plus, the price for the services provided is negligible.

Tips for choosing

If you decide to purchase, then you need to know what to look for in a specific case.

  • In general, it is worthwhile to give preference to the Optima door systems, if you are looking for a door to the bathroom, because in the production of almost all the series, a special technology is used for moisture repellency.
  • If you need a door to the bedroom, then for complete comfort, choose a model with high noise insulation. Thus, shouts from the next rooms will not disturb your sleep.
  • Choosing an entrance door for entrances or apartments, make sure in the strength of the structure and do not spare money for a quality installation. Let the door be heavy, but durable and high strength.
  • The design part is completely at your discretion, only you know what really fits your interior. For this, the manufacturer has taken care of a variety of design innovations.

Remember that whatever model you purchase, its durability depends on proper handling. Do not forget to care for the design. Every six months, treat the surface with special substances for polishing or for the care of metal products.


The most accurate indicator of quality and motivation to buy (or vice versa) are reviews of real buyers. So, it is necessary to analyze the popular opinion about the doors of "Optima".

Most consumers emphasize that the quality of the doors remains high, their price is also very good, but poor service spoils the whole picture. They also mark unsurpassed design, as from the pages of the catalog. Some buyers do not advise making doors for the order, as the production time was very long, and as a result it turned out not what they wanted.Others, on the contrary, say that despite the long term, the door at the end exceeded all expectations.

Also among the advantages, people noticed the presence of really working stocks and discounts.

Many users have received a tangible discount or free shipping with the installation in addition to the new interesting design model.

Now, you know all the pitfalls and features of these doors, you just have to make a decision. It is recommended to visit the salon and make your choice easier.

In the next video you can choose the door "Optima" to your liking.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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