How to choose the door under the laminate?

 How to choose the door under the laminate?

Choosing the right interior doors, many people try to build on the features of the interior, which is the right decision. The model should be advantageously combined not only with the decoration of the room, but also with the floor covering. This is especially true when there is a laminate in the room. When choosing a door for this flooring, you need to consider a few significant points.

How should combine colors in the interior?

The first point to consider during the selection is a combination of shades of construction and flooring.Experts have different opinions on this issue, and therefore it is worth considering each option.

In order for the door to look favorably and stylishly in a room, its color should not differ from certain elements.

Otherwise, the design will not create the necessary balance in the interior. For example, you can choose a color that matches the tone of the floor covering.

Often in the interior door is used in the same shade as the laminate. Also, you can refer to the same color, but different tones.

Many experts recommend in the choice of the palette to start from the name of the tree species.

What products are suitable for light laminate?

Selecting the door to the light laminate, should focus on the features of the interior. Look at what shades prevail in the design, and build on them. For example, under the laminate in pastel soothing colors you can pick up bright interior wooden doors. They are well combined with the flooring, and besides, they do not overload the interior with brightness, which is quite important.

Experts do not recommend to get involved in contrasting solutions, as this can harm the interior.But, nevertheless, some combinations can be called quite harmonious. For example, beige-milk laminate is often supplemented with a dark door. But this happens if the decorative elements are made in the same color as the design itself.

One of the universal types is white color, which is advantageously combined with both dark and light shades. But, even when using this option, you should be careful.

The combination of white floor and doors is not the best solution. Laminate should be a few tones darker than the structure itself.

Special attention should be paid to such a shade of flooring as white ash. Laminate looks quite expensive and presentable. The light shade of the flooring can be advantageously supplemented with a white door. But the furniture or decorative elements in the room should create some kind of contrast so that the decor does not seem too boring.

Dark floor and dark doors

Combining dark colors in the interior, it is necessary to exercise extreme caution and be guided by some important rules.

Experts say that such a combination is appropriate only where the walls are made in pastel colors. Otherwise, the situation will look too cold.

Special attention should be paid to the combination of a dark door and the floor in rooms such as a bedroom and a kitchen. It is best of all to refuse the similar decision as the sated gamma does not do a situation harmonious in any way. It is enough to use brown doors or a dark floor. In this case, you will be able to create the right accent in the interior.

One of the most relevant solutions is the combination of dark laminate and wenge color construction. But, in this case, the walls should be made in bright colors. Please note that for the design of the room is best to use dark plinths.

In one color

Many experts say that you can choose the floor and the door in one color, but only if there are other contrasting colors in the interior. Such a solution would be most appropriate for small rooms. The same colors of the laminate and the door will look favorably in the hallway. In large rooms, this combination is not always appropriate.

Determine the wood of the laminate in advance. It is from this point that you start when choosing a suitable door. In this case, the laminate and interior design will create the right balance between themselves.

In the interior, you can use the same color, but in different colors. It looks quite original and stylish. In the process of choosing a door and floor, be sure to focus on the decoration of the walls in the room. It should not contrast with other elements.

Ideas for the application of several shades

Using several shades in the interior, you can create a harmonious and original contrast. But it all depends on how correct the selection of all elements and shades will be.

A good solution for any interior will be the use of universal flooring colors. These options include honey birch, light alder and acacia. The laminate in the shade of light oak is just as expensive and beautiful. These floors can easily match the color of the doors.

Light oak
Honey birch

Contrast is a good option. For example, the doors of walnut color will look advantageous with a light laminate. Also, you can combine bright interior doors and dark flooring. Be sure to pay attention to such a moment as the presence of common temperature accessories. That is, the laminate and the door can relate to both a warm palette and a cold one.

One of the most popular design solutions is a combination of baseboards, doors and the floor of the same color, but in different shades. For example, the flooring may be a tone lighter than the interior model. As for the choice of plinth, then its color should match the color of the door.

Particular attention should be paid to the material from which these elements are made. For laminate it is best to choose wooden or veneered models. The ideal solution would be to use laminated baseboards.

How to choose the door to the color of the walls?

An important point is the combination of color walls and doors. It is best to choose the interior design for several shades darker than the finish. This is especially true when pastel colors are used to decorate the walls.

As mentioned above, the universal color is the white color of the door. Its advantage is that it is suitable for both dark and light finish.

If the walls are made in rich colors, you need to choose a door that will be lighter in color than the finish. Otherwise, upon completion of the repair work, the room will seem uncomfortable.This is due to the absence of any transition in the interior.

Particular attention during the selection of the door must be given the tonality of the walls. Laminate and walls should contrast with each other. It is necessary to choose a door that will not merge with the overall situation.

When using textured wallpaper is recommended to refer to neutral and concise shades. A good choice would be plain plain interior doors.

How to pick up the invoice?

Of great importance when choosing an interior door to the floor covering is the texture of the door.

One of the most popular options are models made of natural wood. Quality doors made of valuable breeds, perfectly combined with expensive laminate.

The advantage of such models is that they do not need additional coatings. The exception is varnishing. Their only disadvantage is the high cost. But for the price charged, you get a quality product that can serve you for quite a long time.

A good and affordable alternative to models of valuable breeds will be veneered doors.Their peculiarity lies in the presence of a thin slice on which the texture of natural wood is preserved. Basically, the coating is applied to the fabric, made of MDF. Due to the multi-stage processing, the design is almost impossible to distinguish from the wooden in appearance.

Often for the design of the door used special laminated films. These are low-end models that have excellent resistance to various types of impact. In addition, the doors have a rather attractive appearance, so that they fit well into different styles of interior.

Combination rules

The following rules will help determine the door that matches the color of the laminate:

  • a tree that has the same color and texture in bright colors should be used for small rooms;
  • for spacious rooms it is best to use contrasting combinations;
  • The doors should harmoniously look not only with the floor covering, but also with other elements in the interior.

If you turned to contrasting accents, they must be expressed most clearly. Otherwise, the situation will look unbalanced and blurry.

To design a specific area in the room, you can use the same shades of laminate and doors, or the doors and other types of flooring. Both options look very original in the interior.

A selection of beautiful ideas

There are many interesting options for how to beautifully combine the doors and laminate in the interior of the room. For example:

  • Light finish and flooring in a milky-beige color can be advantageously supplemented with concise dark interior models. It is best to use doors without additional decorative elements;
  • A great addition to the light interior will be an interroom model in dark color with glass inserts. For spacious rooms suitable double door leaf. Often such structures are used for the design of the hall. Models of a shade of a dark oak are ideally combined with a floor covering of color of coffee with milk;
  • A good solution for a modern interior design will be a wooden door with small glass horizontal inserts. Interior doors in dark color go well with a dark beige finish and light laminate flooring;
  • To complement the flooring in a reddish tint will help white models. Very often interior doors in this color are used for rooms with a combined laminate;
  • In some large premises used several door designs at the same time. In this case, you must choose the same door.

If you still have not decided on the color of the laminate for your apartment or house, we recommend to watch the following video. It details the pros and cons of a particular shade.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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