Door Portals: Design Ideas

Door portals share several rooms. Ideas for the design of the passage are different, so if you wish, you can create a unique design of the room, choosing the option that you like.

Features of portal doorways

To get started is to understand what are the features of the door portals, making out the passage from room to room. Unlike traditional swing constructions, the door portal allows to save space in the room, which is one of its main advantages.

After installing the portal, you will receive several additional free meters and the feeling that the room has become visually larger.

If you want to combine two rooms, for example, a living room and a kitchen, then there is no better solution than a wide door portal.Here you can do without sliding doors, so as not to divide the space at all. Both rooms will be perfectly visible, and it will seem that this is one room, which is simply divided into two zones.

In addition, such a design move looks unusual and attractive. There are many design options for both the portal itself and the surrounding walls. This means you can experiment by combining different stylistic trends.

Finally, it is worth noting that the installation of the door portal can strengthen the passage and make it more reliable. This is important both in the apartment and in a private house.

If you design the entrance door in this way, then the quality portal will also serve as additional insulation, because it will isolate the room from the cold coming from outside.


All door portals can be divided into several varieties. First, they are entrance and interior. The division system is quite understandable. Entrances are called portals that complement the front door. From this input looks more massive and impressive. As for interior portals, they can be open or supplemented by sliding doors.

Sliding panoramic doors in the entire height of the wall - this is a stylish move, which is great for placing in a modern style.


Diversity is also found in terms of materials. Let's look at some of the most popular of those used in the design of transitions.

Plastic panels

One of the most affordable, and therefore the most common options - plastic. The door portal from PVC can be combined with a basis from other material, for example, of a tree. One of the main advantages of plastic is that it can be given any kind of appearance. This material can imitate natural wood, stone or brickwork.

It is also worth noting the fact that plastic is extremely practical in everyday life. It does not leave traces of touch, and clean it in which case is easy and simple.


Another interesting and sophisticated design of the door portal is the use of polyurethane. This material makes it possible to create an imitation of expensive plaster moldings on the surface of the wall. At the same time, he also has the advantage of lighter weight than that of gypsum.So the construction will not fall off over time or make the passage less reliable.

However, this option of registration of the passage is suitable not for all premises.

Massive stucco molding under gypsum looks good only in a situation where the room is spacious enough and the ceilings are high. In this case, the room looks luxurious.

Initially, the stucco from this material has a white color, but if you wish, you can repaint it at your discretion.


The doorway can also be framed by stone cladding. If you use natural material, then such a design decision will cost you dearly. However, it all looks really stylish and is highly practical and durable.


Popular is the material called clinker. It looks like a brick tile. Used exclusively for decoration. Most often, thus make out a wooden passage in country houses or spacious apartments. Very often, the entrance door is decorated in a similar way.

Metal doors

At registration of the room in high-tech style metal portals look best.Here designers often do without any additional decor. The metal is highly resistant and looks quite stylish in many rooms.

Manufacturers and companies

Today, many companies engaged in the production of doors, also offer a wide range of door portals. Let's look at some of the most popular today.

  • "Cabinetmaker". One of the most well-known domestic brands is the “Cabinetmaker”. This company specializes in the production of high-quality and temperature-resistant doors. Door portals from this brand are wear-resistant and are easily cleaned from contamination with an ordinary detergent.
  • "Belvuddors." This company is the most popular in Belarus and is gradually becoming known outside its borders. Doors and portals from this brand are sold in seventeen countries and are considered to be of sufficient quality.
  • Mario Rioli. Finally, it is worth mentioning the Italian brand known all over the world. With proper care, the door portal will remain durable and attractive for a long time.True, and pay for the installation of such a quality product will have a lot of money.

Design and design options

The most popular design options for a doorway, despite their great diversity, remains the classic rectangle. Now even such a simple portal can be made in an interesting way.

When choosing the right design option, you should pay attention to the parameters of the room. So, for example, in a small room with low ceilings, it is better to install a wide arch so that it visually lifts the ceiling, and in a room with high ceilings, a narrow ellipsoid, which visually “lowers” ​​the ceiling, make the interior more comfortable.

In a room with high ceilings, designers recommend installing arches of classic shapes and sizes, while they can be not only rectangular, but also with rounded edges. It looks interesting and non-standard solutions such as asymmetric arches or abstract structures, as if inclined in one direction or another.

The door portals differ depending on the style in which they are made. One of the most famous options - the arch in the classical style.They usually have an elliptical or rectangular shape. Such openings are always symmetrical. Sometimes at the edges they are complemented by columns for greater effect.

The design of doorways is characterized by luxurious arches and portals in the Empire or Baroque styles. This style differs from classics by an abundance of decorative elements. Portals can be decorated with stucco, gilding or any other types of decor.

The design of door portals is also typical for modern styles, for example, for techno, minimalism or modern. Here are used unusual arches, which almost never resemble each other. The door portal may look like a passage to a spacecraft. More simple solutions - doorway design with the help of a discreet metal arch, laconic lamps or light lacquered wood.

Finally, it is worth noting the most charming version of the door portal - the arch in a romantic and vintage style. In this case, the forms are soft, almost no sharp corners. Expensive materials or their stylization are used. The color scheme pleasantly pleases the eye.

Interior decorating ideas

When the door portal is selected and installed, it is time to arrange it. Here, too, need to show imagination. In order for the doorway to be combined with the other details of the interior, you need to skillfully select decorative elements for the overall interior.

Curtains and curtains

The simplest solution is to use curtains for this purpose. There are several types of curtains, which, like the doorway itself, are made of different materials. Curtains are always affordable and able to easily fit into almost any interior.

If you already have curtains on the windows or the furniture is richly decorated with textiles, then it is important that the fabrics are combined with each other or are completely identical.

In the modern style look interesting bamboo curtains. This variety is made from recycled wood. They consist of many beads and sticks that are interconnected. Their colors, as a rule, are neutral and natural, therefore they fit very well into eco-style and are combined with eclectic elements.

Custom curtains and filament curtains - musk. For their creation thin laces of various colors are used.In addition to such a framework, there may be all sorts of additional elements like small beads, shells or stones. They give a general style of originality and originality.

If you are decorating a room in ethnic style, then you will like thick curtains with appropriate patterns. Dense material with an interesting painting or a bright ornament will perfectly fit into the general interior of the room, combining with its other details.

Additionally, you can decorate the passage with garters, which will allow at the right time to open the curtains and connect the space of the two rooms to each other.


Another obvious solution is to install sliding doors in the aisle. But we are not interested in the installation process itself, but in the question of their design. Here, too, there are many design options - from the simplest decoration of the door surface with a painting or photo printing to airbrush or stained glass inlays.

Arch decoration

The last of the proposed options - the design is not the doorway itself, and the arch around it. If you like minimalism, then this way you can hardly find it attractive, although you can choose such a nice looking stylistic solution as the design of the portal with the help of a neutral stone facing or brickwork.

Choose natural colors, avoid bright decorative elements, and everything will completely correspond to the concept of minimalism.

In the event that the abundance of decor attracts you, pay attention to the stucco, bas-reliefs and other elements that used to decorate only the houses of the nobility. Almost everyone can afford them now, so use this opportunity to decorate your house or apartment with taste.

About how to issue a door portal, the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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