How to expand the doorway?

Repair work in a private house often involves redevelopment of premises. One way is to change the doorway in order to improve usability or decorate the room. This process is not always simple, as it requires adherence to a set of rules. Find out how to expand the doorway correctly, you can only a specialist who will perform all the necessary calculations.

What is it for?

The expansion of the doorway involves an increase in its basic dimensions by certain values. Such operations are performed not too often, since all dimensions are adjusted to the standard dimensions of the door leafs. Still, it is sometimes necessary to expand the hole. There are several main reasons that lead to such actions:

  1. Redevelopment of the room. This process involves changing the basic provisions or dimensions of the main structural elements of the house. It is performed quite rarely, as in most cases it requires coordination with various government organizations.
  2. Door installation. Many owners of apartments or private houses decorate the premises with the help of beautiful wide door panels. This additionally provides several advantages, as it allows, when necessary, to carry dimensional things through the doors.

Design features

The wall expansion technology is quite complex and cannot always be performed manually. Very often for this purpose use auxiliary tools. Depending on the technology of destruction, such operations can be divided into several types:

  1. Hand held Changing the dimensions of the opening in the partition or the supporting wall is performed using the physical efforts of the person. To do this, use several types of chisels, scrap, hammers, etc. One of the advantages of this method is that it runs almost without dust, but at the same time relatively long.
  2. Mechanical. This approach involves the use of power tools, which greatly simplifies the destruction of materials. Such operations are performed using perforators, impact drills and grinders of various capacities and sizes. With their help, you can quickly increase the width in both brick and concrete walls.

The technology of expanding the doorway also depends on the wall material:

Panel house

Often, all elements are reinforced concrete walls. The procedure for dismantling a part of this material begins with marking the opening using chalk or a marker. After that, with the help of the grinder on the painted contour do rez.

This operation is performed from two sides of the wall. This allows you to completely cut the concrete.

But such an operation requires a powerful tool, which not everyone has. You can destroy the wall with a punch and a drill. To do this, around the perimeter of the future opening make holes at a distance of approximately 5 cm from each other. After that, the concrete particles are chipped off with a perforator. If armature is found, it can be carefully cut with a grinder.

Brick houses

Brick dismantling is much easier than concrete.But here there is a nuance. The upper part of the doorway assumes the presence of a metal mortgage (support).

If you increase the width of the opening, then you will need to install a new support beam. It should be wider than 10 cm wider on each side. Disassembly of the brick wall is done after the installation of a new support.

To remove bricks, you can use both a grinder and a regular hammer and chisel.

Wooden house

Increasing openings in such constructions involves conventional cutting. For this you can use both a chainsaw and a grinder with a special circle.

When performing similar operations with bearing walls (regardless of material), new structures should be further strengthened. For this, both metal corners (wooden buildings) and large channel bars can be used, which attach around the entire perimeter of the new opening.

How to ramp up?

Very often, doorways have non-standard dimensions that need to be reduced. Here it is already necessary to apply a build-up of material on one of the ends of the surface. This can be done in several basic ways:

  • Brickwork. This method involves the construction of the side of the wall of a small frame. To keep the construction quality, you can connect it with the supporting element with concrete and reinforcement.

Please note that only width can be increased in this way, but it is not suitable for changing height parameters.

  • Drywall and wood. A similar option involves the construction of the frame inside the opening. If drywall is used, then pre-construct the metal frame to which it is attached. This approach reduces both width and height. But if you plan to install the doors, then the plasterboard construction should not be located on the hinge side, as there is a high load. As for the tree, then to change the opening they just sheathe the perimeter. To do this, use a wooden beam of a certain thickness. Fixing it can be done using screws or anchors. It all depends on the type of wall to which they are attached.
  • Plaster. This approach is used when a narrow opening is needed by a small amount. This substance can be applied both on brick and concrete, and on wood.It is important to use special hardening systems for this.

How to increase the height?

The expansion of the doorway does not always imply a change in its width. Very often it is necessary to dismantle only the upper part of the system, which will increase the height. Impacts of this kind are not always easy to perform. This is due to the fact that a metal jumper is often installed above the doorway, which perceives the entire main load.

The algorithm for increasing the height involves the execution of several successive operations:

  1. The supports are initially installed, which during disassembly will not allow a person to fall on the material to the head.
  2. After that, using the grinder in the right places make cuts of concrete or other material. In this case, you also need to get the jumper.
  3. When everything is ready, the material is whipped off with a hammer and chisel. You can also use the grinder, hammer drill, etc. Upon completion of the wall removal, you need to install a new jumper at the top of the new opening. It is fixed with a concrete screed.

How to agree?

Expansion of doorways can sometimes disrupt the structural features of the wall.Often this concerns the supporting structures, which perceive the main load of the building. If the change in the parameters of this system significantly affects the characteristics of the wall, then this is considered to be a re-planning, which must be coordinated with the relevant government organizations.

All architectural documentation is in the BTI, where you need and apply for permission to change the dimensions of the opening.

Please note that if such operations are performed on non-load-bearing structures, then expansion can be started without agreement with the BTI.

It is only important to provide information on the result obtained so that the organization can make changes to the relevant plan.

If the redevelopment (increase of the doorway) is made in the supporting wall, then begin it only after prior approval. To do this, you must submit an application to the BTI, after which the experts will analyze the state of the whole structure. Then calculations are made, allowing to understand whether there will be a significant load on the wall.

If everything is normal, a permit is issued and dismantling works can be carried out according to a previously agreed plan.

Successful options in the interior

Looks great expanded opening with unusual glass doors, decorated with natural wood with carvings.

A huge doorway leading from the living room to the kitchen is a very good reception in interior design.

And in this case, the opening is made specifically for glass sliding doors, as if pushing the space of the room.

Learn more about how to expand the doorway, you will learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

Entrance hall

Living room