Doors Rada Dors

 Doors Rada Dors

Any living space is very difficult to imagine without interior doors. Thanks to them, it is possible to make any apartment more modern, but at the same time cozy and comfortable for living. To date, an increasing number of people prefer products manufactured by reputable manufacturers.

Among them is the company that produces high-quality interior doors in a wide range - Rada Dors.


The company is a successful manufacturer with many years of experience in the production of interior doors and related products.

The products of this factory have a lot of advantages compared with other manufacturers:

  • For the production of doors using their own high-class European equipment, thanks to which products are of exceptional quality,Absolutely safe and has a long service life. In addition, the presence of its own equipment guarantees a stable price for the door, as it does not have to spend money on the components and their delivery to the assembly site.
  • For the manufacture of doors using natural raw materials, namely: varietal wood and durable MDF plate. The raw materials are processed using the special Italian technology G-fix, thanks to which the structure retains its geometry. In the manufacture of doors are also used high-quality adhesive and paint components of European manufacturers.

In addition, a special polyurethane coating is applied to the door leafs, which reliably protects them from ultraviolet rays.

  • Finished products have good sound insulation performance. These properties of the finished products provide silicone sealant, going in models with glass inserts, and a good rubber seal, going in all models and located on the door frame.
  • The interior door from Rada Dors can be chosen for any interior and style, as the company produces a wide range of models, differing not only in the presence or absence of inserts, but also in color, texture and materials used.

There are more than 50 salons in the services of buyers, in which consultants who have been trained at the factory work. They will help determine the choice of one or another model you like, and also fill out an application for metering and door installation.

Of the minuses of interior doors can only be called their price. It is higher than conventional doors, but the materials, workmanship, and durability of these products are worth paying for them a little more than for the less presentable products from particle board with a shorter service life.

Design features

Branded doors Rada Dors have some design characteristics that distinguish them from similar products of other companies:

  • Any door consists of a door leaf, box, platbands and other components. For the formation of the internal frame of the door of this company used pine timber, which is subjected to pre-treatment and drying. Due to this, the frame will not crack and deform during operation.
  • In some models, a high-strength plate (HDF) is used as an intermediate layer. Products in which it is included, tolerate mechanical effects well.
  • Veneer from different tree species is used for cladding the outer side. The most commonly used is the well-known wood of oak, ash, as well as such lesser-known species, like sapele and maccore, growing on the African continent.
  • Treated pine timber is used for the production of thresholds. Platbands, having a variety of shapes and dobora, which can be selected to conceal surfaces of any width, are veneered with MDF, similar to the finishing of the main canvas. The sham straps are characterized by increased density.
  • The doors of this company are equipped with moldings, it can be standard or telescopic. In the case of choosing a telescopic option, you can do without fasteners when installing the supports and panels, since the frame has grooves, thanks to which all elements are precisely connected to each other.
  • As inserts in the door leaf glass is used, produced by various technologies. The glass surface triplex is obtained by gluing several layers of glass with the use of special substances. Under mechanical action such glasses do not fly apart, but are held in place.In models, they can be both transparent and tinted, with patterns and without them.
  • Glass inserts in the doors can also be produced by fusing technology. Thanks to a special heat treatment, glass is created that has an original texture and a unique shade.


All models manufactured by the company are divided into traditional swing structures and sliding options. Interior doors produced by the company are classified by collection. Each series has its main features:

  • Collection name Classic speaks for itself. Here are the models of the classic look, which are lined with veneer of valuable tree species. In the design of the doors are provided curly trim, decorated in the upper part of the capitals.

Capitals in the form of mini-columns are made of solid wood or veneered with valuable tree species. The door leaf for some models has inserts of light or frosted glass.

  • For rooms in the style of hi-tech, minimalism or avant-garde models from the collection will suit Trend and X-Line. The doors of the X-Line collection with inserts of strict regular shape stand out in particular.Inserts can be made of lacobel glass with different shades, as well as graphite or bronze mirrors. Thanks to the different glazing options, a beautiful play of light and shade is created, which perfectly combines with the wooden texture.
  • Another collection, where lacobel tinted glass is used as inserts is Bruno. Among the models in this series, you can find instances for high-tech styles and minimalism, as well as calmly choose the design for the room, decorated in eco-style. Door leaf, in addition to inserts from the glass, with deep color, can be supplemented with thin aluminum moldings.
  • Doors Collection Marco differ in strict laconic design and flat platbands. Door leafs of some models are supplemented with triplex glass with diamond engraving, which can be snow-white, white or black. Any of the presented colors can be matched to the selected shade of veneer.
  • Series Bruno differs in the strengthened racks of cloths, thanks to a special bar of LVL. The door leaf can be supplemented with either 4 mm colored glass or aluminum moldings.
  • In collection Polo the door leaf consists of panels having a conical shape. Thanks to this original solution, the door leaf acquires a visual volume. Triplex glass is used as inserts.
  • U series Grand-m vertical glazing door leaf. The shade of veneer veneer contrasts with the laminated glass surface. In the “Siena” model, the glass is additionally decorated with a pattern. All models have a strict geometric shape and discreet decor.


All models of Rada Dors doors are available in a wide range of colors. Mahogany, wenge, anegri, makore gold, dark walnut and various shades of white are present in each collection.

It is worth highlighting the white door cover.

The company has developed three options for applying enamel:

  • In the first embodiment, the smooth and smooth surface of the door leaf is formed by enamel applied in 10 layers.
  • In the second variant, the enamel layers are smaller, the texture of the veneer is hardly noticeable.
  • In the third embodiment, the surface of the door is only slightly touched by the enamel coating, the texture of the veneer is open.

Customer Reviews

According to numerous customer reviews, Rada Dors interior doors are of excellent quality.Many say that a professional employee should install the doors, otherwise the door will not work properly due to improper fixing of the door structure.

The main part of buyers, in addition to doors, additionally acquired wall panels and was pleased not only with product quality, but also with dimensional accuracy.

You can find out how to properly install the Rada Dors interior door in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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