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Portalle doors are manufactured in Russia, but according to Italian technology. This company is part of a group of Italian door manufacturers. Securemme and manufactures premium class doors. All products of the company meet the standards of GOST, each model is designed and tested in tandem with the Tomsk Engineering Center. All doors are tested in a heat chamber and samples for compliance with thirty-five stages of the Quality Control Department.

The main distinctive feature of the doors is its one-piece construction, polymer coating, which resists UV and natural materials: steel and solid wood.


Portalle input designs are subdivided into several varieties. By purpose, they are divided into canvases in an apartment and in a private house (cottage), in style - into classic and modern models, in color - exquisite white, color design and doors with a glossy surface, in the way of opening - ordinary and electronic.All models produced by this company are input, they have two sides of finishing - external and internal.

Each door consists of certain elements:

  • a box that is glued with foil and izolon to improve the heat and noise insulation properties;
  • three layers of coating on the box itself, made of cold-rolled steel with a thickness of 2 mm: anti-corrosion coating, polymer primer, polymer decorative layer. The paint is practically implanted into the steel;
  • 85 mm thick fabric has 8 layers of filling: a two-level “labyrinth” vestibule system that prevents the penetration of drafts, dust and odors, an isolon and foil layer for steam and waterproofing (prevents dew point), a foam layer for delays noise, not subject to deformation and the formation of voids. In addition, penoplex allows you to operate the door in the mode from - 39 degrees to +50 degrees Celsius.

Special features

The main feature of all doors is their reliability. The company Portalle produces premium-class models in the price segment of 40,000 rubles. The cost of the model depends on the finishing materials, accessories and the presence of an electronic lock.

All designs are made from natural materials: The front side is made of alloy steel, the inner one is trimmed with natural veneer of valuable wood species. Some models are entirely made of solid oak and ceiba (African wood), which easily withstand changes in humidity and temperature. Seibu is used in the construction of luxury yachts.

All doors possess high degree of noise insulation - 8 layers of insulating material and two layers of sealer do not allow noise of 40 dB, which not only conforms to GOST standards, but also exceeds them by 25%.

Large selection of colors. The catalog contains many colors, but if desired, the buyer can order a computer selection of enamel of one of 2000 shades in the RAL catalog.

Each door undergoes final processing with varnishes and enamel for several days. The next applied layer is baked separately, which provides the doors with absolute smoothness and a glossy surface.

All doors are UV resistant, so products of even the brightest colors can be installed on the sunny side.

The door design combines the incompatible - a classic wooden surface, glossy armored glass and aluminum inserts.In addition, a unique feature is the design under the fabric with a linen texture and natural granite stone. These doors are most resistant to temperature changes and external influences.

The system of protecting doors against burglary is equal to a bank: thirteen locking points not only in one place, but along the entire perimeter of the door, armored covers on steel 5 mm locks, Italian lock systems that provide protection not only from physical but also intellectual hacking.

Lifetime warranty on burglary resistance and total service life of at least 50 years.


The company offers an electronic door configurator in which the user can create his own model from the available components, specify the dimensions he needs and choose the design. After that, he can place an order on his own, without the help of a manager.

The configurator allows you to choose three options for the size of the box - 800x2050, 950x2050 and 1000x2050 meters. Thus, the door height remains standard, you can change only the width. The second variable criterion is the opening side, here you can choose the place of hanging loops (left or right).The cost of the product will be influenced by the choice of the castle system.

Shweda - Russian-made system, which includes handles, armor plates on the cylinder, fittings and door peephole. The cost of the Italian system Securemme increases the cost of the door by about 30% from the original.

On the model of a specific configuration Terma, Decoline, Woodline, Collori You can install a matte or transparent glass, you can choose a grid of Asian or English design. Also, if desired, the user can choose the color of the outer side and interior decoration for elite varieties of wood.

The calculator offers to save and instead of a natural array to choose laminated surfaces, which in their appearance practically do not differ from a real tree.

Two-sided design

Most doors have a double-sided design - from the front side it is a steel frame, from the inside - a beautiful tree. The classic version assumes the presence on the inner part of the framed parts of various sizes and shapes. Modern design allows not only the most daring colors of laminated plates or enamel on wood, but also recessed mirrors.

If the customer has a door box of non-standard width, then the manufacturer offers to put double doors, without changing the selected design.

The outer side is represented by six colors of metal - from classic black and white to unique blue and pink. The color of the inner panel includes more than 30 color options. It is possible to manufacture doors of the same texture both from the inside and the outside.

Electronic locking system

The cost of doors with an electronic lock starts from 98,000 rubles for 2017. This system assumes the absence of a keyhole, unlocking the lock is carried out using a card or smartphone, you can enter a special access code. The peephole in such doors is a camera that broadcasts an image to an internal embedded monitor. The owner of the apartment will easily consider the person standing outside the door.

The company offers various types of electronic video peepholes: equipped with motion sensors, taking a photo when you press the doorbell. The electronic lock system can be controlled using two-way radio keys (the channel is encrypted with a two-way code) orsmartphone.

Of course, all the locks are equipped with an autonomous power system with a working life. up to 10 days without a main source of direct current. It is possible to connect a security alarm system to them, a lock opening sensor and even a sensor for water leakage or broken glass in an apartment.


Most reviews about the doors of this company affect their exceptional resistance to temperature extremes. Very pleased with the inhabitants of the Far North and areas close to them. The declared temperature in -39 degrees doors withstand easily. Also, users gratefully acknowledge the competence of the staff of all representative offices of the company and the professionalism of installers.

Protection against burnout declared by the manufacturer (resistance to UV rays) works at 100%. The company has been operating in the Russian market since 2000, and the first customers point out the amazing persistence of the original color.

You will learn more about the doors of Portalle in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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